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Chapter 1190 - Inheritance

When Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor heard the Heavenly Emperor, they paused briefly and exchanged a look before they smiled. Although the Heavenly Emperor was a formidable figure in the ancient times, and the Three Pures being one of the Peerless Divine Abilities, ordinary Heavenly Sovereigns would definitely be attracted by it.

Even if the Three Pures was powerful, it’s still not enough for them to be tempted by it. They were confident that the skills that they had created themselves weren’t at all inferior to the Three Pures.

Furthermore, if they learned the Three Pures, that would mean that they had accepted the Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance and nurturing. Naturally, it wasn’t something that they were willing to accept.

They could respect the Heavenly Emperor for being righteous, but they did not want to receive his inheritance. Furthermore, there were other Juniors around, so it would be a joke if they competed with the Juniors for the inheritance.

Thus, the two of them smiled. “I’m afraid that this opportunity is best to be left to others.”

The Heavenly Emperor smiled. He wasn’t surprised. He could tell that the two of them weren’t ordinary existences, and even at his peak, he also might not be able to defeat them. So the two of them would naturally not covet for his Three Pures. Furthermore, he only wanted to probe them with his words, since he had better candidates to be his inheritor.

The Heavenly Emperor turned to look at Mu Chen and smiled. “What about you?”

Mu Chen was stunned when the Heavenly Emperor suddenly looked at him. Judging the Heavenly Emperor’s words from before, he thought that the Three Pures would go to the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. Although he felt pity, he wasn’t too greatly affected by it. His objective had already been accomplished by obtaining the Immortal Golden Body, so he was already satisfied.

However, he never expected that the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor would refuse, which as followed with the Heavenly Emperor asking him. Furthermore, the Heavenly Emperor looked at him with appreciation. The fact that he could form the Immortal Golden Body had attracted the Heavenly Emperor’s attention.

Nine Nether quickly pushed Mu Chen from the side. This was a great opportunity, and if Mu Chen could obtain the Three Pures, then it would definitely benefit him greatly.

Under everyone’s eyes, Mu Chen sincerely nodded his head. “I have long heard of the Three Pures’ reputation. I have yearned for it; however, I am just afraid that I do not have the talent and fortune…”

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor lightly nodded their heads. It’s nothing unusual for them to refuse the Three Pures, they’re qualified to do so. But if Mu Chen did that, then it would be pretentious. Such a Peerless Divine Ability was something that even other powerful forces would be attracted by, not to mention Mu Chen. So when Mu Chen calmly admitted his desire, it had shown that he was a straightforward person instead.

“Haha, good! You are truly honest.” The Heavenly Emperor smiled and nodded his head. Clearly, he was satisfied by Mu Chen’s reply. “You are fated to me since you can form the Immortal Golden Body. To keep my Peerless Divine Ability from going extinct, I will impart it to you.” 

Mu Chen felt excited in his heart when he heard the Heavenly Emperor’s words and immediately bowed.

“Haha, it’s a joyous matter that Senior Heavenly Emperor could have an inheritor.” When the Flame Emperor saw that the Heavenly Emperor was going to impart the Three Pures to Mu Chen, he smiled. He was pretty satisfied with the latter. It looked like the eyesight of his daughter was pretty good.

“The Monarch has already been annihilated, so we will not continue to stay.” The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor spoke at the same time. The Heavenly Emperor was going to impart the Peerless Divine Ability to Mu Chen, so it wasn’t proper for them to stay here.

The Heavenly Emperor cupped his hands towards the two of them. “The Fiend Clans will not give up. They intend to ruin the Great Thousand World. I will have to depend on the two of you in the future.”

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor solemnly nodded their heads. The Fiend Clans were their sworn enemies, so they would naturally pay attention to them.

The Flame Emperor turned to Mu Chen and waved his hand with a smile. An old lantern flew towards the latter, which Mu Chen quickly received.

“Mu Chen, this is to thank you for saving my daughter. If you encounter any danger in the future that requires my Endless Fire Territory, you can light it up, and I will show myself.” The Flame Emperor smiled.

When Mu Chen heard his words, he was shocked. This wasn’t any ordinary gift. With it, it would be equivalent to one chance in summoning a supreme powerhouse of the Great Thousand World. This was a priceless life-saving item.

After all, many people would do all they could to obtain a treasure that could summon someone like the Flame Emperor.

