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Chapter 1188: Demonic Emperor? Heavenly Emperor?

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Above the huge square, all of the strong men looked horrified. Even those who stood at the top of the Tianluo Continent could not help but be appalled at the scene before them.

Isn’t that the Heavenly Emperor? Why would he devour flesh and blood? This does not seem like something the legendary Heavenly Emperor would normally do!

“Hahahaha.” Looking at the countless appalled glances, Lu Heng could not help but laugh. His usually calm disposition was now ferocious and daunting.

“Lu Heng, what have you done?” someone in the asked. They were clearly furious, as it was obvious that the Heavenly Emperor had only devoured flesh and blood because of Lu Heng!

Lu Heng smiled strangely and asked, “Do what?” I am going to help y’all revive the Heavenly Emperor!”

Everyone was shocked, as they believed that the Heavenly Emperor had fallen!

“He is not the Heavenly Emperor!” Amid the crowd’s surprised expressions, a cold voice rang out and Mandela stepped forward, her dark eyes staring at the Heavenly Emperor’s figure.

Perhaps others could not detect it, but she was able to feel that, although this figure had the same appearance as the Heavenly Emperor, he was absolutely not the Heavenly Emperor in reality!

“Oh? If he isn’t the Heavenly Emperor, then who is he?” Lu Heng smirked meaningfully.

Mandela’s little face was grave as she glanced at Lu Heng and said, “Lu Heng, you have fallen under the control of the Demonic Emperor of the Extraterritorial Race.”

Hearing this, those who were present were shell-shocked and stared at Lu Heng in horror. The legendary Extraterritorial Demonic Emperor who had invaded Tianluo Continent had truly not fallen?

Lu Heng seemed to be startled, but he immediately clapped lightly and laughed. “I didn’t expect you to figure this out.” As he had just admitted to this heinous charge so easily, it instantly made him an enemy of everyone in the Great Thousand World.

“Lu Heng, you are courting your own death!” an Upper Earthly Sovereign roared.

“Lu Heng, if news of this spreads, no matter if it’s you or the Saint Demon Palace, all will be reduced to dust!”

Lu Heng smiled. “Then you have to be able to get the news out,” he said.

Many of the powerful men’s glances turned somber. At that moment, Message Transmission Tokens appeared in their hands. They then crushed the tokens, as the tokens were able to shuttle through space and immediately send information back to their respective forces.

However, when the tokens crumbled, the information dissipated eerily. It seemed the the information could not penetrate through this particular space!

They suddenly looked up and were shocked to see that above the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery, a black film covered the space. It was as if there was a barrier that completely blocked the space off!

The film seemed thin, but it emitted an aura that even an Upper Earthly Sovereign could not shake. It was also extremely evil and was devouring the spiritual power in the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery.

Faced with such a grave situation, the Earthly Sovereigns began to panic and immediately took action. “Let us join forces to annihilate this monster!”

In the next moment, eight silhouettes charged towards Lu Heng. It was clear that what had just happened here had all been orchestrated by him! As such, if they killed him, they would be able to resolve the problem!

Facing seven Lower Earthly Sovereigns and one Upper Earthly Sovereign, even Lu Heng would be severely injured. However, to everyone’s surprise, Lu Heng’s expression remain unchanged, as he simply continued to smirk mockingly.

“Watch out!” Mandela seemed to sense something at this point, so she shouted a loud reminder.

However, when her voice fell, the eight figures were already close to the area where Lu Heng was located. At this time, the fake Heavenly Emperor, who had swallowed up the three Lower Earthly Sovereigns, opened his eyes.

As he twitched his fingers, an extremely evil black light flickered, as if it was integrating itself into the void. At that moment, the void was torn, and a thick black fog of incomparable evil sprang out!

It then transformed into eight massive, ferocious mouths, which were like the Devil’s jaws. They were full of Demonic Fangs and gave a fierce bite, and they seemed to ignore the distance of space as they charged towards the eight silhouettes.


After catching up with them, the Devil’s Mouth chomped down viciously, devouring the several Lower Earthly Sovereigns instantly. Only the Upper Earthly Sovereign reacted quickly enough to escape death, as one of his arms suddenly exploded, surged into the ferocious Devil’s Mouth, and startled it enough to allow him to His turn himself into a beam of blood red light and fly backwards!

Crackle crackle!

