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Chapter 1192: The Aces Meet

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The Flame Lotus exploded, while the endless brilliant waves raged. The terrifying power that burst out caused the world to shake in a frenzy.

Where the Flame Lotus had just exploded, the space had collapsed. The area was now wide and dark, as if its entire existence had been destroyed by the devastating force of the explosion.

Far away, many of the powerful men of the Tianluo Continent looked at the scene and could not help but swallow, horror flashing in their eyes. It was apparent that the Flame Emperor’s actions had really scared them. They now had no doubt that if the Flame Lotus had been thrown at them, they would have been reduced to dust in an instant!

“Is this the Flame Emperor’s power? It’s terrifying indeed. No wonder he is at the pinnacle of this Great Thousand World!” one of the powerful men said in awe.

Many other powerful people sighed in their hearts. Although the war in ancient times had led to the fall of many Heavenly Sovereigns, it was fortunate that after thousands of years, there were once again impressive pillars, such as the Flame Emperor, the Martial Ancestor, and other invincible master who now were able to shine once more!

“The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor… Is he dead then?” Mu Chen was also looking at the collapsed space. Facing this terrible attack, even the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor would have surely taken a fatal hit.

Mandela also nodded, as she was thinking the same thing. After all, the Flame Emperor’s previous move was really horrifying and unexpected. Even a Heavenly Sovereign would not survive such an attack!

The crowd looked at the collapsed space nervously. Then, their gazes suddenly focused on something. In the depths of the space, a figure had appeared!

That figure, of course, was the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor! However, his body surface was actually covered with cracks. From a distance, he looked like a broken porcelain doll.

His eyes had turned crimson red. He was clearly enraged. However, the Flame Emperor was not surprised to see that the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor was still alive.

After all, even the Heavenly Emperor was unable to wipe him out, showing that he was no simple character. Yet, even though the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor had survived, anyone could sense that he had been severely damaged by the previous attacks.

“Since you are merciless, you shall fall with me!” The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor looked at the Flame Emperor with his crimson eyes, then suddenly burst out into a flash of light, charging towards the Flame Emperor.

His speed was so fast, he approached the Flame Emperor almost immediately. Everyone saw a sudden eruption of Demonic Light in his body, as if an extremely violent force was brewing within it.

“He’s going to blow himself up!” Mandela’s expression was shocked and twisted. It seemed that the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor, after becoming aware that he had no hopes of escape, was intending to drag his opponent down with him!


Just as Mandela’s voice rang out, the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor’s body exploded. Dark Demonic Energy swept out like a storm, raging with immense evil.

The first to bear the brunt of it was, of course, the Flame Emperor. However, in the face of the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor’s self-detonation, the Flame Emperor did not panic.

Instead, he simply shook his head and said nonchalantly, “If a plot like self-detonation could drag me down, I would not be here now!”

He then opened his palm and flames surged out fiercely, immediately turning into a huge flame barrier that spanned hundreds of thousands of feet. The flame barrier was engraved with countless shapes, while its color was made up of different flame runes. Each flame rune represented a strong fire that had been born from heaven and earth.

The flame barrier had been condensed from a million flames, and it enshrouded the horrifying Demonic Gas, causing a terribly scorching heat to emanate outward. The space twisted and shattered, and the Demonic Gas was like snow meeting magma, quickly melting away.

In just a few moments, the incredibly destructive Demonic Energy evaporated entirely. At that moment, no trace of Demonic Energy was left in all of the heavens and the earth.

“Are we done here?” The Flame Emperor looked at the scene and murmured to himself. Then, with a wave of his sleeve, the brilliant sea of fire retreated swiftly back into his body.

The Flame Emperor’s gaze suddenly flickered. This was because a dark Demonic Gas had just blasted through the collapsing space. It broke the space apart, then quickly fled into the space outside of the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery.

“The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor is not dead yet!” an onlooker shouted in disbelief.

Many powerful men’s expressions twisted dramatically, as they were appalled at the Demon Emperor’s tenacious vitality. That guy had been attacked by the Flame Emperor twice to the point of shattering, yet still was capable of escaping!

