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Chapter 1180: The Ten Suns Divine Hand

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The green stone sculpture fell into Garuda’s hands, but it caused ripples in Mu Chen’s heart. Mu Chen stared at the stone sculpture, his expression frozen on his face.

“Hey… Are you wondering what this is?” Garuda asked smugly.

Mu Chen furrowed his eyebrows but remained silent. Garuda didn’t mind. He tossed the stone sculpture casually and said, “This sculpture was given to me by the Palace Master. Legend has it that there was once a gifted disciple of the Ancient Celestial Palace, who tried to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body but failed, and this was formed from that failed Great Solar Undying Body.”

Garuda then added, “This sculpture has no effect on others, but it is considered a treasure to people like us, who have also cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body. Once it is consumed and absorbed by the Great Solar Undying Body, it can temporarily boost the power of The Great Solar Undying Body.”

Mu Chen’s expression finally shifted slightly, as he now understood Garuda’s preposterous plan.

“Excuse me, but it seems that I’m the one getting the last laugh.” Garuda smiled at Mu Chen. Then without hesitating, he tossed the stone sculpture, and the black Great Solar Undying Body at his feet opened its jaws and swallowed the sculpture!

Boom… Boom…

As the green stone sculpture fell into the Great Solar Undying Body’s mouth, its huge body suddenly began to shake and expand noticeably. In the blink of an eye, it had expanded to several times its original size, and the spiritual energy fluctuations that were erupting from its body had reached frightful proportions!


The frightful spiritual energy fluctuations spread out in all directions. They even suppressed the Great Solar Undying Body at Mu Chen’s feet, causing its golden shine to dim. At this point, nearly three-quarters of the world was covered by a dark light.

Mu Chen’s expression turned stormy.

“Sovereign Super Power, Nine Suns Demonic Hole!” Garuda threw his head back and laughed, then let out a violent roar. This caused the nine black suns to rise and once again form a huge black hole.

The abyss of the black hole was unfathomably deep. From afar, it really looked as if a black hole was about to devour everything in the world! The power of the Nine Suns Demonic Hole that Garuda had unleashed far surpassed ordinary minor Super Power Techniques!

“Mu Chen, come on! Let your Great Solar Undying Body become my stepping stone to the next rank!” The demonic hole covered the sky and the earth, and Garuda was laughing nonstop. At this point, he was obviously just one step away from victory.

Garuda looked at Mu Chen, and he was surprised to see that Mu Chen had already regained his composure after being stunned by the sight of the green stone sculpture.

“Even at this stage you’re still trying to pretend you aren’t scared of me! You really don’t know what’s good for you!” Garuda narrowed his gaze and spoke with a cold smile.

Mu Chen ignored his sarcasm, took a deep breath, and looked at the horrifying strength of the black hole. He had an odd glint in his eye.

“I’m surprised you managed to push the strength of the Nine Suns to this level…” he said.

Garuda sneered back. “My power has reached the upper limits of the Great Solar Undying Body. The facts all point towards me being the only person qualified to evolve to the Immortal Golden Body!”

“Is this really the upper limit of the Great Solar Undying Body?” Mu Chen muttered, a smile immediately appearing on his young and handsome face. He then looked up at Garuda and said, “I don’t think so.”

Garuda’s expression changed. Just as he about to say something, Mu Chen continued, “At your level, even with the aid of the stone sculpture, you could only create nine suns. The upper limit of the Great Solar Undying Body’s potential might not be Nine Suns.”

Garuda smiled maliciously and said, “Nine Suns isn’t the ultimate form? Hey, idiot, the seeds of the Nine Suns in the Great Solar Undying Body have all been ignited by the two of us. If you claim that this isn’t the ultimate form, could you create the Tenth Sun?”

The instant the Great Solar Undying Body was cultivated, the seeds of Nine Suns would grow within its body, which is the Sovereign Super Power of the Great Solar Undying Body. But if Mu Chen was claiming that Nine Suns was not the ultimate form, then Garuda had to wonder what it could be…

Mu Chen looked at Garuda and smiled eerily, then asked, “Isn’t that the Tenth Sun?”

Garuda followed the direction of Mu Chen’s gaze, and was immediately stunned. The object that Mu Chen was gazing at was none other than a dazzling big sun that was right behind the Great Solar Undying Body!

