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Chapter 1193 - Spiritual Tribulation

Mu Chen finally opened his eyes after nearly one month on the Heavenly Lake. When he opened his eyes, lightning flickered through his eyes, along with resounding, rumbling roars. An invisible pressure also gathered onto him before dominating forth.

Waves were lifted on the Heavenly Lake from the pressure before breaking apart in the sky and rained down.

Water was expelled beneath Mu Chen, forming a crater that was a few myriad feet wide as he stood above the vortex. The rain disappeared when it was a few feet away from him; none of which could touch his body.

Perhaps it might be because of the Heavenly Emperor Sword. A sharp aura was emanating from his body, as if he was a sword that could pierce through the heavens and earth.

Spiritual rays would occasionally flicker on his body before swiftly fading away; it was caused by the violent charge of Spiritual Energy in his body. But through the countless reconstructions of his body, his body was now able to bear the shock wave from the shattering of his Sovereign Sea.

Vaguely, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits dimly wandered on his body. Since his body had grown too powerful, it caused the two spirits to be fearful and no longer dared to roam on his body freely.

Splendour gradually returned to Mu Chen’s eyes as he recovered from the shock; he lowered his head to blankly look at his body.

He could sense the power contained in that body of his, which he felt unreal because this was the power that he had been seeking for years.

When he finally possessed this power, he was dumbfounded, even with his composure. He hesitated before he stretched out his hand and clenched his fingers. Although he did not utilise any Spiritual Energy, the space in the centre of his palm cracked.

Mu Chen casually threw a jab forth and space shattered akin to a mirror before him, with spatial fragments flying out.

He looked at this scene dumbfoundedly. A month ago, he had to utilise the Spirit-Slaughtering Army to confront this power, or he would be heavily wounded or even killed, this was absolute power!

“This… this is the power of the Earth Sovereign Realm?” Mu Chen muttered to himself. At this moment, he suddenly felt fearful. If he had encountered Elder Zuo at his peak, he might not be able to escape, even with the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. 

However, the fear only lasted an instant as the corner of his lips rose soon after. He finally possessed such power himself!

Even if Elder Zuo appeared before him at his full state, Mu Chen would no longer fear him.

Nine Nether and Mandala stood on the surface of the Heavenly Lake far away, looking at the silhouette in the sky with joy on their faces.

“Mu Chen succeeded?” Nine Nether asked with joy. She could sense a suffocating pressure coming from Mu Chen that wasn’t something that belonged to a Ninth Grade Sovereign.

“Half.” Mandala revealed a smile as she nodded. At this moment, Mu Chen had started to possess the power of an Earth Sovereign.

Nine Nether felt relieved as she looked at Mu Chen with a complicated gaze. When she encountered Mu Chen, he was still a weak fellow. At that time, the thought of him surpassing her and stepping into the Earth Sovereign Realm hadn’t crossed her mind!

She used to be the one protecting him, a trump card of his and now, that relationship had been flipped around. So how could Nine Nether not sigh?

But after a brief moment, Nine Nether suddenly recalled what Mandala had said, so she asked, “Why half?”

Mandala raised her face and looked at the sky. “There is another important threshold that stopped many outstanding geniuses from crossing.”

Nine Nether swiftly understood what Mandala was saying and her face grew stern. “The Spiritual Tribulation?”

Every Earth Sovereign would draw the jealousy of heavens. Thus a tribulation known as the Spiritual Tribulation would descend.

The Spiritual Tribulation was exceptionally terrifying, killing many geniuses that had tried to make their attempt at the Earth Sovereign Realm. At the same time, many Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns were intimidated by it as well.

“If shattering the Sovereign Sea is to reconstruct the body, then the Spiritual Tribulation targets the Sovereign Celestial Body. Earth Sovereigns don’t use a Celestial Body, but an Immortal Body, which is even more powerful.”

Mandala nodded her head. “Only a Sovereign Celestial Body that has experienced the Spiritual Tribulation could be transformed into the Immortal Body. It can connect to heavens and earth at a deeper level.”

“He passed the first obstacle, now’s the second…” Nine Nether’s eyes flickered with worry. After all, the reputation of the Spiritual Tribulation was too infamous.

Not long after Nine Nether and Mandala stopped their conversation, rumbling noises rang out in the sky. Every single roar would cause the heavens and earth to dim as the Spiritual Energy turned violent.

Mu Chen had also sensed the changes. He immediately raised his head and looked at the sky with a grave expression. He saw space distorting and an endless Spiritual Energy started to gather, vaguely forming into a thundercloud with a terrifying pressure being emanated.

“So, this is the legendary Spiritual Tribulation?” Mu Chen muttered and clenched his fists together. This was the greatest threshold towards the Earth Sovereign Realm. If he succeeded, then he would be able to enter the cultivation that he had been yearning.

“The Spiritual Tribulation targets the Sovereign Celestial Body; if it’s destroyed, you will be implicated with death as well.” Heavenly Emperor’s voice faintly resounded. “No one can help you. You have to depend on yourself to get through it.” 

Mu Chen took a deep breath and nodded his head.

He made a revolve with his hands and myriad-foot high waves rose from the Heavenly Lake, and he started to devour the Spiritual Energy.

If it was in the past, he might require half a day to refine it. Since he was already half a foot into the Earth Sovereign Realm, he could sense the Spiritual Energy being completely devoured the moment it entered his body.

From a certain degree, his Sovereign Sea did not disappear, but had merely been integrated and fused into his muscles and cells.

At this moment, every single part of his body was his Sovereign Sea. Thus, the amount of Spiritual Energy he could contain had reached an unimaginable height.

“No wonder Earth Sovereigns could look down on all the Sovereigns…” Sensing the surging Spiritual Energy in his body, Mu Chen sighed. Beneath the Earth Sovereign Realm, Sovereigns relied on the low-graded Sovereign Sea. On the other hand, an Earth Sovereign’s body was the Sovereign Sea, so one could imagine the power. It was a gap that could never be filled.

Sensing the power of an Earth Sovereign, Mu Chen continued to drain the Spiritual Energy from the Heavenly Lake, since he wanted to replenish his Spiritual Energy, bringing himself to his top condition.

As Mu Chen continued to drain the Spiritual Energy, the Spiritual Energy in the sky had gathered to a terrifying degree with thick clouds in the sky and bright flashes of lightning.

A roar resounded between heavens and earth, causing everything to turn silent from the might. 

Mu Chen took a deep breath and his hands joined together. A purplish-golden lustre swept out in his rear and formed into a giant, the Immortal Golden Body!

When the Immortal Golden Body appeared, Mu Chen’s eyes blazed with fighting intent after sensing that he had reached his top condition. He looked at the clouds and licked his lips.

Today, no one could obstruct his determination to enter the Earth Sovereign Realm. If this Spiritual Tribulation wanted to stop him, then he would smash it apart!

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