“That guy deliberately blew himself up to conceal his presence, avoiding the Flame Emperor’s perception in order to find the opportunity to escape!” Mu Chen’s face grew somber, as he did not expect that the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor could be be so cunning and decisive!

“How could he escape when his Demonic Heart had already exploded?” The Flame Emperor stared at that hole in space where the Demonic Energy had escaped, his face showing his surprise.

Although the Demonic Heart was the Achilles Heel of the Extraterritorial Race, the Demonic Heart of a Demon Emperor of this rank was indestructible. When the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor self-detonated, the Flame Emperor clearly felt the fragmentation of a Demonic Heart.

In normal circumstances, even a Demon Emperor would fall if his Demonic Heart was destroyed. Yet, somehow, this Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor could still escape!

“Hey, old man, why haven’t you struck? That guy’s going to escape!” Xiao Xiao exclaimed hurriedly.

After all, if the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor managed to escape, many powerful people in the Great Thousand World would be brutally annihilated in the future.

Hearing Xiao Xiao’s shout, the Flame Emperor’s eyes twitched. He then looked at her in exasperation and replied, “That guy gave his all to escape, so it’s not that easy to intercept him!”

Upon hearing his words, the crowd sighed. However, looking at their faces, the Flame Emperor smiled. His eyes looked into the distance as he said, “I’m afraid the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor will not escape today!”

The crowd was stupefied. They had to wonder if the Flame Emperor still had a few cards up his sleeve…

The Flame Emperor lowered his head and looked at Lin Jing with a smile. “I’m not the only one who can sense the emergence of such a strong enemy around their daughter.”

Lin Jing was startled at first, then a look of surprise surfaced on her face. “Ah? Is my dad here too?”

The crowd was confused, but Mu Chen was shocked.

Lin Jing’s father? Wasn’t he the Martial Ancestor, the founder of Martial Border, the Flame Emperor’s equal in the Great Thousand World?

Could such an existence really be here today?

As Mu Chen was still recovering from his shock, the Demonic Energy penetrated the space and was about to escape into the void! However, the space suddenly vibrated violently, while the space began to break apart. A massive palm seemed to be penetrating the space from the outside!

The massive palm was miraculous, as it was covered with green dragon scales! An indescribable majestic aura came from it and shrouded the heavens and the earth. Mu Chen could sense the real spirit of the dragon circling on its skin, as it vibrated, as if it was tensing up in the face of an enemy!

Mu Chen was shocked, as the real spirit of the dragon possessed the bloodline of the Dragon Clan, and the real dragons were an esteemed and supreme presence of the Dragon Clan. Now, however, even the real dragon was feeling the extreme threat that was emanating from the massive palm.


The massive hand then turned towards the escaping Demonic Energy, while a green light surged. The green light trapped the Demonic Energy in it, and its ferocious face emerged from the Demonic Energy and roared, full of fury.

He was so close to escaping, but now there was another powerful opponent blocking his way. He could sense that this figure who had just struck was no weaker than the Flame Emperor!

At this time, he had just experienced self-detonation, so he was extremely weak. He was in no state to compete with such opponents! Therefore, when the massive hand descended, the green light formed a seal and enveloped it layer by layer. It was completely trapped and could not escape.

Such a change made everyone’s expressions twist dramatically. They looked beyond the void in shock. By this time, they had come to understand that there was a formidable character in the void, waiting for the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor to walk into its trap!

Amid many shocked glances, where the space was shattered, a figure stepped into the air. His silhouette was sturdy and a majestic aura emanated from him. A vast spiritual power surged around him.

This power possessed a spiritual energy that had many different attributes. Sometimes it transformed into cold ice, sometimes into a sea of fire, and sometimes it was thunder and lightning. It even became darkness at times, which was incredibly mysterious!

As the crowd looked at the figure with mysterious spiritual energy, their pupils contracted and they gasped in shock.

“That’s the Martial Ancestor!” many of the onlookers exclaimed at once.

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