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Chapter 1198 - Newly Established Force

When everyone returned from the Ancient Haven Palace, the things that happened in it had spread throughout the Greatlaw Continent, causing a massive tremor. Regardless of the Monarch’s resurrection or the appearance of the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, all of the news was extremely shocking.

No one expected the Ancient Haven Palace to be a disaster. If it weren’t for the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, the Greatlaw Continent would probably be the first to suffer when the Monarch escaped.

If an existence akin to a Heavenly Sovereign wanted to start a massacre, the Greatlaw Continent would probably descend into hell in an instant. Fortunately, it did not happen.

The Flame Emperor and Martial aNcestor had annihilated that Monarch, allowing the Greatlaw Continent to escape from the disaster, which caused their reputation to rise even further.

Naturally, while they were thankful to the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, the Saint Demonic Palace became a target. Everyone from the Saint Demonic Palace started to hide. None of them dared to speak about any relation they had with the Saint Demonic Palace.

After all, colluding with Fiend Clans was an intolerable offence in the Great Thousand World. Not only did Lu Heng conspired with the enemy, he even tried to resurrect the Monarch.

Thus, the Saint Demonic Palace was wiped out in just a few days. All the nearby forces showed their fangs and had swiftly split up the territories of the Saint Demonic Palace, turning this top-tiered force into history.

So by the time Mu Chen, Mandala and Nine Nether came out, the Saint Demonic Palace had been completely devoured. They felt a little pity. If they could swallow up the entire foundation of the Saint Demonic Palace, then it would be a massive harvest for their Northern Region Alliance.

However, the thought only briefly existed in their minds. After all, they had the Ancient Haven Palace to strengthen their Great Havenlaw Domain.

When they returned, Mandala did not distract Mu Chen and got him to immediately go into seclusion since he still required some time to be in full control of his power. Right now, he had to stabilise his power so that it wouldn’t cause any trouble for him in the future.

Mu Chen had no objections, since he knew that that great opportunity was also unstable. If it wasn’t for his sturdy foundation, his breakthrough might have caused harm to him in the long run instead.

Thus, the first thing he had to do was stabilise his own cultivation and gain control of his power.

For the next month, Mu Chen spent his time in seclusion…

Aside from that, Mu Chen would borrow the power of the Heavenly Emperor Sword to enter the Ancient Haven Palace several times. At this moment, he was equivalent to the master of the Ancient Haven Palace, so those remaining Spiritual Arrays no longer posed any danger to him. He could travel as he wished in there, and to his surprise, he had some unexpected findings.

Although he had the remnant scroll that could allow him to barely set up a Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, the power was limited to only three dragons, a third of its full power.

However, it was enough to confront against a Lesser Earth Sovereign. After all, this Spiritual Array was in the pinnacle of a Spiritual Array Scholar and even a Greater Earth Sovereign wouldn’t be able to escape upon being trapped.

It was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. After all, he had been drooling for the full Nine Dragon God-Killing Array. It’s just that he couldn’t find the complete diagram, so he felt rather regretful. A Spiritual Array of such level wasn’t something that could be easily found, even with Mandala’s help.

However, such a treasure was found by Mu Chen, which was the reason why he was pleasantly surprised. So in his seclusion, he also spent some time studying the diagram in hopes of grasping it.

Naturally, he would still need some practise before he could form the complete one. But at the very least, the power of his Nine Dragon God-Killing Array would be more powerful than it was in the past, since he had the entire diagram.

After tasting the reward, Mu Chen wasn’t satisfied, so he thoroughly searched the Ancient Haven Palace and managed to have some unexpected findings.

Accurately speaking, he found an army. An elite army under the command of the First Hall Master, the Demon-Extinguishing Army that surpassed even the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

It was said that when the Fiend Clans attacked the Ancient Haven Palace, they suffered the intense assault from this army.

Naturally, the entire army had already been destroyed. Only some remnants were left over as puppets.

Mu Chen found them in the ocean where the First Hall Master resided after pulling out nearly a thousand black statues.

Generally speaking, he would require an Army Seal to command this army, but it had already been destroyed. Fortunately, he had something even better, the Heavenly Emperor Sword.

