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Chapter 1176 - The Final Victor

A golden lustre spread throughout this region and Garuda was extremely terrified. He watched as the massive hand pierced through space and appear above him.

The speed of that hand was indescribable; furthermore, Garuda could feel that the space had been frozen by the golden hand, which also meant that he could no longer escape.

Fear covered Garuda’s face as he yelled, “I admit defeat!”

However, the golden palm briefly paused, which allowed Garuda to immediately took out a jade stone and he was about to crush it; it was an item given to him by the Palace Master which he could use to escape by crushing it.

But at that moment, before he could crush it, a golden light suddenly filled his eyes and an indescribable pressure dominated forth in every direction.

Under that terrifying pressure, Garuda froze, he couldn’t move. He watched as the golden palm slammed against his Great Solar Undying Body.

His Great Solar Undying Body was fragile under the golden hand with cracks starting to spread out before it exploded.

When the black Great Solar Undying Body exploded, Garuda had also felt a fatal impact with fresh blood gushing from his mouth. He was instantly dyed red with blood and the Spiritual Energy around him had diminished.

“Mu Chen, if you dare kill me, my Saint Demonic Palace will not let you off! The Palace Master will let you taste life beyond death!” Garuda sensed Mu Chen’s killing intent for him and viciously cursed.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t bothered by his words and Garuda’s body was crushed. Even his Sovereign Sea and Spirit had been annihilated before the golden hand gradually dissipated.

When the golden hand dissipated, Mu Chen had also spat out a mouthful of blood as the Spiritual Energy fluctuation around started to weaken. That attack from before had practically exhausted the Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea.

Mu Chen wiped the blood off his lips while enduring the intense pain in his body. He waved his hand and the crimson lotus appeared. He then sat on it.

A chilling energy swiftly entered his body and started to restore his injuries and exhausted Spiritual Energy.

The entire process lasted ten-odd minutes before Mu Chen opened his eyes and he exclaimed before patting the crimson lotus after sensing the recovery of his injuries.

If he had to do it through the usual way, he would require at least half a day to recover from his injuries. But with the help of the lotus seat, it had practically restored the majority of his wounds.

Mu Chen stood up and looked in the direction that Garuda was killed at and saw countless black sparkles drifting in the air. They were from Garuda’s Great Solar Undying Body, which contained potent Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen waved his hand and pulled the black sparkles over. They gathered on his palm and formed into a black sphere that was the size of a head, and a black Great Solar Undying Body could be vaguely seen within it.

Mu Chen looked at the sphere with a complicated gaze. If Garuda had defeated him, then it would be his Great Solar Undying Body instead.

The path towards the Primordial Immortal Body is truly brutal…

Mu Chen sighed before he composed himself and a streak of light flew towards him. It was a black stone seal, the Lesser Saint Artifact that Garuda had used, the Ocean-Whelming Seal.

“Truly a Saint Artifact, to be unharmed even under that attack.” Mu Chen held onto the Ocean-Whelming Seal with joy in his eyes.

The power of the Ocean-Whelming Seal wasn’t at all inferior to his Wind God’s Fan. Most Lesser Earth Sovereigns didn’t even possess a Lesser Saint Artifact. That meant that he had a total of two Lesser Saint Artifacts, which would leave even Lesser Earth Sovereigns jealous.

Mu Chen tossed the Ocean-Whelming Seal in his hand, but he did not refine it. Even if Garuda had died, this was given to him by the Saint Demonic Palace Master, Lu Heng. So who knew, he might have left a trick in it. So for security, it would be better to wait till everything settles down before refining it.

At this moment, he had something more important to do. After retrieving his loot, Mu Chen turned around and looked at the ancient altar with blazing eyes.

He appeared beneath the altar and retracted his Spiritual Energy before walking up the platform.

There was a stone statue with a golden page floating above with an ancient text on it that made Mu Chen feel fearful from the bottom of his heart.

Mu Chen looked at the page and his body trembled. At this moment, his heart was in a mess, since the objective that he was working so hard for was finally before his eyes.

As long as he had this golden page, he would be able to evolve his Great Solar Undying Body into the Immortal Golden Body and step into the stage of powerhouses...

Mu Chen trembled before he stretched his hand out. The black Great Solar Undying Body flew out and fell onto the stage.

The sphere cracked and turned into strands of black flames that slowly enveloped the golden page. At that moment, a myriad golden lustre beamed out from the page and refined into golden magma, causing space to show signs of collapsing from the power.

However, Mu Chen’s gaze was fixed on the magma. He could see many tiny words from it.

The magma condensed into a golden lake above the altar with a terrifying energy emanating out that could destroy anything.

The golden magma seemed to be brewing to a point where the golden flames started to rise and formed into ancient words that floated before Mu Chen.

Celestial Body entering the divine lake and shredding it into the golden body.

Mu Chen stared at those words and gulped a mouthful of saliva. Even from just looking at it, he could sense the terrifying power within it. Even a Lesser Earth Sovereign wouldn’t dare to let his Sovereign Celestial Body enter, since it would be instantly reduced to smoke.

Although Mu Chen was fearful, he was not an indecisive person. He had been working hard for many years, just for this moment. So even if he had to risk his life, he wouldn’t hesitate for a moment.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and his expression turned stern. Without any hesitation, he formed seals and summoned his Great Solar Undying Body.

He cast a glance at the Great Solar Undying Body behind him before it took a step out, heading towards the burning golden lake of magma.

Mu Chen had also sat down and looked at the lake engulfing his Great Solar Undying Body before he gradually closed his eyes.

After so many years of hard work… this moment is finally here!

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