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Chapter 1196 - Teachings of the Heavenly Emperor

The three of them exchanged looks as they bowed. It was a weird scene, but when it fell into the eyes of Nine Nether and Mandala, it was a shock. They could tell that the three of them practically has the same aura and power. The only difference is their clothes.

“Three Lesser Earth Sovereign at once…” Nine Nether muttered in shock. With the Three Pures, fighting Mu Chen would be akin to fighting three Mu Chen!

Furthermore, the moment Mu Chen fights together, it’s not something that three other Lesser Earth Sovereigns could compete. After all, their harmony couldn’t rival Mu Chen’s. The three of them basically shares the same thoughts, so their cooperation was perfect.

“The Peerless Divine Ability is powerful as rumoured.” Nine Nether sighed in envy.

Mu Chen was also shocked as he looked at the two of his clones. It’s not something as easy as Spiritual Clones, because the two clones of his are alive and possess the same power and potential as him!

But the three of them are split into a hierarchy as well. Mu Chen, himself is the main body. Although the two other clones could exist individually, their purpose is to protect the existence of the main body.

The clones could be killed, but if the main body is destroyed, then the two clones would disappear as well.

The Heavenly Emperor’s silhouette suddenly appeared as he looked at Mu Chen’s clones and shook his head, “Although you have succeeded in forming your clones, they’re still a little weak. You need to nurture them for some time.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. The reason why he could succeed was due to the Heavenly Emperor’s impartment. Although it would quicken his process, the clones still aren’t stable.

“You can leave your two clones in the bottom of this Heavenly Lake to cultivate and stabilise the foundation.” The Heavenly Emperor said as he pointed to the bottom of the lake.

Mu Chen was stunned when he heard that. The Heavenly Lake is in the Ancient Haven Palace, and space here isn’t stable. So if he goes out, finding his way back in would be tough.

As if he had seen through Mu Chen’s thoughts, the Heavenly Emperor smiled as he passed the Heavenly Emperor Sword over, “As long as you have this sword, you can come and go as you wish in the Ancient Haven Palace without restriction.”

Mu Chen was startled as he never thought that the Heavenly Emperor would be gifting the entire Ancient Haven Palace to him. Although the Ancient Haven Palace doesn’t have anyone in it, it's still a terrifying existence.

Not to mention the treasures, just the Heavenly Lake along would be coveted by many. Furthermore… there is also an extraordinary existence in the Ancient Haven Palace, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion!

It was the true foundation of the Ancient Haven Palace!

If any forces could obtain this Ancient Haven Palace, as long as other forces don't annihilate them, they will surely grow into a colossal existence in the future.

It was precisely the worth of the Ancient Haven Palace, Mu Chen was shocked by the Heavenly Emperor’s actions. In that brief moment, he didn’t dare to take it and pondered in his heart. Is the Heavenly Emperor going to have him rebuilt the Ancient Haven Palace? If that’s the case, he is willing to do it. After all, this opportunity that the Heavenly Emperor has given him is too great, something that he has to repay.

However, knowing Mu Chen’s thought, the Heavenly Emperor smiled, “The Ancient Haven Palace is already a history. Its mission is already done; there’s no need for it to continue. I just don’t want to see this place being ruined, so I would rather contribute it out.”

“Although you can control the Ancient Haven Palace, you have to depend on your own abilities to enter the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. That fellow is obstinate.” The Heavenly Emperor smiled.

At this moment, Mandala and Nine Nether approached. They were startled when they heard the Heavenly Emperor’s words, but they soon nodded their heads.

“Take it, if you are grateful to me, promise me that you will do a part to protect the Great Thousand World when the Fiend Clans invade.” The Heavenly Emperor smiled.

There’s no reason for Mu Chen to decline as he respectfully received the sword before giving a deep bow, “If that day comes, I, Mu Chen, will put my life to protect!”

The Fiend Clans are mortal enemies of the Great Thousand World. If that day comes, even without the promise he made with the Heavenly Emperor, Mu Chen would still stand out. After all, if the Great Thousand World is occupied, then they would be left with death.

The Heavenly Emperor nodded, “This Heavenly Emperor Sword has followed me for years. But due to the imparting process, it has been greatly exhausted. The remaining energy only allows you to use it three times; you can only use it at crucial moments. But when the day comes that you step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, perhaps you might be able to restore it.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. The Heavenly Emperor Sword is something that exceeded High Rank Saint Artifact. Even if it is greatly exhausted, the remnant energy can threaten even Lesser Earth Sovereign.

“You’ve just stepped into the Three Pures, the first stage. There are a total of three stages in this Divine Ability, the Three Separation Realm, Three Combination Realm and Three God Realm.”

“Right now, you’re in the Three Separation Realm. If there’s a day when you can fuse the two clones into your body, you’ll reach the Three Combination Realm. Combining the power of three into one… As for the last stage, it was something that I only managed to probe, so you’ll have to come up with it yourself.”

Mu Chen was speechless. The Three Pures is truly a Peerless Divine Ability, and it can split and combine. The profundities are unimaginable, and he wondered, how powerful would the Three God Realm.

“Haha, the Three Pures are profound, but you mustn’t favour one against the other. Your Immortal Golden Body is also extraordinary, just that your current insight on it is too little.”

The Heavenly Emperor looked at the purplish-golden giant behind Mu Chen and smiled, “The Immortal Golden Body has three innate Divine Abilities. The Divine Immortal Runes, which you have experienced before. It could use the power of immortality to form into divine runes. It can change into all forms that could be comparable to Saint Artifacts.”

“You only just gained control over it, so you can only refine two divine runes. Back then, I could refine a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine runes that can even compete with High Rank Divine Artifact.”

When Mu Chen heard it, he was dumbfounded. It took him so much effort to refine two runes, and he never imagined that the Heavenly Emperor could refine that many.

“As for the second Divine Ability, it’s called the Immortal Lotus. The third being Immortal Life-Death Transformation.”

“But you have to depend on your own comprehension to dig them out. There’s nothing I could do to help you.”

“Immortal Lotus… Immortal Life-Death Transformation…” Mu Chen murmured to himself and smiled. If he needed the Heavenly Emperor’s help regarding everything, then he would fail. He believes that there will be a day he could comprehend the two Divine Abilities and unleash their power.

Thinking about the Immortal Golden Body, Mu Chen briefly hesitated before asking, “I can I obtain the final evolution for the Immortal Golden Body?”

The final evolution of the Immortal Golden Body is one of the five Primal Celestial Bodies, the Primordial Immortal Body!

The Heavenly Emperor briefly paused before his gaze turned deep. He remained silent briefly before speaking out slowly, “There will be a day that you will reach the limit with the Immortal Golden Body. If you are ambitious enough, then head to the Ancient Maha Clan… They are the guardians of the Primordial Immortal Body.”

“But as one of the oldest clan in the Great Thousand World, it’s something on the same ranking as the likes of Ancient Buddha Clan. So if you want to obtain it, you have to be in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm in the least!”

“Ancient Maha Clan…” Mu Chen’s heart surged. But the moment he heard the other name, his heart jolted with uncertain emotions rising in his heart.

“The Ancient Buddha Clan…” Mu Chen held onto his chest as he recalled the cultivation technique left by his mother… the Great Pagoda Art!

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