Garuda immediately smirked and asked, “Are you an idiot? That sun is just the physical manifestation of the spiritual energy of the Great Solar Undying Body!”

He did try to examine that sun, but to no avail, as any spiritual energy poured into the sun had no other effect besides making it brighter. Therefore, from Garuda’s point of view, that sun’s only purpose was to maintain the majestic and mysterious appearance of the Great Solar Undying Body.

“Is that so?” Hearing his words, Mu Chen smiled sinisterly, but didn’t say anything more. He simply sat on top of the Great Solar Undying Body, forming a seal with his hands.


The moment the seal was formed, the golden sun behind the Great Solar Undying Body began to hum and vibrate, and hundreds of millions of golden light beams spanned out, immediately reclaiming the land that had been engulfed by the demonic hole. As overbearing as the demonic hole was, it could not engulf those golden lights.

A multitude of hair-raising spiritual force fluctuations were erupting like crazy from the golden big sun. In fact, it was such a powerful spiritual energy, it even scared Garuda!

As he was overwhelmed with horror, he asked, “How could you possibly have such tremendous amounts of spiritual energy?”

Mu Chem calmly replied, “Weren’t you guys wondering why the effects of my perfect baptism at the Heavenly River were so bland?”

Garuda’s face changed drastically and he said, “You…you poured all of the power of the perfect baptism into that sun! You are crazy!”

“The amount of spiritual energy needed to activate the Tenth Sun is far beyond what you can imagine,” Mu Chen replied with a faint smile. “The perfect baptism may have refined my strength, but it could never get me to evolve into an Earthly Sovereign. If so, why shouldn’t I sacrifice that slight improvement for the sake of verifying my wild guess?”

Indeed, the presence of the Tenth Sun was merely Mu Chen’s conjecture. He wasn’t sure about the theory at the beginning, but he had still taken his chances.

Garuda’s expression had become somewhat twisted. Giving up the perfect baptism for something uncertain was beyond his imagination.

Yet, what really made him lose his ability to think rationally was the fact that Mu Chen’s gamble had paid off. He had actually activated the Tenth Sun! Staring at the dazzling golden sun, terror finally crept into the depths of Garuda’s heart.

“You’re just playing dirty tricks to disarm me. Die!” Garuda roared ferociously. There was no turning back for him now. Even if he knew death awaited him, he had no choice but to rush forwards.

Hence, he swapped the seal, and the demonic hole that was shrouding the world madly whizzed down to gobble up Mu Chen. The demonic hole whistled through the sky, and countless black gases vibrated, tearing apart the fabric of the space.

Mu Chen simply took a deep breath, then formed a seal with a solemn expression…

Buzz… Buzz…

All nine golden suns rose from the Great Solar Undying Body at this moment, then finally broke free of the celestial body and floated around it. The biggest golden sun was located at the center, and nine golden suns circled around it, just like stars surrounding the moon.

Buzz! Buzz!

Their revolutions began to accelerate, until finally, the nine golden suns directly collided with the Tenth Sun. Following the collision, an extremely loud bang could be heard, as indescribable golden lights spread outwards.

As the golden light filled the world, Mu Chen’s indifferent voice rang out suddenly, “Sovereign Super Power, The Power of Ten Suns! Ten Suns Divine Hand!”

A huge golden hand suddenly stretched out from within the endless golden lights. The giant hand was flawless and seemed as if it was forged entirely from gold. As such, one would be inexplicably mesmerised by the mere sight of it.

From afar, it looked like the hand of a god descending from the sky, and it caused an indescribable sense of oppression to envelope the world. The giant golden hand stretched out and instantly grabbed the massive demonic hole, then gently pinched it.


The demonic hole that Mu Chen had once feared so much then cracked like a fragile egg. A violent and dark spiritual energy broke out immediately, but this didn’t affect the giant golden hand at all. Instead, it was quickly dissipated by the golden lights. This was a terrifying power which could crush anything!


When his demonic hole was crushed, Garuda’s eyes were filled with fear and horror. Evidently, he couldn’t believe that his attack had been so easily thwarted!


The thought of escape flashed through his head. Garuda knew that he had been completely defeated.

The minute the thought ran through his mind, Garuda immediately retreated. However, just as he started to retreat, the sky suddenly brightened, and he saw a flawless giant golden hand pierce through the void. Then, the hand gave him a light pat.

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