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Chapter 1195: Who Will Get It?

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“Would you be interested in my Qi into Trinity?” When the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor heard the question from the Heavenly Emperor, they were taken aback. They looked at each other and laughed. The Heavenly Emperor was a renowned figure during the Primordial Age, and his Qi into Trinity was a Rare Super Power. Any Heavenly Sovereign would yearn to possess it.

However, they were of a higher level and were more ambitious. Although the Qi into Trinity was powerful, they were not interested in it. They strongly believed that whatever they possessed was as powerful as the Qi into Trinity.

Moreover, if they cultivated the Qi into Trinity, they would be seen as being groomed by the Heavenly Emperor and having received his inheritance. Given their status, they found it hard to accept.

They respected the Heavenly Emperor for his righteousness and had no intention of receiving his inheritance. Moreover, the younger generations were around, and they found it ridiculous to vie with them for it. Thus, they laughed and said, “We shall leave the opportunity to the destined one.”

When the Heavenly Emperor heard it, he nodded and smiled. Apparently, he was not surprised by their reply. The two of them were extraordinary people, and even when the Heavenly Emperor was at his peak, he would not be able to defeat them. He knew that they did not look down on his Qi into Trinity, and that he was just testing them. He seemed to have found a better candidate for it.

He turned to look at Mu Chen and asked, “How about you?”

When Mu Chen saw that the Heavenly Emperor was looking at him, he was stunned. He had thought that the Heavenly Emperor had intended to pass on his Qi into Trinity to the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. Although he had found it a pity, he did not covet it. After all, he was already content with cultivating the Immortal Golden Body.

He had not expected the Heavenly Emperor to look at him after the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor had rejected him. The Heavenly Emperor looked at him with admiration, and it was apparent that he thought highly of Mu Chen as he had cultivated the Immortal Golden Body.

Nine Nether, who was beside Mu Chen, gave him a nudge. This was a great opportunity. If Mu Chen possessed the Qi into Trinity, he would benefit greatly from it.

Mu Chen did not put up a pretense, and he said honestly, “I have heard of the power of the Qi into Trinity and long to have it. However, I do not know if I have the talent and good fortune to possess it…”

When the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor heard it, they nodded. When they rejected the Heavenly Emperor, no one would say a word, given their status. However, if Mu Chen had made a similar comment, he would have been a hypocrite. After all, even the masters would be eyeing this Rare Super Power, let alone Mu Chen. Since Mu Chen had openly acknowledged it, it showed his sincerity.

“Hahaha, great. You are indeed very honest about it.” The Heavenly Emperor laughed and nodded. He was pleased with Mu Chen’s reply.

“Since you have cultivated the Immortal Golden Body, it shows that you have an affinity with me. To ensure that this Rare Super Power is not lost, I shall pass it on to you.”

Although Mu Chen was a composed person, he was extremely excited when he heard it and immediately bowed to the Heavenly Emperor.

“Hohoho. Congratulations, elder. You have found someone to pass your Super Power to.” The Flame Emperor laughed when he saw that the Heavenly Emperor had decided to pass the Qi into Trinity to Mu Chen. He was pleased with Mu Chen and was happy that his daughter had good judgment of character.

“Since the Demon Emperor has been eliminated, we shall make a move,” the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor said simultaneously. Since the Heavenly Emperor would be passing on the Rare Super Power to Mu Chen, it would not be convenient for them to be around.

The Heavenly Emperor cupped his fist at the two of them and said, “The Extraterritorial Race will not stop looking for opportunities to destroy our Great Thousand World. I hope you will continue to be on the lookout for them.”

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor nodded and looked grim. The Extraterritorial Race was their arch-enemy as well, and they would ensure that they would not have the chance to invade them again.

The Flame Emperor turned to look at Mu Chen and smiled. He then waved his sleeve, and an ancient lamp flew toward Mu Chen. When Mu Chen saw it, he quickly caught hold of it.

“Mu Chen, thank you for saving my daughter previously. If you get into trouble in the future and need help from Endless Fire Territory, just light this lamp, and I will come to you,” the Flame Emperor said with a smile.

When Mu Chen heard it, he was shocked. This was a precious gift. With this object on hand, he could enlist the help of a master in the Great Thousand World any time. This was such a precious gift that could save his life.

This was a treasure much sought after by the top powers.

As Mu Chen was still in a state of shock, the Martial Ancestor, who was beside him, smiled and said, “Since Brother Xiao has given Mu Chen a gift, I have to give him something as well. If not, my daughter will not let me have any peace.”

