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Chapter 1182 - Sudden Changes

The mountain collapsed, revealing the interior to everyone, especially the silhouette that stood in the centre of the plaza, which attracted everyone’s attention.

It’s a man donned in azure clothes with stunning features. His figure was imposing and, despite not moving, there was a vague terrifying bearing emanating from him.

He stood in a unique space. The entire space was under his control while fluctuating and distorting…

Everyone looked at that silhouette, regardless if it were Lesser Earth Sovereigns or Mandala, who had just broken through to the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm. The Spiritual Energy in their bodies uncontrollably trembled.

As for those beneath the Earth Sovereign Realm, the powerful Spiritual Energy in their bodies caused them to spat a mouthful of blood before they shifted their gazes, not daring to look at that silhouette.

They could even be injured just by looking at that existence… just how terrifying was it?

It was something that not even Mandala, as a Perfected Earth Sovereign, could accomplish it. That could only mean an answer that fits the explanation…

The founder of the Ancient Haven Palace, one of the pinnacle experts in ancient times, the Heavenly Emperor!

The entire Heavenly Emperor Cemetery fell into silence as they looked at that silhouette. All of them were intimidated by the aura that the figure was giving off. The astonishment lasted for a long time before they gradually recovered from the shock.

“That… that’s the Heavenly Emperor!” Trembling voices resounded with reverence and greed.

Everyone came to the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery for one inheritance, or in other words, the Peerless Divine Ability that belonged to the Heavenly Emperor, the Three Pures!

If they could obtain it, then they would be able to stand at the top of the Great Thousand World in the future and step into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“That is the Heavenly Emperor?” Mu Chen was also shocked as he looked at the figure. He never thought that the hidden Heavenly Emperor would be revealed by the confrontation between Lu Heng and Mandala.

Standing behind Mu Chen, the three ladies also looked at that figure with curiosity.

The silence in this region broke, since many people couldn’t hold themselves back and appeared around the mountain. Lu Heng had also moved closer after taking a glance at Mandala.

Mandala did not attempt to obstruct him because she was dazed, looking at the figure with complicated emotions surging in her eyes.

She was brought back by the Heavenly Emperor. At that time, she was still young and on the brink of death, but she was saved by the Heavenly Emperor and stayed in the Ancient Haven Palace.

When the Fiend Clans attacked, she initially wanted to fight as well, but she was sealed by the Heavenly Emperor, thus avoiding the fate of death.

So the Heavenly Emperor was like a father to her, but when she woke up, her whole world changed. The Heavenly Emperor went missing, along with the destruction of the Ancient Haven Palace. She was even heavily wounded by Lu Heng and had to escape, which resulted in the loss of her memories.

But… regardless of anything, she would definitely not allow that traitor Lu Heng obtain the Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance!

Mandala clenched her fist with dense killing intent flashing in her eyes before she flew towards that mountain with Mu Chen and the rest following after her.

Everyone gathered around the mountain, and as they approach, they noticed something else besides the Heavenly Emperor.

The Heavenly Emperor held onto a crystal and a simple longsword. It was akin to a sword fetus formed by the heavens and earth, but everyone could sense the terrifying energy coming from that sword.

The sword emanated a cold light that could even slice apart space. At this moment, the sword was plunged into the ground, where a black skull was at, decayed.

Seeing the black skull, everyone felt a chill in their hearts; they felt indescribable evil from it.

“That crystal sword… could it be the legendary Heavenly Emperor Sword owned by the Heavenly Emperor himself?”

“Then, that skull belongs to the Monarch that invaded the Greatlaw Continent?”

“Looks like the Heavenly Emperor and that Monarch had fallen in that battle…”


Everyone looked at this scene as discussions resounded . Some of them even had their gazes flickering with impatience.

Regardless if it was the Heavenly Emperor Sword, the Peerless Divine Ability, the Three Pures, or even the Heavenly Emperor’s corpse, they all possessed temptation that could blind others.

