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Chapter 1191 - Opportunities conferred by the Heavenly Emperor

The Heavenly Emperor smiled. He was willing to confer such a huge gift to his disciple. If the Ancient Haven Palace hadn’t been destroyed, it would be the dream of many outstanding disciples. So it could only be said that Mu Chen was fated for this opportunity.

“Follow me.” The Heavenly Emperor waved his hand and space distorted around him. By the time Mu Chen reacted, he had been brought to a massive ocean with sizzling noises coming from the water below. It was the Heavenly Lake that he had come to before.

It’s just that after they left, the Heavenly Lake did not reopen, so Mu Chen never expected that the Heavenly Emperor could easily open it.

The Spiritual Energy here was extremely bountiful; this was a genuine treasure for cultivation. Cultivation here would bring twice the effect.

“You can cultivate here for this period of time.” The Heavenly Emperor looked at Nine Nether. Nine Nether was also in the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, with only a step from the Earth Sovereign Realm. However, the Heavenly Emperor could only impart his technique to one person, so he wouldn’t be able to aid Nine Nether in her breakthrough and could only allow her to cultivate here in hopes of her breaking through quickly.

“Thank you, Heavenly Emperor.” Nine Nether rejoiced, since the benefits of cultivating here went without saying.

“As for Mandala, you are already in the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, so this place wouldn’t have much effect on you. If you’re bored, head to the Hidden Scripture Pavilion to look around.” The Heavenly Emperor smiled at Mandala.

Mandala shook her head. This spiritual clone was the last remnant of the Heavenly Emperor in the world. If it dissipated, the Heavenly Emperor would cease to exist in the world, so she wanted to accompany him.

“Sigh, you sentimental child.” The Heavenly Emperor sighed. He had been fostering Mandala for many years, she was akin to a daughter to him. The relationship between them was naturally deep. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sealed Mandala when the Fiend Clans attacked.

After pacifying Mandala, the Heavenly Emperor looked at Mu Chen with a solemn expression. “Get prepared.”

There’s a limit to his spiritual clone, so he couldn’t afford to waste any time.

Mu Chen solemnly nodded.

The Heavenly Emperor flicked his finger and the Heavenly Lake roared before a lotus condensed on the surface of the lake and Mu Chen sat on it.

The Heavenly Emperor stood before Mu Chen with a stern expression and tapped with two of his fingers. His fingers glittered with lustre, filled with spirituality and vigorous vitality.

It’s as if it had disregarded the distance of space and had gently tapped the centre of Mu Chen’s brows.

Spiritual lustre spread out from the centre of Mu Chen’s brows, enveloping him in an instant. It’s as if it had pierced through Mu Chen’s forehead, into his mind. His entire body violently trembled and his mind was flooded with massive information.

He felt as if his mind had exploded, but he endured and bore with it. Despite his endurance, veins crawled on his face, which made him look savage.

Under the intense pain, a spiritual lustre gathered in the depths of his mind, forming into ancient words, “Three Pures!”

Those words incessantly condensed and faded with profound information flowing in his mind, containing the Heavenly Emperor’s own insight as well.

At this moment, Mu Chen had sunk into a profound comprehension. This was a marvellous Divine Ability that he had never seen before.

This sort of Peerless Divine Ability required an extremely harsh demand in talent. Fortunately, Mu Chen was outstanding himself with the Heavenly Emperor imparting it to him, along with his own comprehension and insight. Otherwise, it would be hard for Mu Chen to grasp that profundity.

With the comprehension from the Heavenly Emperor himself, he could use it as a guide. At this moment, he was rejoicing that the Heavenly Emperor was willing to impart this to him through this process. With his ability, even if he had obtained the cultivation method of the Three Pures, he would still have to spend years to achieve any results.

He had lost the concept of time through this comprehension. It felt like an instant and months at the same time.

“With your current strength, it’s still impossible for you, despite comprehending the profundities of the Three Pures. So don’t bother putting the effort in this, focus on breaking through.” When Mu Chen sunk deep into comprehension, a bright voice rang out in his brain, which woke him up.

Mu Chen’s brain swiftly cleared up while accepting the information in his mind. He was shocked, such a Peerless Divine Ability was truly extraordinary. With just a brief comprehension of it, he nearly lost control of his own heart. If it wasn’t for the Heavenly Emperor, who knew how long he would be submerged in it.

“Okay, make your preparations.” The Heavenly Emperor reminded before he slowly raised the Heavenly Emperor Sword in his hand. He looked at it with a cherishing look. This sword had accompanied him for his entire life, witnessing his rise from a nobody.

“Old friend, I hope that you can help me on my last journey.” The Heavenly Emperor gently said.

The Heavenly Emperor Sword emitted a clear cry and a gentle spiritual lustre gushed from it. The Heaven Emperor smiled and raised his hand, the sword soared into the sky and turned into a massive pillar of light that contained a terrifying power.

The Heavenly Emperor controlled it with his hand and an endless lustre gushed down, enveloping Mu Chen.

The moment the massive energy came in contact with Mu Chen’s body, it was akin to a waterfall falling down on him, seeping into his pores. At this moment, the energy could be described as domineering by Mu Chen. He was covered in a bloody mist with wounds riddled in his body.

Fortunately, his physical body was powerful. A golden lustre flickered over his body with the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits attempting to swiftly restore his body.

The Heavenly Emperor was startled by this scene. He initially thought that he would have to make a move to protect Mu Chen’s body, he never thought that Mu Chen could do it himself. Although he only barely managed to accomplish it, he had to endure the great pain during the process.

The Heavenly Emperor did not make a move, since this pain was a trial for Mu Chen. After all, even with his help, it’s not easy to break through to the Earth Sovereign Realm; nothing could be reaped without sowing.

He provided Mu Chen with the greatest opportunity, and it would have to depend on Mu Chen if he could grasp it. If he had to lay out every path for Mu Chen, then it would be fine for him to give up on him. Even if Mu Chen really managed to cultivate the Three Pures, he would still be a mediocre person.

As the sword lustre poured down, Mu Chen’s body was constantly riddled with wounds. At the end of it, he was already beyond recognition.

However, Mu Chen started to sense traces of a special energy entering into his body. That energy was extremely bizarre, since a strand of that energy could strength and refine his body greatly…

Mu Chen knew that it should be the Heavenly Emperor Sword, since the Heavenly Emperor had paid the price of the sword to strengthen his foundation and accumulation for a breakthrough.

Naturally, while Mu Chen’s body was swiftly growing stronger, he could sense that the sword lustre had entered his mind, leaving Mu Chen inwardly shocked. If the sword lustre showed the slightest hostility, then his Sovereign Sea would be instantly shattered into fragments.

Fortunately, the sword lustre was gentle under the Heavenly Emperor’s control as it entered into his Sovereign Sea. Every energy was akin to a dragon as it devoured Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy and when it spat it back out, the Spiritual Energy that had returned to his Sovereign Sea was even more pure and refined.

Under the nourishment of the Heavenly Emperor Sword, Mu Chen could clearly sense the Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea swiftly expanding, something that couldn’t be achieved even if he spent hundreds of millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquids. But the Heavenly Emperor Sword had accomplished it in an instant.

Sensing the power growing in his body, Mu Chen calmed his heart and kept his composure. He could start to sense the limit of Sovereign Realm…

However, even with the Heavenly Emperor Sword as a price, it wasn’t possible for him to breakthrough in an instant. Thus, half a month passed in the Heavenly Lake...

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