Once the seven Lower Earthly Sovereigns had been wiped out. The Devil’s Mouth chewed on them and again appeared behind the fake Heavenly Emperor. The Devil’s Mouth then opened, and the flesh and blood suddenly poured into the fake Heavenly Emperor’s mouth.

As their flesh and blood was swallowed up, the fake Heavenly Emperor’s body seemed to become soft and a hint of vitality began to appear. Clearly, he was awakening!

“Gentlemen, why continue doing useless work? Today, you are all going to end up as my blood sustenance. From the moment you enter, your fate is sealed.” Lu Heng smiled at everyone, all of whom were clearly appalled.

Mandela’s small face turned grave as she looked at the fake Heavenly Emperor and asked slowly, “Is that the Demonic Emperor?”

Lu Heng smiled and nodded. “Thanks to those guys who brought my Lord out of the Celestial Emperor Sword’s seal!”

Lu Heng raised his hand and a thick black mist appeared on his palm. The mist exuded an evil aura and a sharp scream emanated from it, causing people to fear it instantly.

“So, you have been invaded by the Demonic Energy…” Mandela nodded in realization and remarked coldly, “No wonder you suddenly attacked me, you had already been invaded then.”

Lu Heng smiled and said, “It’s not an invasion, as it’s of my own free will. The power of my Lord is far beyond your imagination. Even the Heavenly Emperor failed to overpower Him! Otherwise, he would not have given up everything to seal my Lord. But, if he continues to be sealed, I’m afraid my Lord will really be wiped out. Therefore, the opening of the Ancient Celestial Palace had to happen.”

Many of the powerful men’s pupils contracted upon hearing this piece of news. Lu Heng had orchestrated the Ancient Celestial Palace’s opening? So, he wanted to draw us in to become the blood sustenance of the Demonic Emperor, then help him escape the seal and resurrect him?

Mandela smiled coldly and said, “You make it sound greater than it is. Your will is not firm, that’s why you have been invaded by the Demonic Energy. The Demonic Emperor found flaws in your heart. I am afraid that all the thoughts you have now are no longer your own true thoughts. You are being manipulated like a puppet.”

Lu Heng’s mouth twitched and the smile on his face vanished. He glared viciously at Mandela as traces of Demonic Energy twisted around his eyeballs.

However, he did not make a move. Instead, he smiled and said, “I’ll let you speak now. Then, after the resurrection of my Lord, I will let you suffer a fate worse than death!”

“I’m afraid you won’t get there!” Mandela smiled coldly.

She then turned to Mu Chen and transmitted a secret message that only he could hear. “I’ll stop him, while you seize the Celestial Emperor Sword. Only the Celestial Emperor Sword can prevent the resurrection of the Demonic Emperor!”

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and nodded.


Mandela’s figure charged out swiftly towards the fake Heavenly Emperor as a black light emerged.

“What a futile last stand.” Lu Heng ridiculed her and laughed.


The space vibrated again as a Devil’s Mouth quickly opened and came towards Mandela. However, Mandela did not panic. Instead, she clapped her hands and an endless light surfaced in her palms. It then transformed into dark flower runes in front of her, and as the vines tangled together with the Devil’s Mouth, it rendered it unable to swallow her!

“Mu Chen!” Mandela shouted.


Mu Chen heard her and charged out swiftly towards the Celestial Emperor Sword that was in the distance! He triggered his maximum speed and appeared before the Celestial Emperor Sword instantly.

However, looking at this scene, Lu Heng just laughed mockingly and said, “Mandela, you followed the Heavenly Emperor for much longer than me. Don’t tell me you don’t know that the Celestial Emperor Sword can only be drawn out by the Heavenly Emperor?”

Mu Chen heard this remark, but he still gnashed his teeth and turned to grab the hilt of the sword. At this point, even if he failed, he could only try.

Mandela gazed at Mu Chen, tilted her head, then smiled strangely at Lu Heng. “It’s precisely because I’ve been with the Heavenly Emperor for such a long time that I know just what it takes to pull the Celestial Emperor Sword out!”

Upon hearing this, Lu Heng’s pupils contracted and he jerked his head to glance at Mu Chen. At this time, Mu Chen held the Celestial Emperor Sword with both of his palms tightly.

Then, with a roar, an endless golden light swept out behind him. It then transformed into a purple gold figure and an immortal force surged out of it. When the colossal purple gold figure appeared, Mu Chen exerted an immense amount of force with both arms…


An ancient song of the sword rang out fiercely from the heavens and earth. In this moment, a sword light raged and the sword shook the nine continents.

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