Having said that, he flicked his fingers, and a rune stone flew toward Mu Chen. He said, “This object is similar to the lamp. If you smash it, I will sense it.”

Mu Chen was silent when he held the lamp and rune stone in his hands. He then cupped his fist at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor and said, “Thank you, elders, for your protection. I will never forget your kindness.”

Given his intelligence, Mu Chen knew that the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor wanted to give him some form of protection. After all, the path of a master was not easy, and it was full of trials and tribulations. Many geniuses had died along the way, and the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor did not want to see Mu Chen lose his life, as they treasured talents. They had offered him some form of assistance and were being very kind to him.

When the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor heard it, they were shocked. They did not expect Mu Chen to understand their intention. They looked at each other and smiled. Mu Chen was indeed observant, and he would have a great future.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor had gone through the path before, thus they never looked down on the younger generation. Although they were now holding high positions, they were willing to befriend Mu Chen, who had great potential.

“Mu Chen, if you can, do look for me at the Martial Border,” Lin Jing said reluctantly. Since her father had come, she would have to go back with him.

“Don’t worry about the Great Xia Dynasty’s IOU. I will get someone to collect it and split it between the two of us.” Lin Jing had not forgotten that she had to get the Great Xia Dynasty to pay up what they had owed them.

“I will try to break through to Earthly Sovereign after I return home. You must not lose to me the next time we meet,” Xiao Xiao smiled charmingly.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded, and asked the two ladies to take care of themselves.

After they had bid one another farewell, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor left with their daughters. They broke through the space, and in the twinkle of an eye, they disappeared from the Celestial Emperor Cemetery.

Mu Chen looked at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor who had left and longed to possess their demeanor. They had shown him how a matchless master should carry himself. In any adverse situation, one could still turn the tide.

“With them around to protect the Great Thousand World, even if the Extraterritorial Race attacks us again, they will still be able to fight it out,” the Heavenly Emperor exclaimed. He then turned to look at Mu Chen and said, “I will infuse the Real Spirit into your head so that I can pass the Qi into Trinity to you. You will not only obtain the cultivation method, but you will also receive my cultivation experiences. In this way, you will be able to master it within a short period of time.”

This method was best for Mu Chen, but it would harm the person doing the infusion. Since the Heavenly Emperor was already dead, he would not be harmed by it. Thus when Mu Chen heard it, he nodded and was filled with gratitude.

“When you have cultivated the Qi into Trinity, your manifestation will possess similar strength as your actual body, and it still has the potential to evolve further. I suggest that you cultivate the Qi into Trinity after you have stepped into Earthly Sovereign. In this way, your manifestation will possess Earthly Sovereign strength as well.”

When Mu Chen heard it, he was shocked. In certain aspects, the Qi into Trinity was similar to other Shadow Clone Techniques. However, the Qi into Trinity was special. The manifestation not only possessed the person’s strength, it had the potential to evolve further. No wonder the Heavenly Emperor was able to contend single-handedly with the Sovereign Demon Emperor that was formed by the nine Demon Emperors.

Although Mu Chen was now a Complete Grade Nine and was only one step away from the Earthly Sovereign-level, this small step had caused many geniuses to be stuck there for the rest of their lives. No matter how confident he was of his talent, if he went through the traditional cultivation method, he would need a long time to break through…

When the Heavenly Emperor saw Mu Chen’s expression, he knew what Mu Chen was thinking and smiled. He looked at the Celestial Emperor Sword and said, “Since you are my inheritor, I will naturally help you get the greatest opportunity.

“You have great talents. You have a good foundation, and your spiritual energy is solid. I can use the Celestial Emperor Sword to empower you, and at the same time, tap into its power to help you advance to Earthly Sovereign. However, if I do that, the Celestial Emperor Sword will lose its luster…” Having said that, the Heavenly Emperor looked sorrowful.

When Mu Chen heard it, his mind was in turmoil. The Celestial Emperor Sword was powerful and precious, and even a High Grade Sacred Object could not be compared with it. Every Heavenly Sovereign would yearn for it, and if the Heavenly Emperor used it to help him break through, he would be doing him a big favor.

“Just accept it. After you step into Heavenly Sovereign-level, you may be able to bring back its glory. If the Great Thousand World gets into another calamity, you shall use it to help me get rid of the demons,” the Heavenly Emperor said with a smile when he saw Mu Chen’s perplexed look.

Mu Chen looked at his smile and did not say a word. He performed a deep bow, which was the bow of a disciple. “I shall follow Master’s command.”

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