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Chapter 1187 - The King’s Encounter

The lotus burst forth with boundless gorgeous waves of dominating flames. The terrifying power emanated from it even caused this entire region to violently tremble.

When the powerhouses saw this scene, they swallowed deep gulps with shock in their eyes.

They had been greatly frightened by the Flame Emperor’s move. They had no doubt that if the lotus was directed at them, all of them would be instantly reduced into specks of dust.

“So this is the Flame Emperor’s power… That is truly terrifying. It’s no wonder why he could become a pinnacle expert of the Great Thousand World.” Many people sighed. If many Heavenly Sovereigns had fallen in the ancient war, then they had to rejoice that there were people like the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor tens of thousands of years later.

“The Devouring Sky Monarch should have died, right?” Mu Chen looked at the collapsed space. Facing that terrifying attack, even the Devouring Sky Monarch must have suffered fatal damage.

Mandala nodded her head. That move from the Flame Emperor was truly terrifying and no one had expected the Flame Emperor to be so direct, throwing such a great skill in the Monarch’s face…

That attack was something that not even Heavenly Sovereigns could bear.

Everyone had their eyes nervously glued towards the collapsed space. Suddenly, they squinted their eyes and saw a silhouette. It was naturally the Devouring Sky Monarch, but at this moment, the surface of his body was filled in cracks, while his eyes were crimson-red.

“How tenacious.” The Flame Emperor wasn’t surprised that the Devouring Sky Monarch was still alive. After all, not even the Heavenly Emperor could kill him back then.

Despite the Devouring Sky Monarch still being alive, anyone could tell that he had suffered great injuries.

“Since you’re forcing me, then let’s die together!” The Devouring Sky Monarch roared as he burst towards the Flame Emperor’s direction at a swift speed and instantly got near the Flame Emperor. Thereafter, everyone could see a demonic lustre gushing from his body and a violent energy was brewed in his body.

“He’s going to self-destruct!” Mandala’s face changed. It seemed that the Devouring Sky Monarch felt that there’s no hope to escape and decided to engage in a suicide bombing.

The Devouring Sky Monarch’s body burst forth with torrential demonic aura wrecking havoc, enveloping the Flame Emperor within.

But facing the Devouring Sky Monarch’s self-destruction, the Flame Emperor did not panic, but shook his head. “If I could be so easily killed, then I would have died a long time ago.”

He spread out his hand and gorgeous flames gushed from his palm and turned into a barrier.

The barrier was covered in countless fire runes and every single one of them represented various Essence Flames.

The barrier isolated the demonic aura with a dreadful temperature that caused cracks in space. The demonic aura was akin to snow encountering magma as it swiftly melted.

In just ten-odd breaths, the demonic aura had been completely wiped without a trace of the evil aura remaining.

“Is he dealt with?” The Flame Emperor muttered to himself as he waved his hand. Gorgeous flames swept out before pulling back into his body.

“Mhm?” But when the flames entered his body, the Flame Emperor’s gaze suddenly changed.

A strand of demonic aura appeared from the collapsed space and was swiftly escaping from the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery.

“The Devouring Sky Monarch is actually not dead?!” The faces of the spectators drastically changed. They were shocked by that Monarch’s powerful vitality. He could still survive after suffering two attacks from the Flame Emperor?

“That fellow self-destructed on purpose to hide and avoided the Flame Emperor’s perception before seeking the opportunity to escape!” Mu Chen’s face was stern as well. He never expected the Devouring Sky Monarch to be so cunning and decisive.

“His Demonic Heart is already destroyed, so how can he still be alive?” The Flame Emperor was also startled by this scene. The Demonic Heart was the fatal point of the Fiend Clans. But for Monarchs, their Demonic Heart was basically indestructible. But when the Devouring Sky Monarch self-destructed, he had clearly felt a Demonic Heart shattering.

Even Monarchs would die when their Demonic Hearts were destroyed, so he never expected that the Devouring Sky Monarch could actually escape.

“It’s no wonder why he outsmarted the Heavenly Emperor back then, looks like there’s something strange about this.”

“Hey, old man, why aren’t you making a move? That fellow is going to escape!” Xiao Xiao’s voice anxiously rang out. If the Devouring Sky Monarch managed to escape and returned to the Fiend Clans, then how many beings of the Great Thousand World would die by his hands?

If a Monarch that could even fight with the Heavenly Emperor recovered, even if the Flame Emperor faced him, it’s impossible for it to be so easy.

Hearing Xiao Xiao’s voice, the corner of the Flame Emperor’s eyes twitched before he glanced at her. “That fella is putting his life on the line to escape, how is that so easily obstructed?”

When everyone heard his voice, they couldn’t help sighing. Could it be that this Monarch would escape today? If that’s the case, then wouldn’t that mean that the Heavenly Emperor’s seal, which he had given his life for, would be all in vain?

Suddenly, the Flame Emperor smiled as he looked in a direction. “But the Devouring Sky Monarch will not be able to escape today.”

Everyone was stunned. Could it be that the Flame Emperor still had a card up his sleeve?

The Flame Emperor looked at Lin Jing and smiled. “I’m not the only one that sensed a powerful enemy around my daughter.”

Lin Jing was briefly stunned before joy flushed on her face. “Ah? Pops is here as well?”

Everyone was puzzled while Mu Chen’s heart trembled. Lin Jing’s father? Wouldn’t that be the founder of the Martial Realm, an existence on the same level as the Flame Emperor, the Martial Ancestor?! He had also come as well?

While Mu Chen’s heart trembled, the demonic aura continued to shuttle through space, it was about to disappear. But suddenly, space violently trembled and shattered before a huge hand appeared.

That hand was extremely peculiar. It was covered in azure dragon’s scales with an indescribable might that enveloped this entire region. Under that aura, Mu Chen could sense his True Dragon Spirit shaking as if it had encountered a great enemy.

Mu Chen was inwardly shocked. One must know that the True Dragon Spirit possessed the bloodline of True Dragons in the Dragon Clan, the emperors in the clan!

But now, the True Dragon Spirit actually felt threatened from the aura coming from the hand!

While Mu Chen was puzzled, the hand chased after the demonic aura then it trapped the demonic aura within. A sinister demonic face appeared and roared, filled with reluctance.

It was just about to escape. The Monarch never expected to encounter another powerful enemy that wasn’t at all weaker to the Flame Emperor with his perception!

He had already self-destructed, so he was extremely weakened at the moment. So how could he confront such an existence?

Thus, when the hand descended, the azure lustre had formed into a seal that enveloped and tapped the demonic aura.

These sudden changes had caused a drastic change in everyone’s expression as they looked at the void. At this moment, they finally understood that there was actually another powerful figure hidden in this area, waiting for the Devouring Sky Monarch to fall for his trap…

They were all curious, who was that powerhouse?

Space was torn before a silhouette stepped out. He had a majestic air and a torrential Spiritual Energy around him. His Spiritual Energy was of different attributes. It would occasionally change from ice, flames, lightning, darkness… it looked extremely mysterious.

When everyone looked at that silhouette, they squinted their eyes before they sucked in a cold breath, “That’s… that’s the Martial Ancestor?!”

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