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Chapter 1195 - Breakthrough! The Earth Sovereign Realm!

The shock wave lasted for a long time before it dissipated, while Nine Nether and Mandala’s gazes instantly looked at the source of the impact. 

The distorted space gradually restored before a purplish-golden lustre suddenly erupted and soared into the sky.

The purplish-golden giant stood in the centre of the pillar, enveloped with an immortal aura that made it look as if it would never die.

Nine Nether looked at the giant, which hadn’t gone through much difference. But taking a closer look, one could feel that this giant had fused into nature, summoning wind and lightning at its breath.

At this moment, the Immortal Golden Body seemed like it could easily link with the Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth. It could even integrate its will with the heavens and earth, gaining control of this region.

For those beneath Mu Chen’s strength, entering here would be akin to stepping into Mu Chen’s territory, and killing them would just rely on a thought.

Nine Nether looked at the face of the Immortal Golden Body. Previously, it was blurred, and at this moment, it looked identical to Mu Chen. Looking from afar, it even looked like an enlarged version of Mu Chen.

It was due to the deepening relationship between Mu Chen and the Immortal Golden Body, fusing perfectly. Mu Chen could even merge with the Immortal Golden Body to gain more power.

It was similar to Elder Zuo devouring his Sovereign Immortal Body. The power that it emanated even made Mu Chen, who had commanded the Spiritual-Slaughtering Army back then, to feel fearful.

Mu Chen sat on the shoulder of the Immortal Golden Body and a dazzling purplish-golden lustre flowed on the surface of his body. As time passed, the flickers on his body had been completely dissolved.

Remaining in that position, a massive purplish-golden fluctuation spread out from him that contained a terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

At this moment, Nine Nether could sense a great pressure coming from Mu Chen, even if he did not move. It was something that she only felt from Earth Sovereigns.

At this moment, Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes and a dazzling purplish-golden lustre beamed out of his eyes, tearing a hole in the space.

That lustre briefly lasted before it dissipated. Mu Chen raised his head and could sense a peculiar sensation in this area. It was like an insight that as long as he wished for it, he would be able to control the massive Spiritual Energy in this area.

He stretched his hand out and the Spiritual Energy gathered over, forming into a mountain that was a hundred feet high.

This mountain was sparkling and looked as gorgeous as a crystal. It was something that was formed from the pure Spiritual Energy in this area; it was indestructible.

“The Heaven and Earth Phase…” Mu Chen murmured to himself. This was one of the symbols of an Earth Sovereign. They could condense the Spiritual Energy around them in forms; something that he couldn’t achieve in the past.

It represented the dominant control Earth Sovereigns had over Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen lowered his head, and sensed that, with every breath his body took, he was refining a vast amount of Spiritual Energy.

The absorption speed left Mu Chen dumbfounded. His body was akin to an abyss that couldn’t be satisfied, no matter how much he absorbed.

In the past, Mu Chen only had a Sovereign Sea. Right now, every single piece of flesh of his body contained a Sovereign Sea that greedily devoured Spiritual Energy.

This feeling of power felt too intoxicating. At this moment, he finally understood why only Earth Sovereigns could be considered tyrants. This strength was not something that a Ninth Grade Sovereign could compete against.

Mu Chen stretched his hand out and gently clenched it. The mountain before him instantly crumbled and an arc rose on the corner of his lips.

“Earth Sovereign Realm… I have finally achieved it.” Succeeding his Spiritual Tribulation, Mu Chen could finally be considered as a genuine Lesser Earth Sovereign at this moment!

After Mu Chen sensed the power he possessed, a light suddenly gathered towards the centre of his brows and an extensive amount of information was unleashed in his mind.

It was the information on the Peerless Divine Ability - Three Pures that the Heavenly Emperor had imparted onto him!

Before, Mu Chen’s strength was limited, so he couldn’t gain much insight into it. With his breakthrough, though, all those parts that were closed to him finally opened up.

At this moment, he was able to accept the insight and experience of the Heavenly Emperor.

“So… that’s the case…” Mu Chen had instantly resolved the several profundities of the Three Pures. A holler resounded from his heart. The Peerless Divine Ability, which he previously couldn’t grasp, started to piece together in his mind.

Naturally, it was all due to the insight from the Heavenly Emperor. Otherwise, even if Mu Chen had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm, he would still require a few years before he could comprehend it.

But with the help of the Heavenly Emperor, he had saved the years of effort and could achieve it in a single day!

A light flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes as he remained seated for half a day.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and stretched out his hand to form an ancient seal.

When the seal was formed, a peculiar note rang out in this region and had started to spread.

“Three Pures, Splitting Reality!”

“Splitting Blade!” A voice that contained charm resounded from Mu Chen’s mouth. After that, a white spiritual light appeared from Mu Chen’s head that steadily rolled before him, forming into an illusory blade.

The blade looked extremely peculiar. Despite being able to look at it, it gave off an illusory feeling. As if it was just an illusion.

“What is he doing?” Nine Nether was startled by this scene.

Mandala briefly pondered. “If I am guessing correctly, he must be cultivating the Three Pures!”

As she spoke, even she couldn’t conceal the shock in her eyes. After all, the reputation of the Three Pures was so brilliant that the Heavenly Emperor had relied on it to ascend the throne in the Great Thousand World.

And right now, Mu Chen was about to succeed in this Peerless Divine Ability?

Even she was starting to get envious of Mu Chen’s opportunities.

As they spoke, Mu Chen suddenly stood up and looked at the illusory blade before him. He formed a seal with a single hand and roared, “Split!”

The blade trembled before descending, vertically slicing down Mu Chen’s head.

Mu Chen stood without moving, allowing the blade to slice down and it passed through him.

When the blade left Mu Chen, it brought out a crimson light that hovered on the right of Mu Chen without moving. Yet, it was emitting a peculiar fluctuation.

From that chop, Mu Chen could sense something in this separated lump of light. It was like his body and soul. But it did not cause any harm to him.

“Again!” He roared once more.

The blade descended once more and passed through him. When it left his body, it brought along another crimson lump of light that separated from Mu Chen.

After the two moves, the illusory blade shattered into pieces. Mu Chen then turned around and looked at the two crimson lights.

The crimson lights took shape, gradually taking his appearance.

Two figures, one in black and the other in white robes. Both of them had black pupils and similar appearances along with the same powerful aura that emanated from Mu Chen’s body.

These two were also in the Earth Sovereign Realm!

Mu Chen looked at the two silhouettes with a smile on his face and raised his hand. “I am Mu Chen.”

The black and white robes also smiled as they raised their hands as well.

“I am Mu Chen.”

“I am Mu Chen.”

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