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Chapter 1197 - Ancient Buddha Clan

The three words shook waves in Mu Chen’s heart, and his gaze turned complicated soon after. He had a feeling that his Great Pagoda Art was somewhat related to the Ancient Buddha Clan.

If he had guessed correctly, then the culprit that imprisoned his mother should be the Ancient Buddha Clan!

Now he understood why his mother, a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master with strength akin to a Heavenly Sovereign, had to leave to protect him and his father.

Despite his lack of knowledge for the Ancient Buddha Clan, he knew how terrifying one of the ancient clans in the Great Thousand World was. Even ordinary Heavenly Sovereigns had to be cautious when facing such power.

“No wonder mother doesn’t want me to reveal the Great Pagoda Art too often, so she’s afraid of me being detected by the Ancient Buddha Clan. With their strength, it would be a great threat to me if they discovered me.” Mu Chen pursed his lips. This was the reason why Mu Chen had been neglecting the Great Pagoda Art and hid it was in fear that it would be detected by others.

He still lacked the strength to free his mother, and he also did not want to bring unnecessary trouble for his mother due to his recklessness.

When the Heavenly Emperor saw Mu Chen’s expression, he thought that Mu Chen was nervous, since he would have to go to the Ancient Maha Clan to obtain the Primordial Immortal Body. He smiled, “You don’t have to be too worried. Although they are the protectors, they have no control over it. Primal Celestial Bodies choose their own masters, something that even the Ancient Maha Clan is helpless with. If you are confident enough, you can make a trip there.”

“Naturally, you have to be powerful enough! Otherwise, it’s best not to go to the Ancient Maha Clan.” As he spoke, the Heavenly Emperor’s expression turned grave.

Mu Chen silently nodded his head. He naturally wasn’t stupid. The Primordial Immortal Body was something that even the Ancient Maha Clan would view as a treasure, so they could covet after it despite being the guardians. It would be good if someone from their clan could obtain it, but if someone else wanted to obtain it, it would be unavoidable for them to be affected. This was something that he had to to have sufficient strength to deal with.

“Why didn’t Senior attempt to obtain the Primordial Immortal Body back then?” Mu Chen suddenly recalled a matter and asked. The Heavenly Emperor had cultivated the Immortal Golden Body as well, so he should have had the qualifications to obtain the Primordial Immortal Body as well.

The foundation of the Ancient Maha Clan was powerful, but the Heavenly Emperor and the Ancient Haven Palace weren’t pushovers. So if it's the Heavenly Emperor, he did have the qualifications to try and obtain the Primordial Immortal Body.

The Heavenly Emperor shook his head with regret. “I have also thought about it. But it’s a regret that there was already an owner for the Primordial Immortal Body at my age, so there’s nothing I could do about it.”

“Oh?” Mu Chen was shaken. Even someone like the Heavenly Emperor couldn’t obtain the Primordial Immortal Body? Then who was the previous owner that could allow the Heavenly Emperor to give up?

“Haha, that was a powerful person. Back then, he was one of the pinnacle existences in the Great Thousand World, even I have to admit my inferiority. Otherwise, I would also want to make an attempt at the Primordial Immortal Body. After all, if I had obtained it, even the Nine-Corpse Sky Monarch wouldn’t be able to cause my death.” The Heavenly Emperor smiled with revere on his face.

Someone that was qualified to receive the reverence of the Heavenly Emperor must be an extraordinary existence. Thus, Mu Chen was curious. “Who is that Senior?”

“Back then, he was known as the Great Primordial Emperor. He could be considered as one of the leaders back then. He had relied on his own strength to confront the Sky Monarchs of the Top 10 rankings.” The Heavenly Emperor explained.

“Great Primordial Emperor…” Mu Chen muttered that title that was filled with an ancient bearing. Evidently, that title should come from his Primordial Immortal Body, and it should also be one of the Great Primordial Emperor’s signatures.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen looked forward to the Primordial Immortal Body even more.

“That is still far from you, just focus on refining your Immortal Golden Body to the limits.” The Heavenly Emperor instructed when he saw the yearning in Mu Chen’s eyes.

