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Chapter 1184: Descent of the Top Powers

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The vast cemetery seemed to be drifting in emptiness. On its periphery, the space was shattered, and numerous space fragments formed a chaotic flow, whistling around it and converging into a natural barrier.

“Lets go.” Mu Chen was stunned by the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery’s terrifying atmosphere, but he was not overly frightened by it.

He looked toward Xiao Xiao and the others, deciding that they must forge ahead. After all, it was difficult enough to get here, so there was no way that he was going to turn back.

Xiao Xiao and the two other ladies had no objections, so the group of people carefully swept forward through the space. At last, they passed through the chaotic flow and arrived in the dark cemetery.

The moment they set foot on the grounds of the cemetery, they suddenly felt an indescribable oppression assaulting their bodies. Under that oppression, their spiritual energies began to wane.

Luckily, they were no ordinary humans, so they immediately combined their spiritual energies and managed to gradually lower the effects of the oppression force. Only after that did they raised their heads and looked inside the cemetery.

As the peered inside, they made a shocking discovery. Inside the vast cemetery, countless peaks of lofty mountains were floating in the sky, and the ground was covered with bottomless cracks, which were winding and bending like an enormous black dragon!

“The space here has been broken, and even the rules are in disorder.” As Xiao Xiao looked at the scene, her pretty face turned slightly grave.

Mu Chen’s facial expression was also solemn. He suddenly looked toward a different direction. In that space, a stream of light had just swept past, then turned into several human figures who landed in the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery.

Among these people, Mu Chen spotted a familiar figure. Astonishingly, it was Xia Hong of the Great Xia Dynasty! At this moment, the latter was staring at Mu Chen in hatred.

“Hehe, Mu Chen, you were very proud and savage before, weren’t you?” Xia Hong looked at Mu Chen creepily and had a grim smile on his face.

Before, he could only hide his head when he saw Mu Chen, but now that he had stepped into Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery, he was bold! This was because he knew that he could summon his father at any time.

However, Mu Chen ignored Xia Hong, as as for the so-called Emperor Xia, Mu Chen was already fully prepared to face him! His disregarding glance was noticed by Xia Hong, whose face distorted with a ferocious look. Then, a jade talisman flashed out from Xia Hong’s hand!

“Mu Chen, I will make you kneel and beg before me.” Xia Hong growled deeply, then abruptly broke the jade talisman into pieces.

Immediately, a strong spiritual energy burst out from the broken jade talisman. That spiritual energy gathered and tore the space to form a space passageway that was about ten feet wide. The moment the passage was formed, a tall and sturdy human figure slowly stepped out from it.

When the human figure stepped out from the space passageway, a vast and majestic spiritual energy swept through like a storm. The nearby lofty mountains that were floating in the sky were then forcefully crumbled into powder by this majestic spiritual energy.

“So, this is the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery? Xia Hong, you did a great job.” When the tall and sturdy silhouette descended, he looked around and voiced his approval.

“Where is Xia Yu?” After praising Xia Hong, Emperor Xia asked, as he did not feel any of his spiritual energy fluctuations.

As soon as he heard those words, Xia Hong glared at Mu Chen and said to his father, “Father, my brother is dead, and he is the murderer!”

Hearing this, Emperor Xia’s pair of emotionless eyes shot a fierce look at Mu Chen and stayed there. Mu Chen immediately felt a a horrible oppression come upon him. That oppressing force seemed to be pushing him to kneel on the ground.

The horrible oppression enveloped them, and Mu Chen’s facial expression became dull. In the next second, a purple-gold ray of light burst out from his body, then managed to resist the Upper Earthly Sovereign’s oppression, causing the ground beneath his feet to crack open.

Upon seeing Mu Chen resisting his own spiritual energy, Emperor Xia was startled. With his strength as an Upper Earthly Sovereign, an ordinary Complete Grade Nine would be broken into pieces under such spiritual energy. But at this moment, this kid was unscathed!

Mu Chen clenched his teeth and endured the scary oppression of spiritual energy, while still managing to hold his head up and look Emperor Xia of the Great Xia Dynasty in the eyes!

