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Chapter 1186: The Complete Mandela

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The dim light seemed to have enveloped the whole world, and from within it, a fearsome fluctuation was emitted. Even the faces of the powerful individuals here turned pale. This was because that fluctuation surprisingly belonged to an Earthly Sovereign!

A Complete Earthly Sovereign was the level closest that was to a Heavenly Sovereign. Even in the Great Thousand World, they were the among the strongest of the strong!

In the entire Tianluo Continent, there were no Heavenly Sovereigns. As such, the strongest ones would be the few Complete Earthly Sovereigns.

As they represented the strongest forces in the Tianluo Continent, even the top forces were cautious of them. And now, right before their eyes, another Complete Earthly Sovereign had been born! It could be imagined that the alliance between Daluo Territory and the North Territory would now enjoy a privileged status, because they now had a Complete Earthly Sovereign!

Many powerful individuals sighed and wore complicated expressions on their faces. Some of them could not help but look at the pale Emperor Xia and Lu Heng with a sense of schadenfreude.

These two would never have thought that Mandela’s strength would be amplified this much after she merged with her actual body. She was even able to break through the shackles of Sovereign, becoming a Complete Earthly Sovereign!

A minute ago, it had seemed like the North Territory alliance would have to pay a terrible price to the top forces. But, in the blink of an eye, the whole situation had completely turned around!

Seeing Emperor Xia’s and Lu Heng’s faces had turned pale, the five Lower Earthly Sovereigns from the North Territory alliance looked on with dropped jaws. They were all staring at each other.

The original hall master of the Xuan Tian Hall, Liu Tiandao, then said, “I did not expect the chieftain would have such a card up her sleeve! It seems like we were short-sighted.”

Hearing this, Mu Chen replied with an ambiguous face, “Ex-Hall Master Liu, did you want to hand me over?”

After all, he had a feud with Liu Tiandao, and although they had put it behind them after forming the alliance, the scars between them still remained. Needless to say, they weren’t on good terms.

If another Complete Grade Nine had talked like this, Liu Tiandao would’ve burst out in anger. However, he could not do so in front of Mu Chen, as Mu Chen and Mandela shared a deep bond that was obvious for all to see.

Plus, if Mandela were still an Upper Earthly Sovereign, they may have still been plotting something. But now that Mandela was a Complete Earthly Sovereign, their plots had completely turned into smoke!

They also clearly understood that, with a Complete Earthly Sovereign on the alliance’s side, their place in the Tianluo Continent would be far beyond what their own forces could achieve alone. Thus, the protection of a Complete Earthly Sovereign was sufficient to let them rule the entire Tianluo Continent!

Although it could be said that most of the forces were forced to join the alliance due to their circumstances, they were now feeling rather lucky. And so, in the face of Mu Chen’s jeer, Liu Tiandao could only laugh it off. He had decided that it would be best for him to stay away from any conflict with Mu Chen.

Seeing this, Mu Chen did not press him further. He turned to stare at the colossal and dark pillar of light. Within it, the bewitching flower was growing rapidly.

From afar, the bewitching flower extended it branches and leaves like pythons. Now, the Mandala flower looked even more terrifying than an ancient beast!

Its dark buds danced around, shooting forth uncountable rays of dark light. A booming hum that was like the low growl of thunder resonated, and the space could be seen warping faintly.

Dark bursts of lightning also rained down, striking the giant, bewitching flower. These strange signs continued to occur, then suddenly, a terrifying spiritual energy tide swept through the world. The spiritual energy surged like flood water, then was finally absorbed completely by the flower.

When the last drop of the spiritual energy had disappeared, the giant bewitching flower started to shrink rapidly. After several breaths, it had shrunk to its original size. Then, as its petals unraveled, a petite, huddled figure was unveiled.

Mandela’s body was the same as it had been before, appearing just like a childish girl. But, when she raised her face, her once golden eyes were now tinted with a dark color.

