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Chapter 1179 - Powerhouse Descending

Space was in a ruptured state with countless spatial fragments, forming into a chaotic space as it whistled in the surroundings. Naturally, the most terrifying factor came from the vague terrifying pressure in this cemetery…

“Let’s go.” Mu Chen was also startled by the terrifying aura, but he wasn’t afraid. He briefly pondered before looking at the ladies. They had come this far, so they couldn’t just give up now.

The three ladies had no objection, so they travelled cautiously and descended into the cemetery.

The moment they stepped in, they could sense a terrifying pressure enveloping them, causing the Spiritual Energy in their bodies to turn sluggish.

However, none of them were pushovers, so they had immediately circulated their Spiritual Energy to resist the pressure before sweeping their gaze around, which caused their hearts to tremble.

There were innumerable towering peaks that were floating in the sky, the ground was covered in abyssal cracks that looked akin to enormous dragons.

“Space is already shattered here… even the spatial laws have become unusual.” Xiao Xiao’s face turned a little grave. Just what kind of battle could let space remain damaged even after tens of thousands of years?

Before Mu Chen could speak, he suddenly turned to another direction where streaks of light were approaching before turning into silhouettes. They were from the various forces that had arrived in the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery.

Amongst those people, Mu Chen had seen a familiar figure, Xia Hong of the Xia Empire, and the latter was also looking at Mu Chen with a vicious gaze.

“Hehe, Mu Chen, weren’t you very arrogant earlier?” Xia Hong looked at Mu Chen as he revealed an eerie smile.

Perhaps he would cover and hide if he had encountered Mu Chen before this. But the situation was different now, since they’re in the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery. In his eyes, Mu Chen was akin to a dead man since he could summon his Imperial Father anytime.

However, Mu Chen had completely ignored Xia Hong’s gaze and had made sufficient preparations for the Xia Emperor.

However, Xia Hong’s face distorted as Mu Chen ignored him. His face turned savage before he took out a jade talisman.

“Mu Chen, I will make you kneel and beg me!” Xia Hong roared as he crushed the jade talisman.

Powerful Spiritual Energy burst out when the jade talisman was crushed. The Spiritual Energy gathered and tore through space before it turned into a passage. An imposing silhouette slowly walked out from it.

When that silhouette walked out, boundless Spiritual Energy swept out from him, reducing the surrounding peaks into ashes from the massive Spiritual Energy.

“So this is the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery… Xia Hong, you have done a great job.” When the imposing silhouette descended, he looked around before praising.

“Where is Xia Yu?” The Xia Emperor suddenly dropped a question. Se did not sense Xia Yu’s Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

Xia Hong instantly, viciously looked at Mu Chen. “Imperial Father, Imperial Brother has been killed by him!”

The Xia Emperor’s silhouette paused before looking at Mu Chen without any emotions in his eyes.

When the Xia Emperor’s gaze was directed over, Mu Chen could feel a terrifying pressure surging from that direction, trying to make him kneel on the ground.

Facing the pressure, a purple-golden lustre burst out from his body, resisting the pressure coming from a Greater Earth Sovereign. However, the ground beneath him cracked.

“Mhm?” Seeing how Mu Chen resisted his pressure, Xia Emperor was startled. With his strength as a Greater Earth Sovereign, ordinary Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns would be reduced to minced meat under his pressure, but that brat was actually unharmed.

Mu Chen clenched his teeth as he raised his head and looked at the Xia Emperor.

The Xia Emperor wore golden imperial robes and looked imposing with his hands behind his back. Vaguely, an endless prestige emanated from him that would strike fear in others.

While Mu Chen looked at the Xia Emperor, he crushed the jade stone that Mandala had given him without any hesitation. Instantly, a powerful Spiritual Energy had formed into a spatial passage and a petite silhouette walked out from it.

When she walked out, the pressure that came from Xia Emperor had instantly disappeared.

“Why? The Xia Emperor of the Xia Empire was ignoring his status and made a move against a younger generation?” Mandala’s tender, yet cold voice resounded.

The Xia Emperor looked at Mandala with a dark gaze before he said in an indifferent voice that was filled with killing intent, “He killed my Crown Prince. If your Great Havenlaw Domain wants to protect him, then my Xia Empire can only start a war with you guys.”

As he spoke, two more silhouettes walked out form the passage — two Lesser Earth Sovereigns. They were the top-tiered fighting force of the Xia Empire.

Two Lesser Earth Sovereign and a Greater Earth Sovereign, this formation was already quite powerful. If it was an ordinary top-tiered force, they would have immediately handed Mu Chen over after facing this formation. However, Mandala’s face maintained a faint smile.

Several silhouettes walked out of the passage with boundless Spiritual Energy dominating forth, a total of five Lesser Earth Sovereigns. The five Lesser Earth Sovereigns were all leaders of top-tiered forces in the Northern Region, members of the Northern Region Alliance.

“Our Northern Region Alliance is one entity. If your Xia Empire wants to fight, then come.” Mandala smiled.

The five Lesser Earth Sovereigns helplessly cast their lips aside. Although they did not want to start a war with a top-tiered force like the Xia Empire, they couldn’t show any objections with Mandala there.

At least from the surface, their Northern Region Alliance was stronger than the Xia Empire. So if a fight broke out, they might even be able to earn a considerable sum.

When the Xia Emperor saw that Mandala was willing to wage war with the Xia Empire for the expense of protecting Mu Chen, his expression turned cold. Despite not having any emotions on his face, the powerful Spiritual Energy around him signified his rage, causing space to distort under his wrath.

However, Mandala remained composed while facing the Xia Emperor as a terrifying Spiritual Energy burst out from her petite body as well. The atmosphere between the two parties became intense.

While they stood in confrontation, spatial fluctuations suddenly started to ripple as powerhouses started to descend, summoned by their subordinates.

Powerful fluctuations soared into the sky in the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery as Earth Sovereigns started to descend.

When they arrived, they swiftly discovered the tense atmosphere between Mandala and the Xia Emperor. However, none of them had any intentions to interfere. After all, both of them had powerful formations, and they would probably suffer if they interfered. It would be good news for them if both sides suffered losses, since the number of competitors would decrease.

However, this situation did not continue. A burst of bright laughter suddenly resounded, which attracted much attention, “Haha. Mandala Flower, I never expect that you would hide in the Northern Region for all these years… I’ve been searching a long time for you.”

When Mu Chen heard that voice, his pupils narrowed. That person called Mandala, Mandala Flower… that meant that he must know Mandala’s real identity.

In the Greatlaw Continent, aside from Mandala’s sworn enemy, the Saint Demonic Emperor, who else knew about her identity?

He raised his head and looked afar to see a spatial fluctuation. A silhouette stood out from the spatial fluctuation and appeared before them.

When the silhouette appeared, he cast a glance at Mandala before looking at Mu Chen and smiled before he said in a gentle voice, “I sense the fluctuation of the Ocean-Whelming Seal on you. Looks like… You have killed garuda.”

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