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Chapter 1194 - Executing all means facing the Spiritual Tribulation

The roaring Heavenly Lake had also calmed down from the pressure. Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the thick clouds, the bright flashes of lightning were formed with compressed Spiritual Energy. Every single one of those bolts contained unimaginable power, even a true Lesser Earth Sovereign wouldn’t dare to belittle it.

This was the moment for Mu Chen to show how powerful his physical body had grown. However, he still felt a chill down his spine. If he was careless, not even his physical body would bear the powerful bolt.

The Immortal Golden Body stood behind Mu Chen, dazzling with a purplish-golden lustre and filled with an immortal aura that made Mu Chen feel more at ease.

This was probably the first battle with the Immortal Golden Body. Mu Chen was curious to see how powerful this Immortal Golden Body that he had been yearning for years was.

The surroundings were quiet, with only the rumbling of lightning resounding. A few minutes later, the cloud started to roll and split apart, before a bolt of lightning descended.

That lightning bolt was roughly a hundred feet, akin to a dragon as it roared. Even space couldn’t bear its power and started to distort. The bolt travelled in an instant, appearing above Mu Chen and struck down at the Immortal Golden Body.

Mu Chen did not dare to relax. The Immortal Golden Body roared with a dazzling purplish-golden lustre blossoming from its body.

A massive purplish-golden pillar shot out from the Immortal Golden Body’s mouth, containing a boundless Spiritual Energy.

The two struck and space instantly collapsed with visible shock waves that dominated forth in waves.

A bizarre scene appeared. The surface of the Heavenly Lake was suppressed from the pressure.

The mighty power lasted several minutes before the purplish-golden pillar started to look a little exhausted, shattering under the power of the bolt.

However, the bolt had also significantly been exhausted and the remnant power only caused the Immortal Golden Body to tremble without any damage dealt.

However, Mu Chen did not dare to relax. The first lightning bolt was the weakest, and he was already struggling to completely block it. So it would get more dangerous.

“He blocked it!” Nine Nether’s face flashed in joy.

“There are nine waves in the Spiritual Tribulation. The next one will stronger than this. This is merely the first, and it will get tougher from now on.” Mandala shook her head. As a Perfected Earth Sovereign, her eyesight was better than Nine Nether’s. She could tell that even if Mu Chen had withstood the first bolt, he barely managed to accomplish it. If this situation continued, it probably wouldn’t be good for him.

As they conversed, another massive bolt vaguely appeared, like an enormous dragon hidden behind the clouds.

The cloud was torn apart once again, and another thicker bolt descended towards the Immortal Golden Body.

Mu Chen had a stern expression. He had lost out a little through the previous confrontation. With a will, a purplish-golden lustre frantically gushed out and formed into a huge barrier.

This time, he had chosen to defend.

The lightning and cracks struck the barrier, destroying it.

The barrier didn’t last long before it shattered and the bolt struck against the Immortal Golden Body. It was much stronger than the previous one, causing the Immortal Golden Body to dim a little. Since it was connected to Mu Chen, he had also suffered a massive impact and spurted a mouthful of blood.

His eyes flashed with astonishment, since he never expected the might to be so terrifying.

“Looks like it’s impossible to withstand the Spiritual Tribulation relying on the Sovereign Celestial Body alone.” Mu Chen wiped the trace of blood, and he flew to the Immortal Golden Body’s shoulder, then an azure fan appeared in his hand. It’s time to bring out his trump card.

When Mu Chen held onto the Wind God’s Fan, the third bolt had descended, it was several times thicker than the previous two.

Without any hesitation, Mu Chen swung the Wind God’s Fan. “Wind God’s Tornado!”

Instantly, a massive cyclone took form and clashed with the lightning.

But this time, he barely managed to withstand the third bolt with the Wind God’s Fan and the Immortal Golden Body.

The remnant shock wave continuously wrecked havoc before the cyclone and lightning faded.

Mu Chen looked at the dissipated lightning and felt a little relieved. Immediately after, he brought his heart up. He could sense peculiar energy descending from the remnant energy. It had fused into the Immortal Golden Body.

This energy couldn’t strengthen the Immortal Golden Body, but at that moment, Mu Chen could sense that the link with the Immortal Golden Body had gotten closer to the heavens and earth.

“So this Spiritual Tribulation is to allow the Sovereign Celestial Body to have a deeper connection with the heavens and earth. It’s no wonder why Lesser Earth Sovereigns could command the laws with their words.” An insight flashed. So it turned out that the Spiritual Tribulation granted it.

