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Chapter 1184 - Recovery of the Monarch

When the sword cry rang out, it resonated between the heavens and earth, forming into visible fluctuations that spread out. It looked extremely gentle but it didn’t seem to possess any destructive prowess. However, when the sword lustre emanated, everyone here that was in the Earth Sovereign Realm could sense fear rising from the depths of their hearts.

They had no suspicion that they would be annihilated if the sword lustre swept them.

Just what kind of powerful item was that…?

“How…how is that possible?!” This scene also dumbfounded Lu Heng, before he exclaimed. Wasn’t the Heavenly Emperor Sword something that only the Heavenly Emperor could pull out? So how did a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign achieve it?

Lu Heng’s gaze changed when he noticed the purplish-gold silhouette behind Mu Chen, which must be Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body. But for some reason, he sensed a unique aura coming from it that seemed to be the aura of immortality.

It gave a feeling that even if Mu Chen died, the Sovereign Celestial Body could remain for eternity.

“That’s… the Immortal Golden Body?!” Lu Heng’s pupils narrowed when he recognised that Sovereign Celestial Body. That’s because it was his hope for Garuda, but it was a pity that Garuda had lost to Mu Chen.

“In the Ancient Haven Palace, the Heavenly Emperor had once said that his Successor must have the Immortal Golden Body.” Mandala looked at the change on Lu Heng’s face before she continued, “The requirement to pull out the Heavenly Emperor Sword is to also obtain the acknowledgement from it, aside from Heavenly Emperor himself, which is the Immortal Golden Body.”

“Since there isn’t anyone in the Ancient Haven Palace that could form the Immortal Golden Body, that rule was gradually forgotten by everyone. Since you joined much later, you wouldn’t know about that.” Mandala sneered as the dark runes tangled the wicked mouth.

“Mu Chen, go!” At the same time, her roar rang out by Mu Chen’s ears.

Hearing Mandala’s voice, Mu Chen tightly gripped the Heavenly Emperor sword. He could sense the terrifying energy in it, making even the Wind God’s Fan akin to a firefly before the vast moon.

Naturally, he knew that it was impossible to bring out the power with his current cultivation, not even if he ignited his own body.

But fortunately… the Heavenly Emperor Sword had also sensed the awakening of the Monarch, so it didn’t require Mu Chen to control it. The sword trembled with a cry that soared into the sky.

A light beam of ten thousand feet carried Mu Chen and dashed out at incredible speed. Even the Lesser Earth Sovereigns here could only sense a flash of light; they couldn’t trace the path of it.

The Heavenly Emperor Sword had practically appeared before the ‘Heavenly Emperor’ and the sword stabbed into the body, sealing the ‘Heavenly Emperor’ once again.

The moment the sword stabbed into the ‘Heavenly Emperor’, Mu Chen’s face suddenly changed as he realised that it wasn’t the ‘Heavenly Emperor’ that stood before him, but Lu Heng!

The sword stabbed into Lu Heng and a terrifying sword aura gushed out, causing Lu Heng’s body to be covered in cracks. But the astonishing matter was that Lu Heng’s face was covered with disbelief and pain.

Clearly, he did not do this willingly. So if it’s not him, then could it be… the Monarch?!

Mu Chen’s pupils squinted as he saw the faces of Mandala and the other powerhouses filled with shock as well, as if they had seen something terrifying.

A white hand suddenly came from Lu Heng’s rear and was placed on his shoulder.

“Haha, you’ve done pretty well.” A gentle voice resounded from the rear of Lu Heng and the silhouette, ‘Heavenly Emperor’, walked out!

At this moment, he had opened his eyes completely. They were black with the evilest aura between the heavens and earth.

The Monarch had recovered!

Lu Heng turned his head with great difficulty and moved his lips, as if he was begging the Monarch to save him. However, it was too late. The sword aura in his body had nearly obliterated him.

“Rest assured. I will not let a subordinate that has done a great service die so easily.” The ‘Heavenly Emperor’ smiled before he slapped his hand over and an endless demonic aura gushed from his hand, entering Lu Heng’s body, dissipating the sword aura in Lu Heng’s body.

