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Chapter 1192 - So, this is the Earth Sovereign Realm

The Heavenly Lake rumbled with torrential waves as dense spiritual must covered the heavens and earth. A massive pillar could be seen with a silhouette seated beneath it.

The silhouette that was being pierced by the sword lustre that had a domineering power constantly riddling him with wounds was, naturally, Mu Chen.

He had sat there for half a month now, constantly suffering from the tormenting pain. Each piece of flesh and bone had been pierced through tens of thousands of times. But after that, his wounds recovered with the help of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique and even strengthening them.

If his resolution wasn’t firm, he would have lost to the pain long ago, resulting in the collapse of his heart and this opportunity destroyed.

Fortunately, Mu Chen had long trained his resolution through his years of cultivation. He had experienced life and death, trekking through the gateway of death numerous times.

Thus, it was practically impossible for Mu Chen to give up.

Furthermore, Mu Chen was also gradually adapting to the pain, since his body would be strengthened every time it was damaged.

At this moment, the surface of Mu Chen’s body no longer exploded. Only deep sword wounds were left behind, showing his progress for the two weeks.

According to his estimation, the strengthening of his physique was several times more than before over these two weeks.

He inwardly rejoiced, since it’s not easy to train the physique. After all, the training would have to get tougher and breaks were needed. If he was too harsh, it would harm his body instead.

But this baptism was perfect and balanced in strengthening his body. Thus, even if Mu Chen had to bear the pain, he would still hold on to it with his teeth gritted after tasting the sweetness of it…

Furthermore, the strengthening of his physique wasn’t what made him happiest, it was his Spiritual Energy. At this moment, his Sovereign Sea had been expanded to an astonishing degree and there would occasionally be waves of powerful Spiritual Energy.

There was a sword lustre roaring over his Sovereign Sea, constantly nourishing his Spiritual Energy. The Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea had grown too much, compared to two weeks ago. According to Mu Chen’s estimation, if he had to fight himself from two weeks ago, he probably could rely on his Spiritual Energy to exhaust himself from two weeks ago to death.

If he had to rely on himself to reach this level, he probably would have had to accumulate for an entire level, but it was accomplished in two weeks.

“The Spiritual Energy is too dense. If this continues, my Sovereign Sea won’t be able to take it.” Mu Chen also started to worry, since his Sovereign Sea was reaching a limit. If it continued to expand, then his entire Sovereign Sea might rupture.

“Could it be that I have to fill up my Sovereign Sea to break through to the Earth Sovereign Realm?” A guess appeared in Mu Chen’s heart, which he wasn’t able to confirm.

Although he couldn’t be certain, he did not stop. Most importantly, he couldn’t stop, since it was controlled by the Heavenly Emperor. So if the Heavenly Emperor didn’t stop, he could only receive it unless he collapsed first.

Harbouring this thought, Mu Chen suppressed the worry in his heart and quietly sensed the improvements of his body and Spiritual Energy…


Ten-odd days passed…

The Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea had finally reached the limit with a sensation that it would soon rupture. This caused Mu Chen’s heart to race, since he was worried that his Sovereign Sea might really rupture if this went on.

However, the Heavenly Emperor showed no signs of stopping despite this…

“Could it be that I have to really rupture the Sovereign Sea?” Thoughts rampaged through Mu Chen’s heart, but it was suppressed by him in the end.

The Heavenly Emperor had no reason to harm him, he had no need to. He was once a supreme powerhouse of the Great Thousand World, even if he had already died, it’s easy for the Heavenly Emperor to kill him just like how he killed Lu Heng.

Since that’s the case, then the Heavenly Emperor must have his reason for this. Thus, Mu Chen chose to believe in him after a brief hesitation.

He took a deep breath to compose his heart, allowing the sword lustre to pour into his Sovereign Sea until it reached the limit.

When the last gap of the Sovereign Sea was filled up, Mu Chen felt the entire space turn silent.

Cracks started to appear in his Sovereign Sea and swiftly spread out. As Mu Chen had expected, his Sovereign Sea had started to rupture after reaching the limit.

To any Sovereign, this scene could scare them to death, since they knew how important the Sovereign Sea was. The moment it ruptured, then all their efforts would have gone down the drain.

Beads of sweat covered Mu Chen’s forehead, but he did not waver.

“Firm your heart and let nature take its course.” While Mu Chen was feeling uneasy in his heart, the Heavenly Emperor’s voice rang out in his heart.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen finally felt assured, so he protected his mind, allowing the Sovereign Sea to naturally change.

Finally, the Sovereign Sea couldn’t contain the boundless Spiritual Energy and ruptured. Light blossomed from Mu Chen’s chest, which was the location of the Sovereign Sea. At this moment, the light expanded along with the rupture of his Sovereign Sea and encased him.

Unimaginable Spiritual Energy swept out from Mu Chen’s body, tearing his body apart, inch by inch. A few moments later, Mu Chen was turned into a bloody mist. A golden lustre flickered before the bloody mist swiftly condensed into a silhouette. Mu Chen was frantically controlling his Dragon-Phoenix Physique to repair his body.

But when his repair just took form, another violent wave his Spiritual Energy exploded, destroying his body once more and turned into a bloody mist.

This process continued and Mu Chen rejoiced a little. Fortunately, his physical body had been strengthened. Otherwise, his repair wouldn’t be able to follow the speed of destruction. Mu Chen gradually felt a peculiar sensation from his body after every repair.

A sensation of transformation. If Mu Chen’s physical body had merely been strengthened on the surface, then this transformation was a complete one, starting from his cells!

At this moment, the panic and fear had disappeared, replaced with a trace of comprehension. He could sense that despite the destruction of his Sovereign Sea, he did not feel weakened, but was more powerful instead. It’s as if he could kill his previous self with a simple jab.

His Sovereign Sea had disappeared, but not genuinely disappeared; it had been changed to be omnipresent.

If Mu Chen only had a Sovereign Sea in the past, then he could feel that his body was filled with a Sovereign Sea. Every single inch of his body had been turned into a Sovereign Sea…

“From sole to omnipresent. So, this is the Earth Sovereign Realm!”

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