While Mu Chen was shocked, the Martial Ancestor smiled. “Since Brother Xiao has already done this, then I have to do something as well, or I’m afraid that my daughter will pester me non-stop.”

He flicked his finger, and a stone talisman flew towards Mu Chen. “This is similar to the lantern. Crush it, and I will be able to sense it.”

Mu Chen briefly pondered after receiving the stone talisman and lantern before cupping his hands towards the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. “I will definitely not forget this favour from the two Seniors.”

With his intellect, he could tell that the two of them were trying to grant him protection. After all, the path of a supreme powerhouse required one to break through hardships. Many outstanding talents fell before they matured, so the two of them gave him these treasures so that they could provide him with some protection.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were startled, instead, since they never expected Mu Chen to figure out their intentions. The two of them exchanged a look. This Junior is very intelligent and looks like, in the future, his achievements will be extraordinary.

The two of them had their fair share of hardships, so they would never underestimate a youth. Even when they stood high up in the Great Thousand World, but due to this youth’s potential, they’re more than willing to form a bond.

“Mu Chen, come to my Martial Realm to play, if there’s an opportunity.” Lin Jing said with reluctance. Since her father was there, she could only return with him.

“But rest assured, I will surely get someone to demand what the Xia Empire owes us. I’ll share it with you at that time.” Even at this time, the IOU of the Xia Empire never left her mind.

“I will attempt my breakthrough to the Earth Sovereign Realm after this, so don’t lack behind in our next meeting.” Xiao Xiao smiled bewitchingly.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head, bidding his farewell to the two ladies.

After bidding their farewells, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor left with the two ladies and disappeared from the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery.

Mu Chen yearned for the level where the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor stood. That was the height of a supreme powerhouse. They could even resist the collapsing sky.

“With them protecting the Great Thousand World, there will be a fight against the Fiend Clans when they invaded again.” The Heavenly Emperor sighed before he turned to look at Mu Chen. “The Three Pures is imparted through the Spirits. So this way, you can obtain the cultivation method and all of my experience, aiding you to achieve success in a short time.”

This sort of imparting was hugely beneficial to Mu Chen, but the one conducting it would greatly suffer. The Heavenly Emperor had already died, to begin with, so he would naturally not bother about such injuries. Thus, Mu Chen nodded his head with gratefulness.

“The moment you succeed in the Three Pures, your clones will have a similar strength to your main body. Furthermore, they also possess the potential to improve. So I recommend you cultivate it after your breakthrough to the Earth Sovereign Realm. This way, your clones will possess the strength of Earth Sovereigns.”

Mu Chen was inwardly shocked by this news. Speaking from a certain degree, the Three Pures was akin to making doppelgangers. It’s just that the Three Pures was more profound. Not only would it possess the full strength of the main body, it even had the potential to cultivate and grow stronger.

It was no wonder why the Heavenly Emperor could fight with the nine Monarchs.

But… he still had some distance to the Earth Sovereign Realm, which had stopped the advancement of many geniuses.

Even if he was confident in his own talent, he estimated that if he relied on himself, he would still need a period to accomplish it…

When the Heavenly Emperor saw Mu Chen’s expression, he knew that Mu Chen was thinking. Thus, the Heavenly Emperor smiled, then looked at the Heavenly Emperor Sword in his hand, “Since you’re my inheritor, I will naturally grant you the greatest opportunity available. Your talent is outstanding with a deep foundation and steady Spiritual Energy. I can use the Heavenly Emperor Sword to conduct the impartment and also aid you in your breakthrough.”

“But if that’s the case, then the Heavenly Emperor Sword will be exhausted…” As he spoke, the Heavenly Emperor felt pity.

Mu Chen’s heart was filled with complicated feelings. The power of the Heavenly Emperor Sword went without saying. It was something that even a High Rank Saint Artifact couldn’t match up against, and Heavenly Sovereigns would covet it. But right now, it was used as a price to aid him in his breakthrough; this favour was too great.

“Don’t refuse. If you can step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm in the future, you might be able to restore it. In the future, when the Fiend Clans invade, use it in my stead to extinguish the demons.” The Heavenly Emperor smiled when he saw Mu Chen’s complicated emotions.

Looking at the Heavenly Emperor’s smile, Mu Chen had nothing to say, so he conducted the disciple ceremony, “Disciple will do as you bid.”

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