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Chapter 1188 - The Martial Ancestor

The void collapsed before the spatial fragments formed into a current and gushed out. A silhouette walked out from it with the current avoiding him, as if the current did not dare to taint such an existence…

Everyone was dumbfounded at this figure with mysterious Spiritual Energy around him. As one of the supercontinents, the Greatlaw Continent naturally had an efficient information network; thus, many people had recognised that person.

There was only one existence in the Great Thousand World with the mysterious Spiritual Energy that could turn into ice, fire, lightning, darkness… converting perfectly between the elements, the ruler of the Martial Realm, the Martial Ancestor!

In the Great Thousand World, Heavenly Sovereigns were supreme beings, but at the same time, Heavenly Sovereigns were also further classified. Amongst the Heavenly Sovereigns, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor were definitely amongst the top!

They originated from Lower Planes with outstanding talents. The Flame Emperor established the Endless Fire Territory within a few hundred years with peerless fire manipulation and alchemic skills. Even the Alchemy Sects in the Great Thousand World were speechless towards his words. In the Great Thousand World, everyone knew that one of the many trusted pellets were from the Endless Fire Territory.

Compared to the Flame Emperor, the Martial Ancestor was more reserved. But even so, he charged into the Ice Spirit Clan to rescue his wife, confronting the Ice Spirit Clan with his strength alone. One must know that the Ice Spirit Clan was an Ancient Clan, and even if they had declined, their foundation was definitely so terrifying that even a Heavenly Sovereign would suffer after charging into the Ice Spirit Clan.

Furthermore, they had also called for help with many powerful existences to chase the Martial Ancestor away.

It was said that there were three Heavenly Sovereigns in the Ice Spirit Clan! A formation that could even annihilate an Ancient Clan!

At that time, the battle shook the entire Great Thousand World.

But it was surprising, since the Martial Ancestor still charged in despite the Ice Spirit Clan’s formation. It was rumoured that he had confronted three Heavenly Sovereigns with his power alone, which made his name.

After the battle, the Martial Ancestor got what he wanted from the Ice Spirit Clan, and as his name spread throughout the Great Thousand World, he established the Martial Realm.

After that, the Martial Realm had risen to be a supreme force in the Great Thousand World. At that time, the Ice Spirit Clan’s Patriarch suddenly abdicated his throne, passing it over to another clansman, who was also the Mistress of the Martial Realm.

After that incident, the Ice Spirit Clan and Martial Realm had gotten close together. With the Martial Realm’s strength, the Ice Spirit Clan had also grown stronger to the point that it’s ranked amongst the top of the Ancient Clans.

All of that came from the Martial Ancestor!

Thus, that caused him to be as famous as the Flame Emperor. However, the Endless Fire Territory was located in the South while the Martial Realm was located in the North, each guarding an important location of the Great Thousand World from the Fiend Clans.

Thus, it’s rare for them to appear in the same place. But today, the experts of the Greatlaw Continent had actually seen both of them, so how could everyone not be stunned?

“That is the Martial Ancestor?” Mu Chen curiously looked at the silhouette. His bearing was deep and calm. Compared to the Flame Emperor’s bearing, which was more casual, this Martial Ancestor seemed as steady as a mountain.

But similarly, the bearing from the Martial Ancestor had also caused space to tremble like the Flame Emperor.

“Pops! Pops!” Lin Jing joyfully waved her hand as she suddenly yelled.

The Martial Ancestor turned his gaze, and when he saw Lin Jing, his facial expression swiftly turned gentle before he took a step and appeared before Lin Jing.

“You secretly ran out again. You will definitely be grounded this time!” The Martial Ancestor spoke in a stern expression.

Facing his expression, Lin Jing chuckled and hugged his arm, as if she wasn’t bothered by his threat. The Martial Ancestor’s stern expression only lasted briefly before it turned helpless; he knew that his image as a strict father was useless to this daughter of his.

The Martial Ancestor turned to look at Mu Chen and smiled. “Little friend, thank you for protecting my daughter.”