This Spiritual Tribulation was a trial and an opportunity at the same time.

“If that’s the case, let the Spiritual Tribulation be stronger!” Mu Chen waved the Wind God’s Fan while looking at the clouds.

As if the clouds had sensed his gaze, they started to violently roll. Then, two bolts descended at the same time.

Mu Chen looked at the two lightning bolts, and the Wind God’s Fan started to expand, after pouring a massive amount of Spiritual Energy into it.

The Wind God’s Fan trembled before several massive cyclones flew out. At this moment, he had utilised the limit of the Wind God’s Fan.

The cyclones clashed with the bolts of lightning. Along with the cyclones being destroyed, the two bolts of lightning gradually weakened as well.

Mu Chen felt inwardly relieved when he watched the two bolts fading away.

The moment Mu Chen felt relieved when he dealt with the two bolts, another wave of lightning descended, with a total of three bolts!

The sudden changes startled Nine Nether and she exclaimed.

In the blink of an eye, the three bolts were already above him. But when they were about to strike, Mu Chen tossed out a stone seal. A black ocean gushed out from the seal and clashed with the three bolts, cancelling them out.

“How cunning.” Mu Chen looked at the tribulation with cold sweat. Luckily he was cautious and had long prepared the Ocean-Whelming Seal. Otherwise, he would surely suffer from the third wave.

“Since that’s the case, then the fourth wave is next…” The Ocean-Whelming Seal floated before him with the Wind God’s Fan in his hand. A golden lustre of immortality also emanated from the Immortal Golden Body that encased him within. He had brought out all his trump cards, and with these defensive measurements, he should be able to withstand the fourth wave, right?

Over the next frame of time, Mu Chen had experienced two waves of the tribulation. After experiencing a total of five waves, Mu Chen had some experience with it. Although dangers surrounded him, he managed to obstruct the bolts with the two Saint Artifacts.

Another half an hour passed and Mu Chen had withstood the eighth wave of the Spiritual Tribulation. However, he wasn’t in a good condition as flickers were flashing on his body, which was caused by the Spiritual Tribulation.

It was a form of Spiritual Energy that was akin to toxin when it entered his body, causing a significant change to his Spiritual Energy.

Thus, Mu Chen could only circulate his Spiritual Energy to resist and refine it. Likewise, the Immortal Golden Body had dimmed by a lot. It had also exhausted a great amount of energy to withstand the Spiritual Tribulations.

“Done with the eighth wave, the next will be the last…” Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the clouds. Although there was only one wave left, he couldn’t relax. On the contrary, he felt even more uneasy since the ninth wave took a longer time to brew, the pressure being emitted from it also far surpassed any of the previous waves.

Mu Chen tried his best to adjust his condition while waiting for the last wave. As long as he could get through it, then he would be an Earth Sovereign!

Nine Nether had also felt the terrifying pressure in this region. Although she wasn’t in it, she could tell the enormous pressure that Mu Chen was bearing.

She did not say a word, since it was futile. She could only pray and hope that Mu Chen could get through it.

Furthermore, she finally knew how terrifying the Spiritual Tribulations that Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns had to face was. Even someone like Mu Chen was in this pathetic state from the tribulation, what about ordinary people?

The silence lasted for a long time before the clouds started to rumble and formed into a massive dragon encased in lightning.

The dragon resided in the sky, staring at Mu Chen, and a terrifying pressure enveloped this entire region.

When Mandala saw the clouds taking the form of a dragon, her face finally changed and she uttered out in shock, “The ninth wave of the Spiritual Tribulation actually took a form?”

“What do you mean?” Nine Nether swiftly enquired.

“Spiritual Tribulations are generally in the shape of lightning. There are also special tribulations that could take shapes, but it generally wouldn’t occur during such a Spiritual Tribulation… The strength of the Spiritual Tribulation is also linked to the strength of the cultivator’s Sovereign Celestial Body. Mu Chen’s Immortal Golden Body is the next evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body, in terms of ranking, it can even be amongst the Top 15. It’s no wonder why the ninth wave would take shape…” Mandala spoke as she figured out the reason.

Nine Nether was speechless. She never thought that the Immortal Golden Body that Mu Chen had been chasing after would cause him to suffer such a great test.