The darkness made her eyes seem like two tiny black holes. If one were to stare at them for too long, even their souls would be trapped within them, unable to escape.

A dark light wrapped around Mandela’s petite body, turning into a black dress. As she walked out of the flower’s pistil, the Mandala flower shrunk instantly. It then turned into a black flower and appeared in her hands.

Mandela opened her tiny mouth and swallowed the unusual black flower. Then, she stretched her back lazily and looked at Emperor Xia and Lu Heng with her dark pupils.

Noticing Mandela’s gaze, Emperor Xia and Lu Heng both took a few steps back instinctively. Their eyes were full of fear and caution. Although outwardly, only Mandela’s eyes had changed, they could feel from her breath that she had became far stronger than before.

“Emperor Xia, do you still intend to fight?” Mandela glanced at Emperor Xia and asked nonchalantly. After the successful fusion, she no longer feared Emperor Xia and Lu Heng.

Emperor Xia turned pale and his eyes glittered, as he was obviously struggling in his mind. If Mandela were just an Upper Earthly Sovereign, he would not simply let this go. But, now that Mandela had successfully broken through to become a Complete Earthly Sovereign, the strength of that level had exceeded what he could bear.

To make enemies with a Complete Earthly Sovereign would be foolish of the Great Xia Dynasty. Compared to this, losing a crown prince would be nothing! Besides, since he already had sired many children, he could just produce another crown prince, as there was ample time.

So, after a moment of silence, he took another step back and said solemnly, “Since you have go through such trials, the Great Xia Dynasty shall acknowledge this loss.”

The spectators could not help glancing at Emperor Xia and clicking their tongues. To bear this grievance showed great character. It was no wonder that the Great Xia Dynasty had flourished in his hands!

Mandela was very calm. Although Emperor Xia was swallowing his vengeance now, the Great Xia Dynasty would still have to bear with it, at least as long as she lived! Perhaps this would change when Emperor Xia broke through to become a Complete Earthly Sovereign. But, that day was still far away.

To break through and become a Complete Earthly Sovereign, the required accumulation of experience was beyond the imagination of any Upper Earthly Sovereign. Therefore, when Emperor Xia decided to endure her silently, Mandela turned her eyes directly toward Lu Heng. This time, her tone became much chillier.

“Lu Heng, it’s time to end our feud once and for all.” Her icy voice was filled with an intense killing intent.

A grave expression appeared in Lu Heng’s eyes at once. He had not expected this, but neither he did he stand back like Emperor Xia.

This was because he knew that, even if he backed off, Mandela would not let him go easily. So, he took a deep breath and stepped forward.


An immense spiritual energy swept forth like a storm, as Lu Heng forcefully sent a punch with his fist. The spiritual energy that was concentrated in this fist was so terrifying, it transformed into a star, which crushed space itself on its way toward Mandela.

Lu Heng’s fist would probably even gravely injure a typical Lower Earthly Sovereign! But, Mandela merely looked up, stretched out her hand, and gave it a gentle flick.


The gigantic star was deflected forcibly, finally landing on a floating mountain in the sky, then instantly turning the mountain’s peak into a pile of dust.

After deflecting the attack casually, Mandela spoke calmly. “If this is all you’ve got, then today’s your…” Before she could finish, her heart suddenly tightened. She turned her head swiftly and looked at a faraway spot, a dash of horror tainting her exquisite face.

At the same time, countless powerful individuals sensed something as well, turning their eyes toward the same place. Mu Chen’s party was also focused on this same place.

Under all of the gazes, the floating mountain revealed its inner parts clearly. Within the mountain lay a vast arena, where a figure stood. Although the figure was standing still, an indescribable air of grandeur and majesty filled the place.

Even Mandela, who had broken through to become a Complete Earthly Sovereign, seemed miniscule compared to the vigor of the majestic air around them. Mandela stared at the figure, disbelief written on her face.

Finally, a trembling mumble came out of her shaking mouth, “Is that the Heavenly Emperor?!”

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