Mu Chen immediately felt awkward. If he knew that their fathers were here, then he wouldn’t have become a hero.

Seeing Mu Chen’s awkward expression, the Martial Ancestor knew what Mu Chen thought as he shook his head. “Your effort was not futile. At that time, even we’re not able to stop it, and with their strength, it’s impossible for them to withstand the Monarch’s power. So it’s natural for me to thank you.”

“Really?” Mu Chen dryly smiled and scratched his head.

“Haha, what Brother Lin said is correct.” Flame Emperor also appeared before he patted Mu Chen’s shoulder, then turned to the Martial Ancestor. “Brother Lin, it has been a long time since we met. I trust that you have been well.”

In the Great Thousand World, there weren’t many that the Flame Emperor would hold in a high position, but the Martial Ancestor was one of few. The two of them had been keeping the Fiend Clans under control, and so, they rarely met.

“Brother Xiao.” Facing the Flame Emperor’s courteous tone, the Martial Ancestor cupped his fists. After that, he raised his palm and the demonic face in the azure sphere was revealed.

“This fellow is a little weird.” The Flame Emperor looked at the Devouring Sky Monarch.

“Haha, this Devouring Sky Monarch isn’t simple.” The Martial Ancestor smiled as he continued, “In the ancient times, I’m afraid that he could be ranked amongst the Top 10 in the Fiend Clans.”

The Flame Emperor was a little astonished at this. A Monarch that was ranked amongst the Top 10 in the Fiend Clans was a threat, even to them. But with the strength displayed by the current Devouring Sky Monarch, he didn’t seem to possess that strength.

“In the ancient times, this Devouring Sky Monarch had another nickname.” The Martial Ancestor briefly paused before he answered, “The Nine-Corpse Sky Monarch.”

“The Nine-Corpse Sky Monarch isn’t alone, but nine existences! Furthermore, all nine of them are Monarchs!” The Martial Ancestor stared at the azure sphere, “This Devouring Sky Monarch comes from the Devouring Demon Clan. Back then, there were nine Monarchs in this clan and in pursuit of strength, they combined.”

This news stocked Mu Chen. Wouldn’t that mean that the Heavenly Emperor did not face one Monarch, but a total of nine?!

“Otherwise, how could the Devouring Sky Monarch fight with the Heavenly Emperor that possessed the Three Pures?” The Martial Ancestor smiled.

“Back then, the Heavenly Emperor made use of the Three Pures to slaughter seven of the Monarchs before exhausting himself. He could only seal the two remaining Monarchs. Just a moment ago, the Flame Emperor sensed the destruction of the eighth Monarch as the ninth tried to escape.”

Mu Chen’s party was dumbfounded. At this moment, they realised how terrifying the Fiend Clans were. They could use such means to create such existences that even the Heavenly Emperor was helpless against and had to seal away.

Thus, one could tell how powerful the Heavenly Emperor was. Facing nine combined Monarchs, not only could he destroy seven, he even managed to seal two.

“So that’s why.” The Flame Emperor nodded, and his expression turned stern. He knew that even if he faced such a powerful Monarch, he had to treat it seriously. It was no wonder why this Nine-Corpse Sky Monarch could enter the Top 10. “We cannot allow such a figure return to the Fiend Clans.”

The Martial Ancestor nodded his head and smiled. “But he is finished. With the two of us, he will no longer be able to escape.”

The Martial Ancestor’s tone was calm, and yet, domineering at the same time.

However, Mu Chen and the rest felt that it was natural. Not to mention the current pathetic state of the Devouring Sky Monarch, even if he had recovered to being the Nine-Corpse Sky Monarch, he could only suffer when facing the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor.

“But it is because of the Heavenly Emperor’s efforts that this Monarch can be killed. So it’s natural for the Heavenly Emperor himself to kill him…” The Flame Emperor faintly smiled and the Martial Ancestor acknowledged as well.

When Mu Chen and Mandala heard their words, their hearts trembled. Judging from the meaning behind their words… could it be that the Heavenly Emperor is still alive?!

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