Emperor Xia who wore a golden dragon robe and was tall and sturdy in stature. He clasped his hands behind his back and a faint yellowish-gold glow shone on his face. An oppressive air of majesty surrounded him, striking fear in all those who were near.


As Mu Chen caught a glimpse of Emperor Xia, he crushed the jade that Mandela had given to him. At that moment, the aggressive spiritual energy formed a space passageway behind his back and a small shadow walked right out of it! The moment she walked out, the spiritual energy that had been cast by Emperor Xia was immediately eliminated.

“Why does Emperor Xia of the Great Xia Dynasty not care about his own status enough to deal with such an insignificant character?” Mandela asked in a cold voice.

Emperor Xia stared at Mandela with a gloomy look. “This imbecile killed the crown-prince of my Great Xia Dynasty, so if the Daluo Territory wants to save him, then we shall have a war!”

After he finished his sentence, two more human figures walked out from the space passageway. It was no surprise that they were Lower Earthly Sovereigns, as they were obviously the top powers of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Two Lower Earthly Sovereigns and one Upper Earthly Sovereign did indeed seem like an absolutely bold line-up! If a normal top force went against this line-up, Mu Chen would most certainly be handed over. However, only a faint smile appeared on Mandela’s tiny face.

All of a sudden, numerous human figures started walking out from the space passageway behind her. A boundless spiritual energy swept across, which actually turned out to be five Lower Earthly Sovereigns! Naturally, the five of them were among the top forces from the North Territory, which meant that they were members of the North Territory Alliance!

“We represent the North Territory Alliance, so if Emperor Xia insists on declaring war, we will accept your challenge,” said Mandela with a laugh.

Behind her, the five Lower Earthly Sovereigns pouted a little helplessly. Although they did not agree with the idea of battling the Great Xia Dynasty, they dared not voice any objections in Mandela’s presence.

At least, when looking at the line-up, the North Territory Alliance looked strong, perhaps even stronger than the line-up of the Great Xia Dynasty! So, if there was really going to be a battle, they might be able to accomplish something!

When Emperor Xia witnessed Mandela’s strong resolve to save Mu Chen, despite the fact that it would mean her facing a war, the look in his eyes became icy cold. Then, the spatial passage that was behind him became increasingly bent as Emperor Xia got angrier and angrier!

However, when confronted with the infuriated Emperor Xia, Mandela remained calm. She was actually exuding a similarly frightening impulsive spiritual energy, confronting the emperor’s! The two forces immediately met at swords’ points.


While they were fighting, numerous space passages continuously appeared within that area. Then, all of the top powers from all around the world began to walk out of them, taking out their spatial seals to summon others to the Celestial Emperor’s Cemetery.

As they arrived, strong spiritual energy fluctuations filled the sky. As soon as the Earthly Sovereigns descended, they figured that Mandela and Emperor Xia were at swords’ points, so these top powers had no intention of interfering, since both parties had Upper Earthly Sovereigns! In addition to that, looking at their valiant formation, they would not benefit from interfering!

Furthermore, if both parties actually started a real battle and end up with severe casualties, that would mean fewer opponents for them! Unfortunately, this situation of their being able to sit by idly did not last long…

“Hehe, Mandala, I didn’t expect that you would be hiding in the North Territory all these years. It wasn’t easy for me to find you!” A clear laughter could be heard, catching the attention of many of the top powers.

When Mu Chen heard this voice, his pupils constricted a little, as he noticed that the person had called out the name Mandala, not Mandela. This meant that this person knew of Mandela’s true identity!

In the Tianluo Continent, the only other person who knew Mandala’s identity besides him could only be her biggest rival, the Saint Demon King, Lu Heng of Saint Demon Palace!

Mu Chen held his head up and looked into the distance, where he saw a motion in space. A human figure was stepping on the ripple in space and approaching their direction at a fairly slow pace. But, at the next moment, he appeared right in front of them!

This human figure first took a glimpse at Mandela, then he turned his attention towards Mu Chen and smiled at him warmly.

He then said, “I can sense the motion of the Seal of Tumbling Sea on you, so I see that Garuda has fallen at your hands.”

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