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Chapter 1180 - Perfect

“Looks like… you have killed Garuda.” The gentle voice resounded without any emotions. However, Mu Chen felt his pores tensing up under that soft gaze as an indescribable danger encased him.

He was on guard as he looked at the silhouette That was Mandala’s sworn enemy, who was also rumoured to be the Heavenly Emperor’s mount.

He looked elegant with attractive features, as if he was artistically carved. His eyes were black as the sky with a unique charm. He was the Saint Demonic Emperor of the Saint Demonic Palace - Lu Heng!

When Mu Chen had tensed up his body while looking at Lu Heng, a petite silhouette stood before him and blocked Lu Heng’s aura.

Seeing that Mandala had guarded Mu Chen, Lu Heng gently smiled. “Relax, Garuda lost, and even if he died, I would say nothing. On the other hand, we haven’t met for so many years, so what’s with the hostility the moment we meet?”

Mandala’s face was cold before she faintly said, “You were once the Heavenly Emperor’s mount, but you cowered before fear. You have embarrassed his majestic, the Heavenly Emperor.”

The moment Mandala spoke, everyone looked at Lu Heng in astonishment, since none of them had expected Lu Heng to have this identity as well.

Furthermore, Lu Heng cowered from the Fiend Clans that attacked the Ancient Haven Palace? That’s cowardly, indeed.

Mandala poked the darkest secret in Lu Heng’s heart before his gentle and warm expression froze. The expression on his face gradually retracted, then he chuckled, “Mandala Flower, looks like you’re courting death. You fled in the past, but I’m afraid that you won’t be so lucky this time.”

A terrifying Spiritual Energy burst out from Lu Heng’s body, shattering the surrounding space and countless spatial fragments spun around him. The moment he unleashed that powerful Spiritual Energy, many people had slightly changed their faces, since Lu Heng was a true Greater Earth Sovereign.

“Xia Emperor, why don’t we temporary join forces?” Lu Heng looked at the Xia Emperor and smiled.

If the Xia Empire and Saint Demonic Palace joined hands, then even the Northern Region Alliance wouldn’t be able to stop them.

The Xia Emperor’s face was stern. He didn’t have a deep relationship with Lu Heng, but there’s no need for him to refuse the latter’s suggestion. He coldly looked at Mandala and said, “Hand that brat to me, or you will bear the consequences.”

The five Lesser Earth Sovereigns of the Northern region Alliance’s faces turned unsightly. They never thought that Mandala would have a sworn enemy like the Saint Demonic Emperor.

If the Saint Demonic Palace and Xia Empire joined forces, then their formation would exceed their Northern Region Alliance. After all, the other parties had two Greater Earth Sovereigns. So one of them only needed to tangle Mandala, while the other one cleaned up.

They couldn’t help looking at Mandala. Handing Mu Chen over was the best option available. After all, waging war with two top-tiered forces for a mere Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign was too unwise.

Under the nervous attention, Mandala’s face had no changes. She calmly looked at the Xia Emperor. “Impossible, start if you want to wage war.”

When the five Lesser Earth Sovereigns of the Northern Region Alliance heard her words, their faces turned bitter. They couldn’t understand why Mandala would protect Mu Chen. Mu Chen was merely a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign.

“Haha, good! Good!”

The Xia Emperor laughed with rage, since he never thought that Mandala would be so stubborn. She would rather fight with two top-tiered forces than hand Mu Chen over.

If he let the matter go, then the reputation of their Xia Empire would be significantly affected. After all, their Crown Prince was killed and if they couldn’t take revenge, who would join their Xia Empire in the future?

“Since you’re so stubborn, then let this Emperor see for himself what confidence your Northern Region Alliance has!” Xia Emperor said in a stern voice before the Spiritual Energy around him grew even more violent.

“Hey, will it be fine?” Lin Jing couldn’t help asking. Judging from the current situation, the Great Havenlaw Domain was at a disadvantageous position, no matter how she looked at it.

“Relax.” Mu Chen lightly smiled as he looked at Mandala. The latter had also turned to look at him at this moment.

Mu Chen nodded his head and waved his hand. An endless dark light blossomed and formed into a bewitching Primordial Mandala Flower that devoured even light.

The sudden appearance of the Primordial Mandala Flower immediately attracted everyone’s shock and attention before they could sense the terrifying fluctuation from the flower.

“You!” Lu Heng’s pupils narrowed as he exclaimed, “You found your main body!”

His gaze changed. He even sent a Lesser Earth Sovereign to obstruct Mandala from obtaining her main body. But even so, he couldn’t stop her?

“That… that’s the Primordial Mandala Flower!” The other powerhouses had also recognised the flower as they exclaimed, “The Alliance Lord of the Northern Region Alliance is a Primordial Mandala Flower?!”

Mandala ignored the shocked gazes and looked at the bewitching flower with excitement on her face. She carefully held the Mandala Flower. The flower also did not reject her touch; instead, the lustre grew bright.

“Thank you.” Mandala turned her head and said to Mu Chen.

Although she did not follow Mu Chen, she knew how tough it was for him to acquire her main body.

“If you don’t make a breakthrough, then you won’t be able to protect me with my ability to cause trouble.” Mu Chen shook his head and smiled. He had provoked the Xia Empire, and if he didn’t do anything, he might be in danger instead.

Since he had provoked trouble, then he must do something to make up for it.

Mandala smiled as well before she walked towards the bewitching flower, which blossomed as she headed towards the heart of the flower.

“Stop her!” Lu Heng roared. He and the Xia Emperor had practically made their move at the same time. Two currents of Spiritual Energy blasted towards the Primordial Mandala Flower.

Facing their attacks, the Mandala Flower’s pedals spread out with dark lustre that devoured lights. Instantly, the two blasts of Spiritual Energy were quietly erased.

Looking at the dark lustre, Lu Heng and the Xia Emperor’s faces turned extremely unsightly.

“The Primordial Mandala Flower is said to possess the ability to dissolve all attacks. It’s extremely overbearing.” A powerhouse exclaimed. After all, a Primordial Mandala Flower was too rare and reaching this height in terms of cultivation was even more precious.

“Even the attacks of two Greater Earth Sovereigns couldn’t obstruct it. This Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain is truly formidable. It looks like there will be another powerful figure in the Greatlaw Continent in the future.”

The five Lesser Earth Sovereigns were also dumbfounded at this scene. They never thought that Mandala, who had been a Lesser Earth Sovereign a few years ago, would suddenly grow this powerful.

A dark lustre constantly blossomed from the Primordial Mandala Flower while Mandala’s silhouette started to fade and integrate into the flower.

Immediately, tens of thousands of feet of dark lustre soared into the sky with terrifying Spiritual Energy dominating forth, along with an indescribable pressure.

The bewitching flower blossomed as if it was dancing, causing the heavens and earth to lightly tremble from its dance along with Sanskrit sounding out.

Everyone sensed that pressure and their faces wholly changed with astonishment rising in their hearts as the Spiritual Energy pressure… surpassed the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm. That was the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm!

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