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Chapter 1191: Flame Lotus of Buddha's Fury

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“Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan.” When those four words spread in the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery, everyone suddenly felt the temperature between the heaven and the earth become increasingly scorching. The endless sea of fire that swept through the void roared as if it were cheering for its Emperor.

In this space shrouded in a sea of fire, many strong men present had a strange feeling. If they had the slightest murderous intention towards the Flame Emperor in their hearts at that time, they were reduced to ashes in an instant from the destructive flames falling from the sky.

In the distance, the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor stared at the scene gravely. He stared at the approaching figure with a sea of fire growing at his feet. His eyes were full of thick vigilance and fear.

At this time, he was regretful. If he had left immediately after escaping the seal, he would have been able to hide and escape the Great Thousand World’s Heavenly Sovereigns’ detection, and return to the Extraterritorial Race secretly. Now, however, it was because of his fanfare that he had attracted such a formidable enemy and was in a precarious situation.

If he had been in his heyday, he would have had a good fight with the other party, but at this point, he was clearly not as strong as he had been at his peak. However, this Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor was no ordinary figure. Even at this time, he quickly calmed down. Being able to defeat the Heavenly Emperor then and have the last laugh was enough to prove his extraordinary powers.

Therefore, even in the face of this dazzling existence of the Great Thousand World, there was no panic in the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor’s heart.

“Let me take a look then. Have the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Great Thousand World made progress or lagged behind?” The monstrous Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor growled lowly, and then he took a fierce step forward. The black ripples were like a great wave that swept madly under his feet.

“Demonizing the Heavens and Earth!” As he roared, the ground began to quickly turn dark as thick Demonic Energy arose. In a few moments, hundreds of thousands of miles of the earth had been transformed into Demonic Earth.

Everyone could feel that in the hundreds of thousands of miles of earth in the region, almost all the spiritual energy between heaven and earth was infected. If they breathed it into their bodies at this time, their own spiritual energy would inevitably be infected, and they would gradually turn into Demonic Entities. It was domineering and evil to the extreme.

If not for the Flame Emperor, everyone was aware that once they fell into the Demonic Earth, they would all be infected, and there would be no way to escape. In the face of the ever-expanding Demonic Earth, the Flame Emperor merely smiled and pointed his finger in the air.


As he pointed, the endless sea of fire roared out of the heavens and earth. The flames in the sea of fire had a brilliant color that they had never seen before, but they could feel the horror of it. Even a Heavenly Sovereign would not dare to touch the brilliant flames.


The magnificent sea of fire swept by, and the dark Demonic Earth suddenly gave out a harsh sound. A faint screeching shrieked out, and where the fire had passed, the Demonic Earth had stiffened into scorched earth. In a short time, half of the Demonic Earth transformed by the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor had been effortlessly destroyed by the Flame Emperor.

When the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor saw this, his eyelids could not help but twitch. In the ancient times, he had also met with many Heavenly Sovereigns of the Great Thousand World, including those who cultivated flame spiritual energy to its pinnacle. However, even those people, compared with the present Flame Emperor, were insignificant.

Although the Demonic Earth was mostly destroyed, the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor did not panic. He took a deep breath and stomped his feet again.

“Major Demonic Art, Heaven-Devouring Destructive Palms!”


The Demonic Earth of a hundred thousand miles broke apart, and as it cracked, innumerable beams of Demonic Gas soared into the sky. In that rolling Demonic Gas, an indescribably massive hand stretched out from the depths of the earth.

The massive hand was dark and extremely evil. It could cover the sun and the moon. At a rough glance, it was tens of thousands of miles in size, under which even an imperial dynasty might be destroyed.

Under this Demonic Palm, even a Sovereign Celestial Body, which was tens of thousands of feet high, seemed so small. Thus, when everyone present saw the Demonic Palm descending, the Earthly Sovereigns’ faces twisted in fear.

They were high and mighty all the time and were known as some of the best in the world, but now they knew what the gap was between an Earthly and Heavenly Sovereign.

