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Chapter 1177 - Immortal Golden Body

When the Great Solar Undying Body stepped into the golden lake of magma, Mu Chen, who was seated at the edge of the lake, suddenly started to tremble with sweat rolling from his forehead.

At that moment, with the intimate connection with the Great Solar Undying Body, he could sense a terrifying burst of power striking the Great Solar Undying Body, causing it to swiftly dissolve in layers.

The dissolving sensation was even transferred to Mu Chen himself. The intense pain covered his entire body.

Mu Chen felt that the intense pain was so unbearable that he clenched his teeth and blood seeped out from the corner of his lips.

His body trembled, and his eyes were turning red. But even so, he forcefully endured it, since he knew that the Great Solar Undying Body was undergoing a transformation with the help of the lake and he’s facing the torture from it.

If he couldn’t bear it, then the transformation wouldn’t be successful. Even if he managed to evolve it into the Immortal Golden Body, it wouldn’t be perfect.

He had been working hard for years just for an imperfect Immortal Golden Body? His objective was the strongest legendary Sovereign Celestial Body of the Great Thousand World, the Primordial Immortal Body!

So he needed a complete transformation!

Sweat drenched Mu Chen’s body as the magma engulfed the Great Solar Undying Body. The Great Solar Undying Body swiftly shrank, akin to a plump person losing the fat.

Despite the Great Solar Undying Body shrinking, the colour of it had started to change into a deeper gold with a thin layer of purple…

The massive sun behind the head of the Great Solar Undying Body had also changed. It had turned into golden liquid that encased the Great Solar Undying Body and was slowly seeping in.

Before the Great Solar Undying Body stepped into the lake, it was a few thousand feet in height, but in just ten-odd minutes, it had been reduced to a thousand feet.

Although it was shrinking, one could sense that the energy contained within the shrunken Sovereign Celestial Body gradually grew stronger.

He could also sense these changes, which made him feel better from the intense torture. At least he felt at ease, since he did not endure the pain in vain.


Under the severe pain, he had even lost track of time and was gradually numb from the pain.

But that wasn’t good news. If he fell in too deep, even his mind might collapse, and his Sovereign Celestial Body might even be destroyed if he was careless.

So although Mu Chen was numb from the pain, he persisted with a strand of clarity…

But he naturally couldn’t maintain it forever. He could only pray that the Great Solar Undying Body could complete its transformation before he lost his rationale.

Otherwise, the outcome would be terrifying.

But fortunately, Mu Chen’s prayers seem to have worked.

Bubbles continually rose from the lake and exploded into a golden lustre that looked incredibly gorgeous.

Mu Chen’s face was pale before he finally slowly opened his eyes with endless exhaustion flashing in his pupils. He nearly collapsed from the torture.

However, when he looked at the lake, his eyes flashed with emotions restored on his face. He could sense that at this moment, the intense pain had suddenly disappeared…

“Is the transformation successful?” Mu Chen muttered as his gaze fixed onto the lake.

Bubbles suddenly rose from the lake. The entire lake boiled at this moment. Every single bubble gushed out with a golden lustre as they exploded.

A shadow could be seen approaching the surface from under the lake. In the end, the lake split in two as waves spread out and a massive silhouette slowly rose from the lake.

Mu Chen looked at the silhouette and even despite his firm heart, he couldn’t help trembling with excitement.

Golden magma fell from the massive silhouette. It was an entirely unfamiliar Sovereign Celestial Body, but due to the intimate connection, Mu Chen knew that this was the Immortal Golden Body that he had been pursuing!

This Sovereign Celestial Body no longer had a massive sun hovering behind its head and was no longer sparkling with gold, like before, but it had additional traces of a purple layer on it.

Furthermore, it was covered in purple runes that seemed to have been naturally forged. Every single rune was extraordinarily profound and contained an unspeakable divine power.

If one took a closer look, one could realise that those runes had vaguely formed into a rising sun.

Mu Chen looked at the Sovereign Celestial Body and felt a misconception, as if this Sovereign Celestial Body represented the immortality that made even the passage of time unable to destroy it.

“So this is the Immortal Golden Body…” Mu Chen muttered. His objective had finally been achieved after so many years, which made Mu Chen feel unreal.

“But…why is it so small?” However, Mu Chen quickly recovered from his excitement. Under normal circumstances, the Immortal Golden Body, which was a few hundred feet, wasn’t short. But compared with other Sovereign Celestial Bodies, it was truly short.

One must know that Mu Chen’s Great Solar Undying Body was a few thousand feet high, but the current Immortal Golden Body probably only reached the height of its thighs.

In the Great Thousand World, the sizes represented the strength of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, since it would be able to contain more powerful Spiritual Energy.

But the Immortal Golden Body… was only a few hundred feet in size. Was it more powerful than to the Great Solar Undying Body?

Mu Chen scratched his head before he stretched his hand out and the Immortal Golden Body came in contact with him.

A golden lustre surged and the Sovereign Celestial Body encased Mu Chen within. He could sense that he had obtained full control of the Immortal Golden Body. It was also at this moment that he could sense that the power contained within the Immortal Golden Body left Mu Chen instantly stunned…

“This energy…” Mu Chen lowered his head to his hands before he briefly hesitated, then threw a jab forth.

When the Immortal Golden Body threw a jab forth, an explosion resounded between the heavens and earth and a golden lustre dominated forth. Mu Chen could see the crater of fist being left on the golden plaza. Space had also ruptured with shattering fragments.

Mu Chen widened his mouth at the destructive ability. It wasn’t at all weaker to when he executed the Tenth Solar God-Devil Hand!

If Garuda was there at that moment, Mu Chen wouldn’t need to tangle with him in a fight. He only had to throw a jab, and he could instantly kill Garuda!

“So… this is the power of the Immortal Golden Body?!” Mu Chen was stunned as he looked at the Immortal Golden Body, which had encased him. After a brief moment, he laughed and his voice resonated throughout this area.

According to Mu Chen’s estimations, this Immortal Golden Body could even be ranked amongst the Top 15 of the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies!

After years of enduring and hard work, he finally transformed into a soaring dragon!

Mu Chen laughed as he leapt down from the altar. At this moment, he could be considered invincible beneath the Earth Sovereign Realm!

Furthermore, he could even escape from a Lesser Earth Sovereign with the help of Immortal Golden Body, even without the help of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

Mu Chen looked in the sky and a face had vaguely appeared. Her hair was similar to a silvery river and she had bright crystal pupils. Mu Chen had been impatient many times in the past, but at this moment, his gaze was calm and steady as still water…

He raised his hand and gently touched that face that he had yearned and smiled. “Luo Li… I’ve finally done it. I will soon come for you… please wait for me!”

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