Although he had helped Lu Heng expel the sword aura, Lu Heng’s body had also been demonised. His body was covered with sinister demonic runes and a torrential demonic aura, transforming Lu Heng’s body. Furthermore, Lu Heng could also sense the Spiritual Energy in his body. It was swiftly being converted into the wicked demonic aura.

At this moment, nature had also rejected him; and thus, he couldn’t draw any Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth. He had been recognised as a foreign being by the Great Thousand World.

Sensing the changes to his body, Lu Heng’s gaze slightly changed; but in the end, he lowered his head. “Thank you, Master, for helping my rebirth!”

Mu Chen had also immediately pulled the sword out and retreated. He never thought that despite what he had done, the Monarch would still manage to revive, and the current situation had gone out of his control.

After the Monarch demonised Lu Heng, he stretched his waist and smiled. “The Heavenly Emperor is truly an extraordinary person. The Three Pures is truly formidable. If it wasn’t for my luck, I might have really been killed by him.”

His gaze turned to look at the crowd and he said in satisfaction, “But to see so much food upon my revival, it truly makes me happy.”

“Run!” The powerhouses all changed their expressions before they unleashed the Spiritual Energies in their bodies and pushed their speeds to the limits, trying to escape from the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery.

However, the Monarch smiled in ridicule and opened his mouth. A demonic aura dominated forth, sweeping towards those fleeing powerhouses, turning them into blood and meat before being pulled back and devoured.

“It’s not easy for me to revive, so let me have my feast.” The Monarch chuckled as he stretched his palm out. Instantly, flows of demonic aura gushed out, taking the form of dragons and started to devour the powerhouses there.

In that instant, it was complete chaos. Mandala was also tangled up by ten-odd demonic dragons, but even with her strength, she could only protect herself.

Mu Chen brandished the Heavenly Emperor Sword. Although he couldn’t draw out its power, he could still rely on it to protect himself. However, he still looked to be in a pathetic state.

In the chaos, the Monarch smiled with his eyes narrowed and occasionally waved his hand. Every single time he waved his hand, there would be a powerhouse torn apart and devoured.

After that, he looked at the three ladies and smiled. “What tender dolls, let me see if your meat and blood are fresh.”

He gently smiled and his finger pointed out. Instantly, a demonic aura swept out, enveloping towards the three ladies.

Facing the sudden attack, the three ladies had a drastic change on their faces. Facing such an existence, they didn’t even have the hope of escaping.

But suddenly, Mu Chen’s silhouette charged down with the Heavenly Emperor Sword tightly in his hand and he stood before the three ladies.

Mu Chen instantly destroyed the demonic aura, but it had also left deep marks on his body. If it wasn’t for the sword lustre of the Heavenly Emperor Sword, he would have been annihilated by now.

But even so, his body violently trembled. His body was on the verge of collapsing, and if that happened, then he would surely die.

Behind him, the three ladies had a drastic change on their faces as they watched Mu Chen’s state.

“Mu Chen!” Their voices were filled with worries.

“Go!” Mu Chen’s eyes were red as he roared. At this moment, he didn’t have much energy and could only let the three ladies to flee while he blocked the Monarch.

Although he knew that it was futile, with his character, he wasn’t willing to let the three ladies die before him. Even if they had to die, it had to be after him.

“Haha, what a touching scene… Since you want to die first, then I’ll fulfil your wish.” The Monarch chuckled at this scene and flicked his finger. Instantly, boundless demonic aura gushed out.

Facing this demonic aura, even Mu Chen had revealed despair on his face. If such an existence paid slightly more attention to him, he would die.

The demonic aura gushed over, turning his vision dark.

Am I going to die?

Mu Chen’s eyes closed from the demonic aura. But at that moment before his vision was replaced entirely with darkness, domineering flames gushed out from the void and had even incinerated the demonic aura before a meteorite fell before Mu Chen…

When the fire dominated forth, Mu Chen finally saw the item before him. It was a massive black ruler plunged into the ground that was burning with flames, incinerating all the demonic aura around him.

At the same time, a burst of lazy laughter roared, “Hey, even if you are a Monarch, you can’t bully my precious daughter, right?”

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