Mandala sighed and bitterly smiled. “Although this Spiritual Tribulation is powerful, he would get a greater benefit if he can withstand it. I wonder if it’s a fortune or disaster…” 

Nine Nether sighed as well. Generally speaking, most people wouldn’t wish for their Spiritual Tribulation to take form since it would cause a higher risk of them dying.

But since it had already formed, there’s nothing they could do to help. They could only hope that Mu Chen could resist it.

As they were speaking, Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the Spiritual Tribulation that had taken form. He had an ugly expression and bitterly smiled. “This is troublesome now.”

Although it had yet to descend, he could already sense the dreadful fluctuation.

“I’m afraid that this is not something that the Wind God’s Fan and Ocean-Whelming Seal can withstand…” Mu Chen glanced at the fan and seal with his brows tightly knitted. Facing this Spiritual Tribulation, he had to resort to other means.

But he had already brought out all his trump cards, what else could he do?

Suddenly, Mu Chen’s mind flashed before he suddenly turned to look at the Immortal Golden Body with his gaze flickering. Back then, the Sovereign Celestial Body possessed the Nine Solar Energy, so it would definitely evolve along with the Great Solar Undying Body as well, it’s just that he had yet to dig out the potential of the Immortal Golden Body.

But he couldn’t be blamed, ever since he cultivated the Immortal Golden Body, he didn’t have the luxury of time to feel around the Immortal Golden Body.

But no matter what, he had to give it a try today. Mu Chen closed his eyes with Spiritual Energy released from his body that gradually linked him up with the Immortal Golden Body.

When the Heavenly Emperor saw this, his brows gently lifted and he smiled. “Finally thinking about the Immortal Golden Body…”

The dragon-shaped Spiritual Tribulation had finally brewed its power to the limits as it roared.

In the next moment, it swept its tail and dived down, charging in the direction of Mu Chen.

When the Spiritual Tribulation descended, everything shattered. The Heavenly Lake was also pushed down from the terrifying Spiritual Energy, as if the lake would soon be split into two.

Mu Chen moved his finger, and the Wind God’s Fan moved by itself, creating numerous colossal cyclones. The Ocean-Whelming Seal also spewed black ocean that contained the power to shatter mountains.

The power of the two Saint Artifacts had been pushed to the limits. However, when the ocean and cyclone came in contact with the Spiritual Tribulation, they were instantly destroyed!

In an unstoppable manner, the Spiritual Tribulation had charged through the obstruction of the two Saint Artifacts!

Nine Nether’s face changed at this scene. Previously, Mu Chen had relied on two Saint Artifacts to withstand the majority of the Spiritual Tribulation. But before the ninth wave, it was futile!

The two Saint Artifacts were blown away by the ninth wave and revealed Mu Chen’s silhouette.

Mu Chen remained still like a boulder when the ear-piercing dragon roar resounded. At this moment, his mind had completely fused with the Immortal Golden Body.

He had to completely fuse with the Immortal Golden Body to discover the Sovereign Ability contained within it.

As the dragon approached closer to Mu Chen, it caused blood to appear on his skin, which instantly covered him. However, he still did not make a move, as if he had given up all resistance.

Watching this scene, Nine Nether bit on her rosy lips and her nails dug into her palms.

A hundred feet… fifty feet… ten feet…

When the dragon was ten feet away from Mu Chen, Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes. His pupils had been dyed in a purplish-golden lustre at this moment.

He formed seals with a single hand and so did the Immortal Golden Body beneath his feet.

A dazzling purplish-golden lustre blossomed from the Immortal Golden Body and swiftly formed into two massive runes.

The two runes were filled with an unspeakable age and profundity. Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the dragon before a deep voice escaped his mouth, “Even if the Heavens and Earth collapse, I am immortal.”

“Divine Immortal Runes!” Mu Chen raised his hand and clenched them into fists. At that moment, the two runes charged out and joined together, forming into a thin layered shield.

The dragon dived down and collided against the thin shield. It was akin to a blazing sun, which was followed by a destructive shock wave that violently wrecked havoc.

The entire space shattered into fragments and craters started to appear on the Heavenly Lake below.

Mandala waved her hand and created a Spiritual Energy barrier before her and Nine Nether, blocking the violent shock wave.

The Heavenly Emperor remained standing with his hands behind his back with any shock waves towards him dissipating into the wind.

The destruction lasted ten-odd minutes before it calmed down.

Nine Nether immediately looked in the direction of Mu Chen with her hands clenched tightly together. She wished to know if Mu Chen had succeeded or failed this dreadful Spiritual Tribulation.

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