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Chapter 1199 - Who is the Ruler?

The entire hall was in silence with the five Lesser Earth Sovereign having shock on their faces. This had exceeded their expectations, since no one expected Mu Chen to be the ruler of the new force.

They wouldn’t have an objection if Mandala was the ruler. After all, they were convinced by her strength, but how was Mu Chen qualified?

Although Mu Chen was also a Lesser Earth Sovereign, the five of them still felt superior to him due to their seniority.

Two months ago, they were overlooking Mu Chen since they weren’t on the same level. Although they no longer had those thoughts when Mu Chen became an Earth Sovereign, it was impossible to instantly neglect it. So when they saw that Mandala actually wanted Mu Chen to stand above them, their faces turned a little ugly.

They would definitely be mocked if this matter spread. Others would mock them as the five Seniors that became the subordinates of a Junior. It would be too embarrassing.

The atmosphere became awkward. None of them dared to refute Mandala’s words, but chose to use this method to sound their objection.

Mu Chen was also awkward. After all, this had caught him unexpected since all of them, with him included, felt that Mandala was the one qualified to become the ruler.

Thus, Mu Chen helplessly looked at Mandala, hoping that she could change her mind.

However, Mandala did not respond to him; she wrapped her voice in Spiritual Energy and transmitted it to Mu Chen. “You have to take it.”

Mu Chen’s brows moved before he replied to her in the same manner, “Why?”

Mandala’s gaze flashed. “Are you perhaps planning to go to the Luo God Clan alone?”

Mu Chen raised his head in shock. He never thought that Mandala would know about his intentions to head to the Luo God Clan. Furthermore, judging from her looks, she probably knew about the matter between him and Luo Li as well.

Mu Chen took a glance at Nine Nether, the latter nodded her head and admitted that she was the one who revealed it to Mandala. He bitterly smiled and felt touched that Mandala did this for him.

“I have already obtained information about the West Heaven Realm, including your lover’s situation in the Luo God Clan. I will inform you later, but I can tell you that it’s impossible for you to change the situation with your strength alone, even if you’re in the Earth Sovereign Realm.”

“That lover of yours is facing a plight that you will not be able to resolve by yourself alone.” 

Mu Chen’s heart tightened with sharpness flashing in his eyes with heartache. Although he did not have much information regarding the situation in the West Heaven Realm, he could guess that the Luo God Clan must be bearing an immense pressure.

It was something that even a man would be helpless with, not to mention that Luo Li was a girl!

Despite facing life and death numerous times, he knew that Luo Li didn’t have a good time in the Luo God Clan, either. So when he heard Mandala’s words, he wished that he could fly over to Luo Li’s side at this moment and slaughter that rubbish that dared to bully her!

Killing intent surged in Mu Chen’s eyes as he clenched his fists with a crackling noise.

Mandala looked at him and said, “If you want to help that love of yours, you cannot go by yourself. You need a power that you command.”

Mu Chen fell into silence. He was in the Earth Sovereign Realm, but he wasn’t invincible. A Lesser Earth Sovereign could be considered as a powerhouse, but there were four God Clans in the West Heaven Realm. It was impossible for him to help Luo Li with just him alone.

But if he did as Mandala said, he would possess a force that he could command. His power would also exceed himself, and if anyone wanted to touch Luo Li, they would have to weigh their options.

“What is your decision?” Mandala asked.

Mu Chen tightly pursed his lips for a long time before saying, “But…but the Great Havenlaw Domain is something that you have founded, the Northern Region Alliance as well…”

Establishing a new force would require the Northern Region Alliance to combine. Furthermore, Mandala would be in it as well. She could have become the ruler.

But she was going to give it all to Mu Chen? How could he feel at ease in receiving it?

“You are the heir of the Heavenly Emperor. Just treat it as me doing this because I don’t want the Ancient Haven Palace to die off.” Mandala wasn’t too bothered about this. She wasn’t interested in ruling a force from the beginning. The reason why she founded the Great Havenlaw Domain was to have a safe place to treat her injuries.

With Lu Heng and the Heavenly Emperor dead, she no longer had any interest in it. If it weren’t for the Heavenly Emperor telling her to take care of Mu Chen, she would have felt lost by now.

She had no interest in ruling a force. It was probably even less important to her than Mu Chen’s existence. After all, he was the only one that she trusted after all these years.

Mu Chen also felt Mandala’s emotions, and his expression became complicated. If it wasn’t for Luo Li, he wouldn’t have accepted all of this. Mandala’s words had struck him in the heart, so he couldn’t refuse this.

“Thanks!” Mu Chen slowly closed his eyes and said to Mandala. He knew that he owed Mandala a great favour with this, but he just simply wanted to express his gratitude.

When she saw that Mu Chen finally agreed, a smile appeared on Mandala’s face before she spoke to him in a ridiculing voice, “Since you agreed to it, then you will be responsible for resolving this issue.”

Mu Chen was stunned, “What issue?”

Mandala supported her chin with her hand as she smiled with her eyes narrowed. “Do you think that those fellows will accept you? If you don’t want the force you established to shatter; then you have to make them submit. This is something that not even I can help with, and they would hold grudges if I forced them.”

“So you can only intimidate those fellows yourself.” 

Mu Chen opened his eyes as he smiled and slightly nodded his head. He knew that Mandala had already helped him by pushing him out, so he would have to depend on himself to intimidate those fellows.

If it was two months ago, Mu Chen could only admit defeat. No matter what means he had, facing a genuine Earth Sovereign wasn’t something he could accomplish.

But now, it was a different situation. He was now a genuine Lesser Earth Sovereign. Perhaps he might be new in this, but if those fellows thought that they could suppress him, they would be too naïve.

Before he stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm, he had already scared Elder Zuo away!

Mu Chen straightened his body and all hesitation faded away. Sharpness emanated from his brows with an invisible air enveloping the entire hall.

So what if the five of you are Lesser Earth Sovereign? So what if all of you are more senior? Mu Chen was no longer the same as he was in the past. If those old goats think that they could look down on him, then they would be blind!

The five Lesser Earth Sovereigns immediately detected Mu Chen's sudden changes. Immediately, their brows were raised and they exchanged looks. Judging from the looks of it, Mu Chen wanted to stand above them.

“He’s biting more than he can chew!” The five of them coldly snorted in their hearts. They could only submit when facing Mandala, but they felt superior against Mu Chen.

The sound of a teacup falling onto the table rang out and the Great Havenlaw Domain’s Emperors looked in the direction of the sound to see Liu Tiandao placing the teacup down with an indifferent expression.

Amongst the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns, Liu Tiandao was the one that had the deepest grudge with Mu Chen. Although it had been resolved, he still couldn’t accept Mu Chen standing above him.

So this Palace Master of the Profound Sky Palace looked at Mandala and said, “I agree to the Alliance Lord’s suggestion, but if you are the ruler of this newly established force, I wouldn’t have any objection. But if you want us to accept Mu Chen as our superior…”

Liu Tiandao raised his eyelids as he looked at Mu Chen, and his voice turned cold, “No offence, but he is not qualified!”

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