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Chapter 1183 - The Monarch? Heavenly Emperor?

Everyone was shocked by this scene, even someone like Mandala wasn’t an exception.

Wasn’t that the Heavenly Emperor? But why was he devouring the blood? That didn’t seem like what the Heavenly Emperor would do!

“Hahaha!” Lu Heng couldn’t control his laughter. His face looked more savage at this moment, which made others feel fearful.

“Lu Heng, what have you done?!” Someone roared. It seemed that the Heavenly Emperor was devouring the blood because of Lu Heng.

Lu Heng revealed an unusual smiled as he answered, “What have I done? I’m helping you guys to revive the ‘Heavenly Emperor’.”

“Revive the Heavenly Emperor?” Everyone was startled. Could it be that the Heavenly Emperor hadn’t died?

“That’s not the Heavenly Emperor!” When everyone was puzzled, a roar rang out. Mandala took a step forth and looked at the ‘Heavenly Emperor’.

Perhaps others wouldn’t be able to sense it, but she could tell that that was not the Heavenly Emperor despite having the same appearance!

“Oh? He’s not the Heavenly Emperor? Then, what is he?” Lu Heng asked.

Mandala’s face looked a little sinister as she started and Lu Heng and said word-by-word, “Lu Heng, so you are under the control of that Fiend Clan’s Monarch.”

“Monarch?!” Her words lifted waves in the hearts of others and everyone had a change in their expressions before looking at Lu Heng in shock. The Monarch that invaded the Greatlaw Continent hadn’t died?

Lu Heng was stunned before clapping his hands and smiled. “I never thought that you would guess it.”

Facing something that could label him as a traitor in the Great Thousand World, he admitted to it so easily.

“Lu Heng, you’re courting death!” A Greater Earth Sovereign roared.

“Lu Heng, as long as this piece of information makes it out, you and your Saint Demonic Palace will be reduced to ashes!”

Lu Heng smiled in response, “Only if you guys can spread the information out.”

The faces of many top-tiered experts turned solemn as they took out various transmitting items before crushing them. Those items could send information through space back to their own forces.

However, their faces changed the moment they crushed the tokens. They could sense the information disappearing, as if it couldn’t make it out of this space.

They abruptly raised their heads and were shocked to see that before they knew it, there was a layer that appeared in the sky of the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery. It was akin to a barrier that completely sealed off this entire area.

The barrier emanated an aura that not even Greater Earth Sovereigns could make tremble. It’s extremely evil. It was constantly devouring the Spiritual Energy in this Heavenly Emperor Cemetery.

Facing this situation, an uproar rang out amongst the Earth Sovereigns there.

“Let’s make our move together and kill that demon!” However, none of those top-tiered powerhouses were pushovers. The moment they saw that the situation wasn’t right, they immediately roared and eight streaks of light flew towards Lu Heng.

They could tell that it was all being done by Lu Heng. So if they kill Lu Heng, then they would be able to get out of this situation.

Facing seven Lesser Earth Sovereigns and a Greater Earth Sovereign, even Lu Heng would be in danger. However, Lu Heng’s expression did not change when he faced this situation; instead, a mocking smile appeared on his face.

“Watch out!” Mandala seemed to have sensed that something was amiss, so she reminded.

However, when her voice resounded, the eight streaks of light were already close to Lu Heng and the ‘Heavenly Emperor’ slightly opened his eyes after devouring three Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

His finger moved and a streak of black light integrated into space.

At the same time, space was torn apart and a sinister black mist gushed out. It then formed into eight sinister mouths and took a bite towards the eight silhouettes.

The mouths were extremely swift. The appearance looked as if the eight streaks of light had plunged into the mouths by themselves.

The mouths bit down with crisp sounds and blood splattered. Before the Lesser Earth Sovereigns could react, they were reduced into pieces of meat and blood. Even their Spirits had been completely destroyed.

Only the Greater Earth Sovereign swiftly reacted. He suddenly exploded his arm, turning it into a river of blood that flew towards the mouth while he managed to escape.

Seven Lesser Earth Sovereigns were instantly killed by the ‘Heavenly Emperor’. The mouths then opened up and the blood and pieces of flesh gushed out, before being devoured by the ‘Heavenly Emperor’.

