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Chapter 1186 - Buddha's Fury Flame Lotus

“Flame Emperor… Xiao Yan.” When the words rang out in the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery, everyone suddenly sensed the drastic increase in temperature as an ocean of flames welcomed their ruler.

Everyone had a peculiar sensation, as if they would be instantly reduced to ashes if they held malice for the Flame Emperor.

The Devouring Sky Monarch looked at this scene with a stern expression. He looked at the Flame Emperor, who was walking on the ocean of fire, with fear and caution in his eyes.

At this moment, he felt regret. If he escaped the moment he broke free, he would have been able to hide from the perception of Heavenly Sovereigns in the Great Thousand World and sneak back to the Fiend Clans.

But right now, his commotion had attracted a formidable opponent that caused his situation to be unfavourable.

Perhaps he might have been able to fight in his full strength, but his power was clearly lacking right now. But even so, he calmed his heart, proving his extraordinariness, since he had outsmarted the Heavenly Emperor.

Thus, even when facing The Flame Emperor, the Monarch did not panic.

“Let me experience for myself if the Heavenly Sovereigns in the Great Thousand World have improved!” The Devouring Sky Monarch took a step forth and black waves surged out beneath these feet.

“Heaven and Earth Corruption!” He roared and the ground swiftly turned black with the demonic aura rising. In a few breaths of time, the ground within a few myriad feet in radius had been demonised.

Everyone could sense that the Spiritual Energy in that radius was tainted. If they absorbed it into their bodies, their Spiritual Energy would surely be corrupted and gradually demonised.

If it wasn’t for the Flame Emperor, everyone would probably be corrupted by the Monarch.

The Flame Emperor smiled at this scene before he stretched his finger and tapped.

When he tapped, the ocean of fire roared with gorgeous flames that not even Mu Chen had seen before. However, he could sense how terrifying it was.

The gorgeous flames swept out, incinerating the black ground and shrieks were heard. The ground was immediately charred black. In just ten-odd breaths of time, the ground that had been corrupted by the Devouring Sky Monarch had been mostly dissolved by the Flame Emperor.

When the Devouring Sky Monarch saw this scene, his eyelids twitched. He had fought with several Heavenly Sovereigns in the past with many that controlled flames. However, they were all inferior to this Flame Emperor that stood before him.

Even so, the Devouring Sky Monarch did not panic. He took a deep breath and stomped his foot once again.

“Demonic Art - Sky-Devouring Hand!”

The contaminated ground crumbled and cracked with tens of thousands of feet of demonic aura soaring into the sky before a large hand stretched out.

The hand was entirely black, emanating an endless evilness that covered the horizon. It was roughly a few myriad feet wide that even an empire would be annihilated under the palm.

Even a Sovereign Celestial Body was tiny in comparison to that hand. Thus, all the Earth Sovereigns had a drastic change in their expressions when they saw the hand shrouding over.

They were usually aloof and could be considered as powerhouses in the Great Thousand World. But at this moment, they realised the gap between them and a Heavenly Sovereign.

Space shattered, revealing a void and everyone noticed a giant mouth in the palm.

That mouth was akin to a black hole that devoured everything. If they fell in it, even Perfected Earth Sovereigns would be instantly annihilated.

That feeling was as if it could even devour the entire Greatlaw Continent.

The Devouring Sky Monarch also knew that he couldn’t deal with the Flame Emperor through ordinary means. Thus, without the intention of holding back, he had thrown out his strongest move.

One must know that when he invaded the Great Thousand World back then, he had relied on this move to turn many powerhouses into ashes.

“What terrifying power…” Mu Chen took a deep breath as he looked at the large hand. He felt his scalp going numb. This power had surpassed his understanding.

“This Devouring Sky Monarch is not simple. He must have high status, even in the Fiend Clans.” Mandala appeared beside Mu Chen as she explained.

“The Flame Emperor is fine, right?” Nine Nether whispered. The Flame Emperor was relying on his own ability, and if he failed, then all of them would be killed by the Monarch.

Mandala remained calm. She understood the Flame Emperor’s strength deeper than Mu Chen and Nine Nether, so she shook her head. “The Monarch might be able to fight against the Flame Emperor if he was in his top form. But right now, he can only be comparable to ordinary Heavenly Sovereigns.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. The Devouring Sky Monarch must have been extremely terrifying at his top form, or he wouldn’t be able to fight the Heavenly Emperor. After all, the Heavenly Emperor possessed the Peerless Divine Ability - Three Pures. He could split himself into three, equivalent to three Heavenly Sovereigns. But even so, he was still outsmarted by the Devouring Sky Monarch, so he could tell that the Devouring Sky Monarch wasn’t simple.

As they conversed, the Flame Emperor raised his head and looked at the large hand. This attack that could strike fear even in Perfected Earth Sovereign wasn’t much in his eyes.

“Even when you’re not in your top form, your strength has given me a surprise. Now I can see how you could outsmart the Heavenly Emperor.” The Flame Emperor smiled as he stretched his hand out with a flaming lotus revolving in his hand.

The lotus looked extraordinarily gorgeous and exquisite, akin to an art piece. It was multi-coloured, and if one took a closer look, one would realise that each of those petals were different in colour.

Those colours weren’t just simple colours. Those with power could sense that each of those petals were forged with different flames.

Those weren’t ordinary flames, each of them possessed exceptionally destructive force. But in the hands of the Flame Emperor, those flames were unusually docile.

The Flame Emperor flicked his finger and the beautiful lotus flew out. It had immediately teleported before the demonic hand in a sway. Compared to the demonic hand, the lotus was tiny in comparison.

However, the lotus had caused a drastic change on the Devouring Sky Monarch’s face with a flash of shock in his eyes. After that, he retreated without any hesitation with the demonic aura forming into millions of barriers before him.

The lotus clashed with the hand and a boundless flashed erupted, evaporating the demonic aura while causing space to distort at the same time. Under the terrifying assault of the flames, the demonic hand shattered.

This scene dumbfounded everyone. That the Flame Emperor so easily dissolved the terrifying attack of the Devouring Sky Monarch?

A gorgeous ocean of flames swept out, swiftly destroying the millions of barriers before enveloping the retreating Devouring Sky Monarch.

Instantly, the heavens and earth trembled and the space where the Devouring Sky Monarch was in shattered into tens of thousands of fragments, completely wiping out the torrential demonic aura, while the Flame Emperor smiled. “This skill of mine is called… the Buddha’s Fury Flame Lotus.”

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