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Chapter 1178 - The Heavenly Emperor Cemetery

In a desolate mountain range without a strand of life, even from the destructive battle tens of thousands ago, space suddenly distorted as a silhouette stood out.

It was naturally Mu Chen, who had just left the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. His Great Solar Undying Body had been transformed into the Immortal Golden Body, so there’s no need for him to stay there.

As Mu Chen walked out, he swept his gaze around and was stunned with a grave expression flashing on his face. He could vaguely sense the remnants of destructive powers in this mountain range that seemed to be from two utterly opposing energy.

“What terrifying energy…” Mu Chen’s countenance slightly changed, since he never thought that the remnant energy would be so terrifying even after all this time.

That meant that the identity of those two was evident, even without speaking. Aside from the Heavenly Emperor of the Ancient Haven Palace and the Monarch from the Fiend Clans, who else could it be?

“So this is the terror of that level…?” Mu Chen sighed before he cautiously moved. He did not dare to step on the ground, since he feared that the remnant energy would kill him.

He swiftly travelled through the mountain range and suddenly raised his head to see several silhouettes with familiar Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

Those silhouettes had also sensed him when he sensed them. He immediately stopped upon hearing a joyful resounding voice that belonged to Lin Jing. “Hey, Mu Chen!”

Mu Chen smiled as his silhouette flickered and appeared before Lin Jing, Xiao Xiao and Nine Nether.

“You’re slow. We thought something happened to you.” When Lin Jing saw that Mu Chen was safe and sound, she was naturally happy about it.

“Looks like you guys have a pretty good harvest as well.” Mu Chen glanced at the three ladies. All three of them had joy on their faces, so they must have been satisfied with their harvests.

“Mhm?” When Mu Chen looked at the three ladies, he was stunned, before he looked in another direction to see a figure following them.

It was a familiar face with crimson and flaming hair, Zhu Yan!

When Zhu Yan noticed Mu Chen’s gaze, his expression was uneasy, but he still followed up.

“What is he doing?” Mu Chen asked in puzzlement. They weren’t close with Zhu Yan, so why did that fellow follow them?

Hearing Mu Chen’s question, the corner of Xiao Xiao’s lips rose before she coldly glanced at Zhu Yan.

“Hehe, that fellow encountered Big Sister Xiao Xiao and was beaten up. Not sure if he suffered a concussion, but he has been following us after that.” Lin Jing smiled.

The corner of Mu Chen’s lips twitched. It looked like Zhu Yan had made a move against Xiao Xiao, which did not result as he wished.

But that also left Mu Chen a little surprised, since he never thought that Xiao Xiao had hidden her strength so profoundly that she could even deal with someone like Zhu Yan. She was, indeed, the daughter of the Flame Emperor.

“Oh, right, what about Garuda?” Nine Nether glanced at Mu Chen before she suddenly asked. She knew that Garuda was a sworn enemy of Mu Chen’s.

“Died.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Died?” Hearing his words, the three ladies were shocked. They had some understanding of Garuda’s strength, so they knew how powerful he was.

“You killed Garuda? How is that possible?” A shocked voice resounded, it was Zhu Yan who spoke.

He looked at Mu Chen in doubt. He had fought with Garuda, so he was clear how powerful Garuda was. Although Garuda was merely ranked third, Zhu Yan knew that even he might not be able to defeat Garuda if they went all-out. But right now, Mu Chen claimed that he had killed Garuda…

“If he died, he died… You won’t be able to see him in the future.” Mu Chen spoke casually. He did not bother to explain much, since there’s no need to advertise this matter.

“Looks like you have a few cards hidden as well.” After Xiao Xiao recovered from her shock, she chose to believe Mu Chen and looked at him with a profound gaze.

For some reason, she felt a slight threat coming from Mu Chen when she looked at him this time. She quickly figured out that Mu Chen must have undergone a complete transformation.

If she was still confident that she could defeat Mu Chen, then her confidence had been dramatically reduced. She could no longer see through this youth any more.

Mu Chen lightly smiled. If he was still fearful of someone like Zhu Yan and Xiao Xiao in the past, the fear had completely disappeared at this moment.

The confidence originated from his Immortal Golden Body, which allowed him to even escape from a Lesser Earth Sovereign and be invincible in the Sovereign Realm.

Xiao Xiao swept a glance at Mu Chen with interest, but she did not pursue the matter. She changed a topic and pointed up ahead, “If we enter from there, we should reach the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery.”

Hearing her words, Mu Chen’s mind trembled. The Heavenly Emperor Cemetery was their final destination that was rumoured to be Heavenly Emperor’s last battlefield with the Monarch.

The moment they reached there, the Earth Sovereigns of their force would be able to descend, and at that time, the situation would probably be dangerous.

“If you killed Garuda, then be cautious of the Saint Demonic Emperor. He will not let you off.” Zhu Yan suddenly reminded.

Furthermore, Mu Chen had also killed Xia Yu, so the Xia Emperor would probably hate him to the bone…

When Mu Chen heard his reminder, he smiled and nodded his head, although he already knew about it.

“Let’s go.” Xiao Xiao called out, completely ignoring Zhu Yan, before she flew out.

Mu Chen and the two ladies had also followed her, whereas Zhu Yan briefly hesitated before he followed as well. He wanted to fight with Xiao Xiao again, since he had lost too unwillingly.

The group travelled across the horizon, and roughly half an hour later, they noticed the desolate land gradually turning into dust…

They slowly lowered their speed and looked up ahead with grave expressions. A massive cemetery was captured in their eyes. It appeared to be damaged. Furthermore, this entire region was enveloped in two terrifying pressures that even caused the heavens and earth to tremble.

Mu Chen looked at the cemetery and took a deep breath as his body tensed up. This cemetery was akin to a black hole in his perception, making him feel fearful.

This, this is the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery?

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