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Chapter 1189 - Tidying Up

Mu Chen and Mandala’s heart trembled. The latter was the first that couldn’t hold back her emotions as she asked, “The… the Heavenly Emperor isn’t dead?”

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a glance and answered, “The Heavenly Emperor has already died. But he left an imprint behind to guard the seal…”

Mandala’s face turned dark from the heartache. After all, Heavenly Emperor was akin to a father to her.

When the Flame Emperor saw her expression, he figured that she probably had some relationship with the Heavenly Emperor. He then turned to the massive black skull in the plaza.

“That is the Heavenly Emperor?” Mu Chen was astonished. They initially thought that the black skull was the Monarch, so they never expected the Heavenly Emperor to be the Monarch instead.

The Flame Emperor nodded. “The Devouring Sky Monarch was extremely cunning. Not only had he taken the appearance of the Heavenly Emperor, he even transformed the Heavenly Emperor’s corpse to this.”

Dazzling flames swept out from his sleeves and burned the black skull. A glittering lustre blossomed when the skull dissolved and a silhouette was revealed.

The silhouette was donned in a white robe that looked prestigious before a terrifying pressure dominated forth.

Everyone looked at that silhouette with respect and curiosity on their faces. That was the founder of the Ancient Haven Palace, the Heavenly Emperor?

“I never thought that I couldn’t kill the Monarch, even after sealing him, but someone tens of thousands of years later had to clean up. I’m deeply ashamed.” When the white silhouette appeared, he looked at the azure sphere in the Martial Ancestor’s hand and sighed.

“Senior is righteous, and we have received your favour. So it’s natural for us to help you.” Facing this pinnacle powerhouse, even the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor had cupped their hands with respect.

They were prideful characters. Even in the Great Thousand World, there weren’t many Heavenly Sovereigns that could gain their respect. But for the Heavenly Emperor, he had sealed the Monarch at the cost of his life to protect the Great Thousand World; this was something that deserved their respect.

Mu Chen and the rest also bowed, expressing their gratefulness for this senior that once protected the Great Thousand World.

The Heavenly Emperor looked at everyone with a gratified expression before looking at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor. “When the Great Thousand World tried to fight back the Fiend Clans, many top-tiered powerhouses died, resulting in a terrible loss. I never thought that tens of thousands of years later, there would be such outstanding figures in my Great Thousand World. It looks like my Great Thousand World is still not yet out of luck.”

Although the current Heavenly Emperor was merely a spiritual clone, he was still a pinnacle powerhouse in the Great Thousand World. Thus, his eyesight was keen, and he could tell how powerful the two of them were.

According to his estimations, he might not be able to win against the two of them, even at his full strength; which made him feel sentimental and gratified at the same time. It looked like, after that war, the Great Thousand World did not decline, and even welcomed a new age of glory.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor spoke modest remarks before handing the Devouring Sky Monarch over, intending to allow the Heavenly Emperor to deal with this sworn enemy of his.

The Heavenly Emperor received the sphere and the sinister face in the sphere viciously stared at the Heavenly Emperor before it roared, “Heavenly Emperor, it’s still your loss since you relied on others to beat me!”

When the Heavenly Emperor heard his words, he smiled. “Not exactly. The Devouring Demon Clan only produced one of you. If you fled the battle back then, somewhere else, my Great Thousand World would suffer a great pressure from a high ranking Monarch like you. I have already accomplished my objective by sealing you for this long. Look, my Great Thousand World still stands with new supreme powerhouses born, so I am not the one that lost.”

When the Devouring Sky Monarch heard his words, he raged with demonic aura surging. However, it was trapped by the azure lustre.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a glance, but the two of them kept their silence. The Heavenly Emperor didn’t know that despite the Great Thousand World stopping the Fiend Clans; they still seized nearly half of the territories. In the past tens of thousands of years, the Fiend Clans still eyed the Great Thousand World.