While he was devouring all of that blood and flesh, the Heavenly Emperor’s physique gradually turned a little soft with traces of vitality that started to appear on his body. Evidently, he was gradually recovering!

“Everyone, why bother making futile efforts? Today, all of you will be food. This was determined from the time you entered here.” Lu Heng smiled as he looked at everyone.

Mandala’s face had also turned grave as she looked at the ‘Heavenly Emperor’, “He must be that Monarch, right?”

Lu Heng nodded his head and smiled.

“I have to thank those fellows for bringing Master out of the sealing range of that Heavenly Emperor Sword. Otherwise, not even I would dare to go up. After all, the Heavenly Emperor Sword will sense the demonic energy in my body.” Lu Heng raised his hand and strands of black mist appeared on his palm with shrieking roars.

“So you are already infected by the evil aura.” Mandala nodded her head before she continued with indifference, “It’s no wonder why you launched sneak attacks at me back then. I believe that you have already been infected at that time.”

Lu Heng smiled with his eyes narrowed. “Even so, I allowed it. Master’s power far exceeds your imagination and even the Heavenly Emperor is a tat lower than Master. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sacrificed everything to seal Master.”

“However, if the seal continues, I’m afraid that even Master would be killed for real… Which resulted in the opening of this Ancient Haven Palace.”

Everyone squinted their eyes. So the opening of the Ancient Haven Palace was caused by Lu Heng? His intention was to lure everyone over to become nourishment so that the Monarch could break free from the seal and revive?

Mandala sneered, “Stop putting words so nicely. I’m afraid that it’s because of your irresolute heart that was the result of being infected by the flaw in your heart. I’m afraid that all of your lines of thoughts and decisions are no longer your own will. You are being controlled by others and have turned into a puppet.”

The corner of Lu Heng’s mouth twitched but he kept the smile on his face and viciously stared at Mandala with traces of the demonic aura in his eyes.

However, he did not make a move, but he eerily smiled, “I’ll let you show off for now. When my Master revives, I will let you experience life beyond death!”

“I’m afraid that you will not be able to wait until that moment!” Mandala sneered as her pupils turned to look at Mu Chen while her lips moved, she had transmitted her voice to Mu Chen’s ears, “I’ll block him, so you go retrieve the Heavenly Emperor Sword. With the Heavenly Emperor Sword, we will be able to stop the Monarch from reviving.”

Mu Chen was stunned before he clenched his teeth and nodded. Practically instantaneously, Mandala flew out and charged towards the Heavenly Emperor.

“A pointless struggle.” Lu Heng mocked.

Space vibrated and a demonic mouth was torn open before trying to devour Mandala. It looked so simple, but it was extremely brutal, since those fallen Earth Sovereigns from before were examples.

However, Mandala was stronger than those Lesser Earth Sovereigns. She did not panic and had slapped her palm out. A black light gushed out and formed into a massive mandala rune before her, tangling around the demonic mouth and obstructing it from closing.

“Mu Chen!” It was also at this moment that Mandala roared out.

Mu Chen was already prepared. He had turned into a beam of light. His target wasn’t the Heavenly Emperor or Lu Heng but the Heavenly Emperor Sword!

He had executed his speed to the limit and appeared before the Heavenly Emperor Sword with a speed akin to teleportation.

Watching this scene, Lu Heng ridiculed, “Mandala, you followed the Heavenly Emperor longer than me. Don’t you know that only the Heavenly Emperor can wield the Heavenly Emperor Sword?”

When Mu Chen heard his words, he was stunned. But there aren’t any other options available. He clenched his teeth and grabbed ahold of the sword. Even if it didn’t work, he still had to give an attempt at it.

Mandala looked at Mu Chen before turning to Lu Heng with a strange smile. “It’s precisely because I followed the Heavenly Emperor longer than you, that I know the requirement for pulling out the Heavenly Emperor Sword…”

Hearing her words, Lu Heng’s eyes shrunk as he looked at Mu Chen. At this moment, Mu Chen tightly clenched the Heavenly Emperor Sword and roared. Instantly, an endless golden lustre swept out, forming into a hundred foot-high purple-golden silhouette with an immortal aura emanating out.

When the massive silhouette appeared, an ancient sword cry rang out, resonating between the heavens and earth with a sword beam that soared into the sky.

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