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Chapter 1174 - Battle of Great Solar Undying Bodies

Two massive silhouettes on the golden plaza with powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations that caused even space to tremble.

For the final match, Mu Chen and Garuda had brought out their Great Solar Undying Bodies.

They had a feeling that if they wanted to defeat the other party, they would have to do it with their Great Solar Undying Bodies.

Garuda stood on the shoulder of his Great Solar Undying Body with the golden silhouette reflected in his eyes while saying, “Mu Chen, if you destroy your own Great Solar Undying Body now, I can let you leave here alive.”

However, Mu Chen had completely ignored Garuda’s words in response to him. Garuda wasn’t surprised by Mu Chen’s answer; on the contrary, killing intent surged in his eyes. “Since you’re courting death, then I’ll fulfil your wish today!”

He stomped his foot and black suns started to rise on the Great Solar Undying Body before shattering.

Black currents swept out from the Great Solar Undying Body before they gathered under its palm.

They looked like pythons while vaguely emitting a terrifying devouring power; as if they could devour and absorb anything.

“Sovereign Ability - Eighth Solar Demonic Pythons!” Garuda roared. The pythons pounced forth. Their movements were extremely unusual. They could even integrate into space.

Shortly, Mu Chen could felt that the darkness had shrouded this region, which made him feel threatened. If that attack struck him, even his Spiritual Energy would be devoured by them.

“So this is the Sovereign Ability of his version of eight suns?” Mu Chen muttered in his heart. His Great Solar Undying Body could also do the same; but evidently, their Sovereign Abilities turned out to be completely different versions.

However, Mu Chen maintained a calm expression on his face as he formed seals with a single hand. Instantly, a boundless golden lustre blossomed from the Great Solar Undying Body with suns rising from the Great Solar Undying Body.

“Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel!” Mu Chen tapped the air and the golden lustre condensed into a golden wheel around the Great Solar Undying Body before it slowly revolved.

When the wheel was formed, the black pythons dived down, tearing space apart in the process. The attack could even devour a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign, instantly.

But the moment they come in contact with the wheel, the wheel suddenly revolved counter-clockwise and those demonic pythons were sent back and clashed with the other pythons.

 Endless black explosions took place as they cancelled each other out.

Although Mu Chen’s Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel didn’t possess any offensive abilities, it could entirely return any attacks to the attacker.

Garuda’s face turned dark as he looked at the golden wheel. His Eighth Solar Demonic Python had devoured the Spiritual Energy of many opponents without fail. But at this moment, it was useless against Mu Chen’s perfect defence.

But Garuda wasn’t caught by surprise, since he already knew that Mu Chen was a tough opponent, to begin with. He might even be comparable to Zhu Yan. So if he managed to get rid of Mu Chen so quickly, it would be suspicious instead.

Garuda squinted his eyes. Since the eighth solar doesn’t have any effect, then let’s increase the level!

Garuda stretched out his hands and formed an unusual seal before he sat down on the head of his black Great Solar Undying Body.

Eight black suns rose from the Great Solar Undying Body once again with each of them containing terrifying destructive power.

But when the eighth sun appeared, a black seed sprouted from the heart of his Great Solar Undying Body and had swiftly expanded into the ninth black sun.

Garuda’s gaze had turned terrifyingly black. The ninth sun was practically the limit of the Great Solar Undying Body’s Sovereign Ability!

When Mu Chen saw this scene, his face turned grave, but he wasn’t surprised. With Garuda’s talent and strength, it’s perfectly reasonable that he could gain control of the ninth sun.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and released the Heavenly Eighth Solar Wheel, since it was already useless against Garuda’s next move. Only a power that’s at the same level could confront it.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes and had also formed profound seals with golden suns rising from his Great Solar Undying Body. When the eighth sun appeared, Mu Chen did not stop the Sovereign Sea behind him as it started to pour Spiritual Energy into the Great Solar Undying Body.

A flicker of golden lustre appeared in the heart of his Great Solar Undying Body before it swiftly spread out into a golden sun. He had also unleashed the ninth sun!

Mu Chen opened his eyes and looked at Garuda with killing intent gushing from them. In the next moment, both of their seals changed at the same time.

“Nine Solar Energy - Ninth Solar Demonic Den!”

“Nine Solar Energy - Ninth Solar God’s Descent!”

The both of them roared and a black lustre gushed out in waves from Garuda, forming into a bottomless demonic black hole that looked like it could devour even the heavens and earth, causing cracks to spread in the manner of a cobweb.

As for Mu Chen, the torrential golden lustre had formed into a golden banner with nine suns on it. It was emitting a divine fluctuation and even the demonic black hole couldn’t shake it.

From a certain degree, this attack of theirs was even stronger than all the Sovereign Abilities that they had executed in the past, and this was the powerful Sovereign Ability of the Great Solar Undying Body!

“Reduce to ashes in my demonic black hole!” Garuda roared with a sinister expression as the demonic black hole descended towards Mu Chen.

If Mu Chen fell into the demonic black hole, he would be drained of his Spiritual Energy no matter what he did, and even his physical body would cease to exist.

However, there wasn’t any fear despite the grave expression on Mu Chen’s face as he looked at it. He took a deep breath and the golden banner waved before the demonic black hole.

Visible golden ripples spread out with profound energy, as if any attacks would be reduced to nothing under the golden banner. Even the terrifying demonic black hole had shown signs of fading under the wave. 

Garuda’s eyes narrowed. Mu Chen’s golden banner could even cause the energy of his demonic black hole to fade?

“I’ll see how many times can you wave it!” Garuda clenched his teeth. The demonic black hole gushed with a black lustre and enveloped towards Mu Chen.

The golden banner waved again and the energy from it caused the demonic black hole continuously fade before it managed to stop the demonic black hole from enveloping down.

But at this moment, Mu Chen’s face had turned extremely stern. Although the Ninth Solar Golden Banner had the unique ability to dissipate any energy, an ordinary Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign would have been completely exhausted to the point of being a disabled person. However, Garuda’s attack still hadn’t disappeared.

Terrifying shock waves spread out as the golden banner and demonic black hole clashed, falling into a stalemate.

“Damn it!” Garuda’s face turned even darker and paler with beads of sweat on his forehead. He had started to show signs of exhaustion.

Naturally, Mu Chen also had a similar situation, since the two of them were under a significant burden. But even so, the deadlock continued, and if this carried on, the two of them would be utterly exhausted of their Spiritual Energy…

However, Garuda wasn’t will to see that happen, so his gaze flickered as he made a decision. He gritted his teeth and he raised his head to look at Mu Chen.

Sensing his gaze, Mu Chen’s heart trembled, feel faintly uneasy.

“I never thought… that I would be forced to this step by you…” Garuda’s dark voice resounded as he clenched his fist. An azure statue appeared in his hand, looking like a buddha with an azure sun behind its head.

When Mu Chen saw that statue, his heart was set in waves with shock in his eyes. He had sensed a familiar fluctuation from the statue… the fluctuation of the Great Solar Undying Body!

That azure statue turned out to be a Great Solar Undying Body!

But that was definitely not something that Garuda had cultivated himself. It had an entirely different aura. That meant that it was someone else’s, but their Great Solar Undying Body had failed and was reduced to a statue which… fell into Garuda’s hand!

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