Although the Demon-Extinguishing Army was under the command of the First Hall Master, the Heavenly Emperor was the supreme commander. So when Mu Chen took out the sword, the resistance of the Demon-Extinguishing Army disappeared.

Not only did he find the complete diagram for the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, he even obtained the Demon-Extinguishing Army, which was stronger than the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. So even Mu Chen felt a little dizzy from happiness.

However, he soon realised that it was too much of a coincidence that he managed to find them. They were deeply concealed, so it shouldn’t be that easy for him to discover them. It’s as if something was manipulating these discoveries.

Right now, there’s no one else in the Ancient Haven Palace aside from Mu Chen…but he felt someone looking at him, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion!

The Hidden Scripture Pavilion was incredibly profound. He couldn’t discover its tracks even after becoming a Lesser Earth Sovereign. Evidently, it possessed a high intellect and it was probably showing it’s goodwill for the new owner of the Ancient Haven Palace.

Regardless of anything, Mu Chen still bowed towards the sky. While Mu Chen was immersed in the happiness, he suddenly received a piece of news from Mandala, which called for him to end his seclusion and head for the Greatlaw Sky.


The Greatlaw Sky

By the time Mu Chen arrived, he had realised that even the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns of the Northern Region Alliance were there.

The five powerhouses slightly nodded their heads towards Mu Chen, which was considered as their greetings. If it was the Mu Chen of the past, they definitely wouldn’t pay any attention to him. But he had broken through to the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm after coming out of the Ancient Haven Palace and became an existence on their level.

Right now, Mu Chen was qualified to be on the same level as them, which was the reason why they showed no arrogance.

Mu Chen nodded his head in return before he sat on the right of Mandala with the Emperors of the Great Havenlaw Domain behind him. But at this moment, they could only bow to Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen arrived, Mandala slightly nodded her head then looked at the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns. “I believe all of you know the reason for me calling you here. I have obtained control over the Ancient Haven Palace, and I will link it in the future.”

Naturally, the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns knew about it while Mu Chen was in seclusion. Despite maintaining their calm, they were inwardly happy since they knew what sort of treasure the Ancient Haven Palace was. If Mandala could link it, even their cultivation speed would increase by two-fold.

“Although we already have the Northern Region Alliance, it’s too loose, and everyone looks for their own. So I suggest establishing a new force. If you guys want to join, then you will have to give up on your previous forces, leading your disciples to integrate with it.” Mandala looked around as she said slowly.

When the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns heard her words, their face slightly changed with hesitation. What Mandala meant was that she wanted to dominate the entire Northern Region. They would no longer be the rulers if they joined, they would have someone standing above them.

Thus, they felt a little uneasy. They were rulers of their own forces, so they weren’t used to having someone above them.

If it was in the past, they would definitely object to Mandala’s suggestion. But Mandala was already in the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, with a strength that far surpassed them. Furthermore, the Great Havenlaw Domain also had Mu Chen, who had just entered the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm.

They had to admit that even if they joined their forces together, they wouldn’t be able to confront the Great Havenlaw Domain.

“If any of you are unwilling, then please leave the Northern Region.” Mandala spoke with a calm yet domineering tone. None of the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns were furious at her words, since they knew that she was qualified to speak such words.

They briefly pondered before nodding their heads and spoke in order. “We’re willing to join!”

Now that Mandala was a Perfected Earth Sovereign, she was one of the top few in the Greatlaw Continent. With her protection, they would have a shelter, and their status in the Greatlaw Continent would also rise. They would no longer by tyrants of a small force that came from the Northern Region.

Furthermore, the Great Havenlaw Domain possessed the Ancient Haven Palace, so their futures would be unimaginable. In the near future, they might even be able to become one of the supreme forces in the Great Thousand World.

At that time, they would have a higher status as Elders in the force, so the five of them briefly weighed the matter and chose to join.

Mandala maintained a calm expression, as if she had expected everything. However, that wasn’t the only thing she wanted to do today. She gently smiled. “Since there’s no objection, then I will further announce another matter. The new force will be under the control of Mu Chen.”

Instantly, the entire hall went silent, and even Mu Chen had widened his eyes as he looked at Mandala.

What is going on?

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