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Chapter 1174: The Pavilion Appeared

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The beautiful mandala flower sat on the Blood-jaded Lotus Platform, which was at the end of the stairs. The flower exuded a dim light, making it look mysterious.

Is this the legendary mandala flower, the Divine Flower that was rarely seen in The Great Thousand World?

Mu Chen went up the stairs and stopped before the mandala flower, looking at it quizzically. The Datura Flower Sigil had been carved on the Immortal Page, upon which the cultivation method of the Great Solar Undying Body had been recorded. This was the first time that Mu Chen had seen the actual body.

It was rumored that, once a mandala flower evolved to perfection, it would possess the power of the real dragon and real phoenix, which was comparable to a Heavenly Sovereign. However, this Divine Flower was different, as it had innate spiritual intelligence.

It was also proficient in the Dark Force technique and had a very strong vitality. Once it hid itself, even an Earthly Sovereign would have difficulty finding it.

Although the mandala flower had sealed itself up, Mu Chen could still feel its immense power slightly shaking the space. He was overwhelmed by this mighty power!

He then grabbed his hand, and a dark light gathered in it. The light then turned into a dark leaf.

Although Mandela’s actual body had sealed itself up, it still had the ability to protect itself. If Mu Chen took it away by force, it would attack him fiercely.

Fortunately, he had prepared for this situation. Mandela had given the dark leaf to him to use specifically for keeping her actual body.

Mu Chen infused his spiritual energy into the dark leaf, and a dark light suddenly burst out. The leaf expanded with the wind and, in an instant, it turned into an even huger leaf, which then circled around the beautiful flower and covered it up.

The beautiful flower shook a little as the dark leaf circled around it. It did not resist, but allowed the leaf to wrap it up like a black silkworm cocoon.

Mu Chen waved his hand to take hold of the black silkworm cocoon that was formed by the leaf. He then looked inquisitively at the Blood-jaded Lotus Platform.

As he stroked the platform, a gust of cold energy suddenly entered his body. The sudden surge of energy took Mu Chen by surprise, and just as he was about to purge it from his body, he decided to stop.

“This…” Mu Chen was shocked, as he felt the sudden change that was taking place in his body. He was recovering at a rapid rate!

How can the Blood-jaded Lotus Platform possess such an amazing recovery power?

If Mu Chen had treated his own injury, he would need half a day to do it. However, the Blood-jaded Lotus Platform had helped him recover in only 10 minutes! It was extremely efficient!

The Blood-jaded Lotus Platform is indeed a rare treasure!

If Mu Chen had this treasure, in the future, he would only need to steal a bit of time to treat his injuries and recover his combat force in emergencies! This power of recovery was useful even to an Earthly Sovereign, which was the reason why Mandela had used it to treat her injury!

This treasure is comparable to a Middle Grade Sacred Object!

Mu Chen was excited and yearned to have the Blood-jaded Lotus Platform for himself! After all, it was more precious than the Divine Wind Fan that he had obtained earlier.

He was delighted that he had not only found Mandela’s actual body, but he had an unexpected gain from this trip as well!

He waved his sleeve and tucked away the Blood-jaded Lotus Platform. After all, it would be a pity to leave such a precious treasure behind!

After Mu Chen put away the Blood-jaded Lotus Platform, he dusted off his hands, looking pleased. He did not leave immediately, but sat cross-legged on the ground, looking calm. He was waiting for the Pavilion to appear…

After he entered the Ancient Celestial Palace, he felt a pair of eyes watching him. He had thought that it was an illusion at first, but he was now certain that it had been the mysterious Pavilion in the Ancient Celestial Palace.

As Xiao Xiao had mentioned, only the exceptionally good talents would have the prerequisites to enter the Pavilion. Mu Chen had not only entered the second hall and gained its elite troop, he had come to the first hall and defeated a Lower Earthly Sovereign. He had even barged into the horrifying spiritual array that even an Earthly Sovereign would have a problem contending with…

If all these were not enough to allow him to have access to the Pavilion, nothing would suffice! Since Mu Chen had done all that he could, he would have to wait patiently for the Pavilion to respond.

As Mu Chen sat cross-legged and waited, the hall grew silent again. Time passed by slowly, without any strange fluctuations. The Pavilion did not seem pleased with Mu Chen’s performance.

Mu Chen started to doubt, but he quickly came back to himself and was once again full of confidence. If the Pavilion possessed spiritual intelligence, Mu Chen was sure that he would be able to gain access to it. In fact, he believed that he would be the cream of the crop in the Ancient Celestial Palace, given his performance.

He looked calmly and persistently at the void, as if he was looking at the invisible Pavilion. He was telling the Pavilion with his gaze that he possessed the prerequisites to enter it.

The void seemed to have sensed his gaze, and after a time of silence, Mu Chen suddenly squinted his eyes. Ripples then started to form in the void that was before him.

Suddenly the chanting of Sanskrit scriptures and a dark blue mysterious Pavilion appeared in the void. As Mu Chen looked at the mysterious Pavilion, his heart jumped.

He could feel the mysterious Pavilion looking back at him with its spiritual intelligence. However, he was not afraid, so he looked straight at it.

After they had looked at each other for a few minutes, there was a slight turbulence in the mysterious Pavilion. Mu Chen then heard a faint old voice coming out of the Pavilion.

“If one is determined and has unwavering faith, he can enter the Pavilion,” the voice stated.

Mu Chen was shocked when he heard the voice. The Pavilion’s spiritual intelligence had obviously reached a very high level! As such, any ordinary sacred object could not be compared to it!

Buzz! Buzz!

As Mu Chen was still in a state of shock, the Pavilion surged. Green light gathered toward Mu Chen in the form of green stone stairs. Apparently, after Mu Chen walked past these green stone stairs, he would be able to enter the mysterious Pavilion!

Although Mu Chen was a composed person, he was burning with excitement. He looked at the stone stairs and felt faint.

Have I succeeded?

Once I enter the Pavilion, I will have the chance to obtain the evolution method for the Great Solar Undying Body. I have waited so long for this day!

When he was young, he had come out of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy and travelled to many continents. After he came to the Tianluo Continent, he worked his way up from a small commander to becoming the new king of the Daluo Territory.

All that he had gone through was for the purpose of obtaining the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body! After all of these years of hard work, he was about to fulfill his dream. He could not help feel emotional.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He then bowed respectfully at the Pavilion and stepped onto the green stone stairs.

As Mu Chen made his way up, after each step he took, the stone stairs behind him would disappear. At his last step, the surroundings suddenly changed.

Clouds were hanging before his eyes, and it looked like a paradise. The mysterious Pavilion stood tall among the clouds.

The gate of the Pavilion then slowly opened, and a mysterious light gathered around it. It looked ancient and powerful.

Mu Chen immediately went ahead and stepped into the gate. He had entered the Ancient Celestial Palace’s precious grounds that everyone had been yearning for!

The moment he stepped in, he grasped his fists and was filled with a strong desire.

The Immortal Golden Body!

Here I come!

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