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Chapter 1185 - The Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan!

A lazy burst of laughter resounded from the void with flames gushing out, enveloping the entire Heavenly Emperor Cemetery in a terrifying temperature, swiftly incinerating the demonic aura that was filled within. The demonic dragons all shrieked as they burned into nothing.

The sudden changes had caused everyone to be shocked before they raised their heads and looked at the void. The void was torn apart at this moment with flames gushed out, looking extraordinarily gorgeous and threatening.

A silhouette slowly walked out from the sea of flames, causing space to tremble from his footsteps, as if it was having difficulties containing his descent.

It was a lean man in black clothes. He had a lazy smile on his face and was covered in gorgeous flames that projected him like a god of fire with unspeakable might.

Before he appeared, this entire space was trembling from the demonic aura of the Monarch. But when he appeared, everyone could sense that the demonic aura was swiftly dissolving.

Everyone looked at the man in shock. Just who was he, to be able to suppress such a terrifying existence like the Monarch?

One must know that this Monarch wasn’t an ordinary Monarch. Back then, even the Heavenly Emperor had died, so this Monarch must have been top-tiered, even amongst the Monarchs. Even if he had just awakened from his seal, even ordinary Heavenly Sovereigns would be fearful of him.

However, the man could suppress the momentum of the Monarch, which meant that he must also be an extraordinary figure in the Great Thousand World.

“He is…” Some powerhouses looked at the man and the flames around him in shock. After brief thoughts flashed through their eyes, their eyes immediately widened the next moment with disbelief.

“He…he is the Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory!” Finally, someone had recognised the man and exclaimed with a voice filled with respect and revere.

“The Flame Emperor?!” Waves of commotion roared. Everyone was dumbfounded. One must know that the Flame Emperor was a legend and one of the pinnacle powerhouses in the Great Thousand World!

Furthermore, he established the Endless Fire Territory a few hundred years ago, and it had become a supreme force in the Great Thousand World that wasn’t any weaker to those Ancient Clans.

Only the Martial Ancestor of the Martial Realm and a few others could be comparable to the Flame Emperor!

Despite the powerhouses here all holding authority in the Greatlaw Continent, they paled in comparison to the Endless Fire Territory.

With the strength and foundation of the Endless Fire Territory, they could beat up all the forces in the Greatlaw Continent, even if the Flame Emperor didn’t make a move himself…

Such a legendary figure was hardly seen, even if they begged. But such a character had appeared before them, which left the powerhouses here stunned, and he even appeared at such a crucial moment…

While everyone was dumbfounded, Mu Chen was also looking at that silhouette in shock. He never expected that the legendary Flame Emperor would descend here at such a crucial moment.

“He is the Flame Emperor?” Mu Chen muttered to himself as he looked at the black-clothed man. The latter looked lazy, but his terrifying and indescribable bearing had caused space to collapse, as if he was the Sovereign of this region.

That is true power, so a pinnacle powerhouse can turn out to be this powerful!

Behind Mu Chen, when Xiao Xiao saw that silhouette, she cast her lips aside in disdain. However, her body, which was tensed up, had loosened up.

“Ah? Ah? That is Big Sister Xiao Xiao’s father, the Flame Emperor? Woah, I have finally seen the real person himself!” Lin Jing stared with her eyes widely opened.

Xiao Xiao cast her lips to the side in disdain. “Yeah, a hateful father that always likes to appear at the crucial moment. I’ll surely complain about him when I get back!”

“*Cough*… lass, you’re too unreasonable. I did not come late on purpose. It requires some time for me to get a lock on the location!” A voice suddenly rang out and the three ladies felt the space before them distort before the Flame Emperor appeared. At this moment, he helplessly shrugged his shoulders without any of the prestige that belonged to the Flame Emperor.

Xiao Xiao snorted and ignored that man, while the Flame Emperor rubbed Xiao Xiao’s head before greeting Nine Nether and Lin Jing, causing the two ladies to be stunned from his friendliness.

“Let me deal with this. You guys have suffered.” The Flame Emperor smiled before he turned around and walked to Mu Chen’s side. He looked at the latter and patted Mu Chen’s shoulder with a smile. “You’ve done pretty well. Little Brother, you’re a true man.”

Mu Chen never expected that such an influential figure would speak to him without any airs. Immediately, he awkwardly scratched his head. “No matter what, I can’t let the ladies die before I do.”

When the Flame Emperor heard Mu Chen’s words, he looked at Mu Chen with more appreciation and nodded. “But I have to thank you for saving Xiao Xiao. I will surely remember this favour.”

Before Mu Chen could even speak, he smiled and continued, “Alright, let me deal with this situation.”

Mu Chen nodded and immediately retreated. After all, this level of confrontation wasn’t something that he could partake in with his current strength.

While Mu Chen retreated, the Flame Emperor stepped forth and an invisible pressure enveloped this entire region.

When the Flame Emperor arrived, the mocking expression on the Monarch’s face had entirely faded, replaced with a grave expression. He felt a danger emanating from the Flame Emperor, which left him in shock. It was even stronger than that Heavenly Emperor.

He felt disbelief in his heart. He never thought that there would be such an existence in the Great Thousand World, and this was not any good news for the Fiend Clans.

“I never thought that the Great Thousand World, which barely survived after losing most of the pinnacle existences, would have you. This is truly shocking.” The Monarch said. If it was just an ordinary Heavenly Sovereign, then the Monarch was confident that he could escape. But right now, he had no confidence, since he wasn’t in his top form.

The Flame Emperor smiled. “I wonder, between the Sky, Profound and Abyss, what level do you belong to?”

Those were the classifications of Monarchs in the Fiend Clans, which ordinary people in the Great Thousand World wouldn’t know.

“I never expected you to have some knowledge of our Fiend Clans.” That Monarch was also a little surprised.

The Flame Emperor flicked his ten fingers with strands of flames on each finger. “In the past, there were no less than 10 Monarchs that died in my hands, so how can I not know about it?”

His words left everyone in shock as they looked at him with respect. One must know that every Monarch was akin to a Heavenly Sovereign. There were no less than ten that died in the hands of the Flame Emperor? Just what kind of terrifying achievement was that?

The Monarch also narrowed his pupils. At this moment, he knew that this man before him was a great enemy of their Fiend Clans. He was much more dangerous than the Heavenly Emperor. He took a deep breath and his eyes turned black. “I am the Devouring Sky Monarch.”

The Flame Emperor sighed, “So it’s a Sky Monarch, no wonder you could fight with the Heavenly Emperor.”

Even amongst the Monarchs, a Sky Monarch could be considered a peak existence.

“Who are you?” The Devouring Sky Monarch spoke in a stern voice with surging torrential demonic aura, shattering space with a dreadful demonic might that spread out.

The Flame Emperor raised his hand with gorgeous flames condensing into a lotus in his hand and he smiled towards the Devouring Sky Monarch, before he said in a calm resounding voice.

 “I am  the Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan.”

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