The Great Thousand World also wasn’t at its most powerful age, so it paid a colossal price to barely stop the Fiend Clans. Furthermore, they knew that the Fiend Clans wouldn’t give up, and if they started their invasion once more, it would definitely be a disaster.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor exchanged a look and smiled. They weren’t present in the previous war. So they wanted to see how capable the Fiend Clans were when the war started over again.

The Heavenly Emperor looked at the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor with a smile, before turning to look at the petite silhouette and his eyes gushed with gratification. “Mandala, it’s great that you are fine.”

Mandala blankly looked at the Heavenly Emperor before her eyes turned red. Her heart was surging with emotion as she walked forth, stretching out her tiny hands and held onto the Heavenly Emperor’s hand.

The Heavenly Emperor gently rubbed her head as if he was looking at the young flower in the past.

The Heavenly Emperor smiled at Mandala before looking at Mu Chen, “Back then, despite all the outstanding elites in my Ancient Haven Palace, there weren’t any of them that could form the Immortal Golden Body. The heavens have not let me down, allowing me to see one today.”

“This Junior was fortunate enough to receive what you have left behind, forming the Immortal Golden Body. I will never forget this great favour!” Mu Chen bowed towards the Heavenly Emperor. If it wasn’t for the Heavenly Emperor leaving behind the method of forming the Immortal Golden Body, who knew how long he would have had to wander.

The Heavenly Emperor nodded his head and stretched out his hand. “Lad, can I borrow the Heavenly Emperor Sword?”

Mu Chen swiftly handed the Heavenly Emperor Sword over. The Heavenly Emperor took the sword, and formed seals with another hand while he indifferently looked at the Devouring Sky Monarch.

Sensing death, the Devouring Sky Monarch frantically roared with panic. However, the Heavenly Emperor ignored him and slashed with the Heavenly Emperor Sword. Myriads of stars formed with a terrifying energy contained in every single star.

The Heavenly Emperor only had a spiritual clone left, so it’s naturally impossible for him to destroy the Devouring Sky Monarch. Thus, he had to borrow the Heavenly Emperor Sword.

Myriads of stars pierced into the sphere, instantly tearing apart the demonic face within and a roar resounded as he faded away, “Don’t be proud of yourselves! Our Fiend Clans haven’t used our full strength. The next time we invade, it will be the doomsday of your Great Thousand World!”

When the Devouring Sky Monarch was killed, a silhouette by the border of the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery suddenly shot out, intending to flee. However, a familiar and indifferent voice descended from the sky the moment that silhouette wanted to escape.

“You imbecile, it’s fine if you cower and flee from the battle. But you got tempted by that demon and tried to set him free. You are guilty.” The indifferent voice had immediately scared Lu Heng. He completely disregarded everything. A demonic aura gushed out from his body and formed into a dragon. Lu Heng’s original body was an Ancient Blood Dragon, but since he had been demonised, he had been turned into a demonic dragon.

Returning to his original form, Lu Heng swept his tail to shatter space and tried to escape.

Suddenly, a crystalised beam descended from the sky. A sharp sword aura pierced through the heavens and earth as an ancient sword descended, piercing through Lu Heng’s head, nailing him to the ground.

Before Lu Heng could beg for his life, he had been killed with his Spirit destroyed.

The Heavenly Emperor was enraged with Lu Heng’s betrayal, so he did not hold back. Although it’s a little troublesome for the Heavenly Emperor to deal with the Devouring Sky Monarch, it’s as easy as a flip of hand for him to annihilate a Greater Earth Sovereign. Thus, Lu Heng died without any resistance.

After tidying things up, the Heavenly Emperor raised his head and looked at everyone. “This matter comes to an end here. I have to ask for everyone to return.”

As he spoke, space fluctuated and a passage appeared beside everyone. Everyone exchanged a glance; the reason why they stayed there was due to the Three Pures. However, since the Heavenly Emperor had already spoken, they naturally had to leave. Furthermore, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were also there; it’s not their turn yet for such a treasure. So they could only sigh in regret as they stepped into the passage.

When they left, the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery returned to silence. The Heavenly Emperor looked towards the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor with a smile. “I wonder if the two of you are interested in my Three Pures?”

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