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Chapter 1181 - The Completed Mandala

A dark light had practically enveloped this region with powerful emanating fluctuations that caused even the powerhouses there to change their expressions. Those fluctuations had reached the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm!

A Perfected Earth Sovereign was the closest to the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, which possessed absolute top-tiered power even in the Great Thousand World.

There weren’t any Heavenly Sovereigns in the Greatlaw Continent, so Perfected Earth Sovereigns were the highest existences there.

They represented the most powerful force and foundation of the Greatlaw Continent and even top-tiered forces would be fearful of them. But right now, a Perfected Earth Sovereign was being born…

One could imagine that, in the future, the Great Havenlaw Domain and Northern Region Alliance would possess an extraordinary position, since they had a Perfected Earth Sovereign.

Many powerhouses sighed with complicated gazes, while some felt joy. All of them directed their gazes at the Xia Emperor and Lu Heng.

The two of them probably never expected that after Mandala fused with her main body, her strength would rise so significantly and even break through the barrier to become a Perfected Earth Sovereign.

A minute ago, everyone still felt that the Northern Region Alliance would pay a high price to deal with the two top-tiered forces. But the situation was flipped over in the blink of an eye.

Even if two Greater Earth Sovereign joined forces, it’s impossible for them to confront a Perfected Earth Sovereign, since the gap between the two realms would leave others in despair.

Otherwise, with so many Greater Earth Sovereigns there, why weren’t they able to make a breakthrough after so many years?

The five Lesser Earth Sovereigns of the Northern Region Alliance were dumbfounded at this scene before they exchanged looks. But in the end, it was the Palace Master of the Sky Profound Palace, Liu Tiandao, that gently coughed, “I never thought that the Alliance Lord would have such a trump card. We have been shortsighted.”

When Mu Chen heard his words, he looked at Liu Tiandao and asked, “Didn’t Palace Master Liu want me to be handed over?”

He and Liu Tiandao had some grudges in the past. Although, with the establishment of the Northern Region Alliance, the two of them had placed their grudges down. Even so, they didn’t have a good relationship.

If an ordinary Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign spoke in this manner to him, Liu Tiandao would definitely be enraged. But facing Mu Chen, he couldn’t put up any attitude. After all, Mu Chen and Mandala had a close relationship. Perhaps they might still have some thoughts when Mandala was still in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, but since she broke through to the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, their ideas had utterly dissipated.

Furthermore, they knew that the moment a Perfected Earth Sovereign appeared in their Northern Region Alliance, their status would ascend in the Greatlaw Continent. Having the protection of a Perfected Earth Sovereign granted them the ability to walk in the Greatlaw Continent with their heads held high.

So if they were previously forced into the Northern Region Alliance, they felt fortunate for joining the alliance at this moment.

Thus, Liu Tiandao could only smile awkwardly at Mu Chen’s words and had decided not to offend the latter.

Mu Chen did not pursue after seeing Liu Tiandao’s attitude, so he directed his gaze at the pillar of dark light that expanded to roughly ten thousand feet after ten-odd breaths.

Looking from afar, the branch and the leaf of the bewitching flower had looked more ferocious. At this moment, the Primordial Mandala Flower was even more terrifying than a Primordial Ominous Beast.

The flower gently swayed with a black light blossoming from it, along with rumbling thunder. Space distorted as a bolt of black lightning descended towards the bewitching flower. After which, lightning continued to fall…

Suddenly, a terrifying ocean of Spiritual Energy dominated out before being sucked back into the flower.

When the flower absorbed the last drop, it rapidly shrunk back to its original size and pedals started to fall, wrapping a petite silhouette.

Mandala looked the same as before, a tender and petite girl; but when she raised her head, her golden pupils had turned dark, akin to black holes that could rip souls if anyone stared at her pupils for too long.

A black dress formed on Mandala’s body as she walked out of the heart. When she walked out, the Mandala flower swiftly shrunk and turned into a black flower that resided in her hand.

She opened her mouth and devoured the flower before stretching her waist and looked at the Xia Emperor and Lu Heng.

Sensing Mandala’s gaze being directed over, the Xia Emperor and Lu Heng took a step back together with fear and caution in their eyes. In terms of appearance, only Mandala’s pupils had changed, but they could sense that her aura was several folds more dangerous than before.

“Xia Emperor, are you still intending to fight?” Mandala cast a glance at the Xia Emperor and asked. After fusing back with her main body, she no longer feared the Xia Emperor and Lu Heng joining forces together.

The Xia Emperor’s face turned unsightly with his gaze flickering. He struggled to decide in his heart. If Mandala was only a Greater Earth Sovereign, then he naturally wouldn’t let the matter rest. But Mandala was a Perfected Earth Sovereign, which wasn’t something he could confront. If he became the enemy of a Perfected Earth Sovereign, then it would only bring a disaster for the Xia Empire.

Compared to that, the loss of a Crown Prince wasn’t anything. After all, he had other children, and he could nurture another Crown Prince from them.

Xia Emperor hesitated for a long while before he took a step back and indifferently said, “Since you have already broken through, then my Xia Empire will admit this loss.”

Many people looked at the Xia Emperor and smacked their lips. The Xia Emperor swallowed down the grudge, indeed a formidable person. It was no wonder why the Xia Empire could grow stronger in his hands.

Mandala was calm after his response. The Xia Emperor might be forced to endure this, but as long as she remained, then the Xia Empire could only continue to suck it up.

Perhaps the situation might change if the Xia Emperor broke through to the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm, but that was still something far away.

One must accumulate if they want to break through to the Perfected Earth Sovereign, which far exceeded the imagination of any Greater Earth Sovereign.

Thus, she turned to look at Lu Heng; but this time, her tone was much colder.

“Lu Heng, it’s time for us to settle our grudges.” Her cold voice was filled with dense killing intent. She had no intentions of letting Lu Heng off so quickly.

Lu Heng’s gaze had also turned dark, since the situation had gone out of his expectations. However, he did not retreat like the Xia Emperor, since he knew that the grudges between him and Mandala could only be settled after one of them dies. Even if he was willing to retreat, Mandala would probably not let him off so quickly.

Thus, he took a deep breath and took a step forth with boundless Spiritual Energy sweeping out and threw a jab forth.

Terrifying Spiritual Energy gathered in his fist and turned into a massive star that bolted towards Mandala. If an ordinary Lesser Earth Sovereign took that jab, he or she would be heavily injured. However, Mandala only merely raised her eye and gently flicked her finger.

The colossal star crashed against a floating mountain and was instantly reduced it to ashes before Mandala faintly said, “If this is all you have, then you will die today…”

Before she could finish her words, Mandala’s heart trembled and she turned around with shock on her face. At the same time, the other top-tiered experts and Mu Chen’s group had also sensed it and they looked over.

A floating island was reduced to dust, revealing the interior. It was a large plaza with a silhouette quietly standing there with an unimaginable aura spreading out that even Mandala, as a Perfected Earth Sovereign, felt puny before that aura.

Mandala’s gaze was fixed onto that figure with disbelief on her face as she exclaimed, “The… Heavenly Emperor?!”

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