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Chapter 1175 - Tenth Solar God-Devil Hand

The azure statue in Garuda’s hand lifted waves in Mu Chen’s heart, his gaze fixed on the statue.

“Haha…curious?” Seeing Mu Chen’s shock, Garuda laughed with ridicule in his heart.

Mu Chen’s brows were knitted together, but he did not say a word.

However, Garuda wasn’t bothered by that. He waved the statue in his hand. “This was given to me by the Palace Master himself. It is said that there was once an outstanding disciple that managed to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body in the past. However, he failed in the end, and his Great Solar Undying Body turned into this.”

“This might be useless to anyone else, but not for us, cultivators of Great Solar Undying Body. This is the perfect item that we can use to increase the power of our Great Solar Undying Bodies if we absorb it.”

Mu Chen’s face slightly changed. It turned out that Garuda was planning to absorb it!

“I’m sorry about this, but it seems like I will be the one laughing in the end.” Garuda lightly smiled towards Mu Chen before he tossed the statue out. It was swallowed then by his black Great Solar Undying Body.

The moment the statue entered the mouth of his Great Solar Undying Body, it’s massive body started to tremble and began to swell. In just a few breaths of time, it had expanded several times with horrifying fluctuations being emitted.

Terrifying shock waves of Spiritual Energy spread out, suppressing the golden lustre of Mu Chen’s Great Solar Undying Body. Three-quarters of this region was covered in a black glow and Mu Chen’s face turned extremely grave.

“Sovereign Ability - Ninth Solar Demonic Den!”

Garuda laughed as nine black suns rose up and turned into a black hole. This time, the Ninth Solar Demonic Den that Garuda had executed probably exceeded an ordinary Lesser Divine Ability!

Facing this move, even Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns would be devoured and even Lesser Earth Sovereign wouldn’t dare to belittle it.

“Mu Chen, die! Let your Great Solar Undying Body become a stepping stone for me to rise!” Garuda endlessly laughed. At this moment, he was already a step away from victory.

Garuda looked at Mu Chen, trying to see the horror in Mu Chen’s expression. But he was stunned to notice that Mu Chen had maintained his calm even now.

“You can still put up an act even at this time. You’re truly courting death!” Garuda’s gaze turned dark as he sneered.

Facing his ridicule, Mu Chen wasn’t bothered by it and spat out a deep breath before looking at the black hole with a bizarre flash in his eyes. “I never expected you to be able to bring the power of the nine solars to this level.”

Garuda sneered, “This is already the limit of the Great Solar Undying Body and also proves that only I am qualified to evolve into the Immortal Golden Body!”

“The limit?” Mu Chen muttered with a smile on his face as he looked at Garuda. “I don’t think so.”

Garuda’s face changed at Mu Chen’s words, and just when he was about to speak, he heard Mu Chen’s resounding voice, “Even when borrowing the power of that statue, your limit is just nine solars… which might not be the limit of the Great Solar Undying Body.”

Garuda eerily smiled. “The ninth solar isn’t the limit? Heh, you fool. I have already lit up the nine seeds in the Great Solar Undying Body, and you claim that it’s not the limit? Can you bring out the tenth sun for me, then?!”

The moment the Great Solar Undying Body was formed, there would be nine seeds that represented the Sovereign Ability. Since Mu Chen claimed that the ninth solar wasn’t the limit, then where was the limit?

“The tenth solar…” Mu Chen looked at Garuda with a weird smile as he continued, “Wouldn’t that be the tenth solar?”

Garuda looked at Mu Chen with a tremble in his heart because Mu Chen was looking at the dazzling sun behind the head of the Great Solar Undying Body.

Garuda’s face fluctuated as he smiled in anger. “Are you a fool? That sun is merely an appearance of the Great Solar Undying Body!”

He had tried activating that sun, but there weren’t any results from it. Any Spiritual Energy poured in would only cause the sun to brighten up without any real effects.

In his view, that solar was merely the appearance of the Great Solar Undying Body.

“Really?” Mu Chen smiled as he sat down on the head of the Great Solar Undying Body and both of his hands formed seals together.

At that moment when he formed the seals, the sun behind the head of his Great Solar Undying Body emitted a buzzing noise and a myriad of golden beams shot out, seizing back the heavens and earth that were dyed by the black hole. Furthermore, no matter how powerful the demonic black hole was, it couldn’t devour the energy of those golden lustres and the terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation that were spreading out from that golden sun.

Garuda felt his scalp going numb from the Spiritual Energy before he exclaimed, “How can you possess such terrifying Spiritual Energy?”

Mu Chen calmly replied, “Weren’t you guys curious about why my Perfect Baptism was so ordinary?”

Garuda was stunned before his face drastically changed. “You…you directed the energy of the Perfect Baptism into that sun? You’re insane!” 

“The Spiritual Energy required to trigger the tenth solar far exceeds your imagination.” Mu Chen faintly smiled as he continued, “Even if the Perfect Baptism could increase my strength, it can’t let me enter the Earth Sovereign Realm. Since that’s the case, why don’t I use it to increase my power and gamble to see if my guess is correct?”

Indeed, it was merely a guess from Mu Chen, so he wasn’t too confident about it. But he still did it anyway.

Garuda’s face distorted. He couldn’t imagine Mu Chen giving up the Perfect Baptism for an uncertain matter.

What made him lose his composure was the fact that Mu Chen had succeeded his gamble… he managed to trigger the tenth sun!

Looking at the massive golden sun, fear started to rise in Garuda’s heart.

“You’re putting up an act to shake my heart, die!” But in the end, Garuda roared. There’s no path of retreat. Even if it’s a death path, he had to charge his way through.

His seals changed and the demonic black hole descended towards Mu Chen.

Looking at the demonic black hole that shattered space, Mu Chen took a deep breath and his face turned solemn.

Nine suns rose from his Great Solar Undying Body, separating from the Sovereign Celestial Body, and hovered around it.

The most prominent sun was the centre with nine suns revolving around it. They started to increase their speed before coming in contact with the tenth solar and a massive golden lustre started to spread out.

The entire heavens and earth were dyed in a golden lustre with Mu Chen’s indifferent resounding voice, “Sovereign Ability - Tenth Solar Energy! Tenth Solar God-Devil Hand!”

The golden lustre had formed into a giant hand with ten suns engraved on it, looking incredibly perfect with the unique effect of attracting gazes.

Looking from afar, the massive hand descended from the sky as an indescribable pressure spread out and crushing the demonic black hole.

The demonic black hole that made Mu Chen feel fearful was as weak as an egg at this moment. It shattered, and the black Spiritual Energy dominated forth. However, it couldn’t shake the golden hand and swiftly dissipated under the extermination of the golden lustre, a total suppression!

When the demonic black hole was crushed, Garuda spat a mouthful of blood from his mouth with terror filling his eyes. He naturally couldn’t accept that his powerful attack so easily defeated.

Garuda’s face turned paler. He knew that he had lost. So if he didn’t escape now, then he would be dead.

With this thought flashing in his mind, Garuda immediately started to flee. But the moment he started to escape, the sky lit up and he saw a large hand gently pressing towards him.

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