Where the boundless Demonic Palm passed, the space crumbled and turned into a dark mass, and the crowd discovered that there was a massive dark mouth on the palm.

That massive mouth was like a black hole, and as it squirmed, everything between heaven and earth was devoured. If one fell into it, even a Complete Earthly Sovereign would be reduced to nothing. There was a feeling that if they let that Demonic Palm continue to devour, the whole Tianluo Continent would be swallowed up.

The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor was clearly aware that ordinary means had no effect against the Flame Emperor. Thus, he did not intend to show mercy at all and immediately struck with fatal moves. When he had invaded the Great Thousand World before, countless Sovereigns had been reduced to ashes at his hands.

“What a terrifying power.” Mu Chen also inhaled a deep breath. He looked at the indescribably massive Demonic Palm, and his scalp tingled. That kind of power was beyond what he could fathom.

“The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor is not simple, and in ancient times he had a very high status among the Extraterritorial Race.” Mandela appeared beside Mu Chen. She gazed at the Demonic Palm, her face solemn.

“The Flame Emperor should be alright?” Nine Nether asked quietly. They could only rely on the Flame Emperor now. If he miscalculated, everyone present would be wiped out instantly by the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor.

Mandela appeared to be very calm, as she knew better about the Flame Emperor’s power at her rank compared to Mu Chen and Nine Nether. She immediately shook her head and said, “If this Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor was in his heyday, he could still have a good fight with the Flame Emperor. But now, he is just an ordinary Heavenly Sovereign.”

Mu Chen also nodded. The Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor at his peak would certainly be extremely terrible. Otherwise, he could not have possibly fought on par with the Heavenly Emperor then. After all, the Heavenly Emperor possessed the Rare Super Power, Qi Into Trinity, and could transform himself into three copies, equivalent to three Heavenly Sovereigns. Even so, he had lost to the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor, showing the latter’s prowess.

While they were talking, the Flame Emperor looked up, and he calmly glanced at the Demonic Palm that had shrouded him. It was enough to frighten even a Complete Earthly Sovereign, but in his eyes, it was just ordinary.

“With your strength, even if it is not at its peak, it’s a bit surprising to me why you were able to defeat the Heavenly Emperor in the first place.” The Flame Emperor smiled softly, then he extended his palm as a Flame Lotus slowly rotated in it.

The Flame Lotus was beautiful and exquisite, as if it were a work of art. Its color was brilliant and vibrant. If you looked closely, you would find that every petal had a different color.

The petals were obviously not purely changing color, as only the powerful could sense that each petal was condensed by a unique flame. These flames were not ordinary fire and had extremely destructive power. However, in the hands of the Flame Emperor, these flames were unusually docile.

With a flick of his finger, the delicate Flame Lotus flew out. Its speed was average, but it was as if it could ignore distance, and in a flash, it appeared before the Demonic Palm that was tens of thousands of feet in size. Compared with the Demonic Palm, the Flame Lotus was as small as dust.

However, it was this seemingly insignificant Flame Lotus that caused the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor’s expression to change dramatically. Shock flashed in his eyes, and he retreated without hesitation as the boundless Demonic Energy formed millions of barriers in front of the Flame Lotus.


When the Flame Lotus clashed with the Demonic Palm, indescribable flames burst out as the whole world was twisted. The roaring Demonic Gas instantly evaporated as the Demonic Palm shattered under the violent impact of the flames.

Behind them, Tianluo Continent’s Sovereigns stared at the scene in disbelief. The Flame Emperor had countered the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor’s terrifying attack so effortlessly?


The boundless and inexhaustible sea of fire washed away as the millions of Demonic Energy barriers were utterly destroyed. The shockwaves pierced through the space and enveloped the retreating Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor.


In that moment, the world shook. The space where the Heaven-Devouring Demon Emperor stood was shattered into a million pieces. The Demonic Gas that permeated the space had evaporated entirely in the blast.

The Flame Emperor glanced at the shattered space and smiled. “This move is named the Flame Lotus of Buddha’s Fury.”

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