Mu Chen respectfully nodded his head. He was not someone that bit off more than he could chew. Even if he was looking forward to the Primordial Immortal Body in his heart, he was clear that even if the Primordial Immortal Body was placed before him, he couldn’t cultivate it.

After talking so much with Mu Chen, the Heavenly Emperor’s silhouette started to become even more faded, causing Mu Chen’s eyes to darken. Evidently, the Heavenly Emperor was at his limits, and the last existence of him in this world would soon disappear.

Mandala kept quiet, but her face was filled with sorrow.

Seeing their expression, the Heavenly Emperor smiled as he tenderly rubbed Mandala’s head. “Mu Chen has immense potential, and if he needs your protection in the future, please do your best to help.”

Mandala gently nodded his head.

The Heavenly Emperor looked at Mu Chen. “Mandala was brought by me personally. She’s akin to a daughter of mine. Since you have become my heir, she is your Senior Martial Sister, to a certain degree.”

Mu Chen felt a little awkward. After all, it was a little hard for him to open his mouth when he looked at Mandala’s petite appearance. However, he knew that the Heavenly Emperor was just doing that so that Mandala wouldn’t be left alone in the world after he was gone. Nodding his head, Mu Chen grinned. “Senior Martial Sister, please take good care of me in the future.”

When Mandala, who was in sorrow, heard Mu Chen’s form of address to her, she smiled and rolled her eyes at Mu Chen. Her sadness had also been elevated a little.

The Heavenly Emperor nodded his head in gratitude at this scene. He knew that Mandala was a lone wolf, and it would be hard for her to have a friend, but he noticed the trust between Mu Chen and her. Mu Chen was weak at the moment, but he believed that this youth would grow into a colossus in the future, being able to protect Mandala.

“The Great Thousand World might be peaceful now, but the Fiend Clans are always having their eyes on us. Those clans are extremely mysterious. No one knows where they came from. From what I have felt, they had held back in their previous invasion. So if they invade the second time, it will definitely be on a greater scale. It will depend on you guys to protect the Great Thousand World at that time.” The Heavenly Emperor sighed.

Mu Chen, Mandala and Nine Nether gently nodded their heads.

The Heavenly Emperor no longer spoke and faded even more until he disappeared.

Looking at the Heavenly Emperor’s disappearance, the three of them remained silent for a long time with a depressing atmosphere around them.

Mandala finally controlled the sorrow on her face as she looked at Mu Chen. “Let’s go.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. “But what should we do about the Ancient Haven Palace?”

The Ancient Haven Palace was a territory that the Heavenly Emperor had forged for years. With the perfect cultivation condition here, if he could make use of it, it would benefit any power.

Mandala briefly pondered before she opened her mouth, “We can move it to the Great Havenlaw Domain in the future, but we have to rearrange the Northern Region Alliance first.”

Mu Chen silently nodded his head. The current Northern Region Alliance was too loose, so if they contributed the Ancient Haven Palace in this manner, it’s unavoidable that there would be trouble. Thus, they had to urgently deal with this matter.

In the past, Mandala was merely a Greater Earth Sovereign, so there would be resistance if she wanted to rearrange the power distribution. Now that she was a Perfected Earth Sovereign and Mu Chen being an Earth Sovereign, he could be considered as the second strongest in the Northern Region, aside from Mandala, with his Three Pures.

With such trump cards, even if the other forces in the Northern Region wanted to resist, they could forcefully suppress them.

With a decision, Mu Chen lightly nodded his head towards his two other clones. The two clones smiled, then dived into the Heavenly Lake and started their cultivation, strengthening their own power with the Heavenly Lake.

Mu Chen could still sense the connection between them, so he only required a single thought to summon them.

He nodded his head to Mandala and the latter waved her hand. A spatial passage appeared before them.

Mu Chen went in with Nine Nether following behind. Mandala was the last. She glanced at the Heavenly Lake and a drop of tears fell from the corner of her eyes before she stepped in.

The passage gradually disappeared and peace was returned to this region once again.

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