“I suggest no one makes a move. We have no idea what happened here, and if anyone triggers anything, none of us will be able to escape!” While the others were impatient to make a move, Mandala’s cold voice resounded.

Everyone was stunned and hesitated. This place was genuinely unusual, and the Heavenly Emperor’s corpse and the evil skull made them feel uneasy.

“Heh, Mandala, could it be that you want to monopolise Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance and the sword?” While everyone was hesitating, a cold sneer resounded. Everyone looked at the origin of that voice and saw that it was Lu Heng who spoke out.

Hearing those words, some powerhouses knitted their brows as they looked at Mandala in doubt. That’s because the Peerless Divine Ability was something that even a Heavenly Sovereign would be tempted by.

“Great Havenlaw Domain Ruler, even if you have successfully broken through, you’re not the only Perfected Earth Sovereign in the Greatlaw Continent. Don’t take things too far.” Someone finally spoke out. The speaker had a great background and his force also had a Perfected Earth Sovereign. Although that powerhouse had not come to the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery yet, he could be summoned through unique means. So even if others were fearful of Mandala, he wasn’t afraid.

Seeing that someone spoke out, a discussion broke out, but evidently, Mandala couldn’t intimidate everyone under the temptation.

Mandala looked at everyone and fell into silence. Before she could speak, she was stopped by Mu Chen, since it’s futile to obstruct anyone in this situation. If she forcefully stopped everyone, it might cause a public outrage. Even Mandala couldn’t confront so many top-tiered powerhouses, not to mention that all of them had a backing that wasn’t inferior to the Northern Region Alliance.

When Lu Heng saw Mandala falling into silence, a smile rose on the corner of his lips.

The stalemate did not last for long. Screeching sounds of wind rang out, breaking the silence. Several Lesser Earth Sovereigns couldn’t hold themselves back and shot out.

They had a clear objective. They’re not after the Heavenly Emperor Sword but the Heavenly Emperor’s corpse.

After all, the Heavenly Emperor Sword was plunged into the evil skull and no one knew what might happen if they pulled it out. Since that’s the case, then they would go after the Heavenly Emperor’s corpse. Who knows, the Peerless Divine Ability - Three Pures might be on the Heavenly Emperor himself.

They travelled extremely swiftly, but no one stopped them, since they wanted those Lesser Earth Sovereigns to test the waters.

Those silhouettes had practically appeared beside the Heavenly Emperor’s corpse the next moment before they made a grab and left.

The Heavenly Emperor’s corpse left the Heavenly Emperor Sword, and when Mu Chen saw that scene, his body tensed up in alert.

But what left them surprised was that nothing happened. When the other powerhouses saw this scene, they felt inwardly relieved with greed brewing in their eyes and they were about to snatch.

But at that moment, a silhouette had suddenly appeared before those Lesser Earth Sovereigns and pushed a palm out. A star exploded with terrifying energy exploding forth that shattered space.

Countless fragments gathered on his fist and slammed against the chest of a Lesser Earth Sovereign. That Lesser Earth Sovereign instantly erupted and was reduced to blood that rained down in the sky…

That silhouette continued to make a move and killed the other two Lesser Earth Sovereigns after killing the first one.

When three of the Lesser Earth Sovereigns were killed, many people recovered from the sudden change of events and their faces drastically changed. They looked at that silhouette with shock in their eyes. It was Lu Heng that made a move!

“Lu Heng, what are you doing?!” Many people roared. Was Lu Heng trying to offend everyone?

But when facing everyone’s gazes, Lu Heng grinned. His smile became extremely savage at this moment. He waved his sleeve and summoned some blood into the sky.

It was at this moment that an unexpected event occurred. The Heavenly Emperor’s corpse had opened its mouth and devoured that blood.

This scene had instantly caused everyone to turn cold.

This… what is happening?!

At this moment, the entire cemetery fell into silence.

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