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Chapter 1173 - The Battle of Saint Artifacts

When the seal appeared in Garuda’s hand, splashes of waves resounded with black water endlessly sweeping out from it, transforming this area into a black ocean with Garuda standing on top as he coldly looked at Mu Chen.

“I never expected that I would have to bring out the Ocean-Whelming Seal. Mu Chen, I have to praise you for that!” Garuda sinisterly said. The Ocean-Whelming Seal was a Low Rank Saint Artifact that he had obtained from the Palace Master after paying a significant price so that he could accomplish his mission perfectly.

With Garuda’s current strength and the Ocean-Whelming Seal, he could kill anyone beneath the Earth Sovereign Realm instantly even if he couldn’t fight a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

After all, the power of a Saint Artifact was not something that a Divine Artifact or Quasi-Saint Artifact could rival with.

Not even a Lesser Earth Sovereign could possess a Low Rank Saint Artifact, which showed how rare they were.

“A Low Rank Saint Artifact…” Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the black ocean with astonishment, since the power even made him feel fearful.

It looked like Garuda came prepared, but it was a pity that a Low Rank Saint Artifact was insufficient to control the current situation, since he, Mu Chen, also had a Low Rank Saint Artifact!

Mu Chen smiled while holding onto the azure-feathered fan with his Sovereign Sea vaguely appearing with myriad lifted waves. Spiritual Energy continuously poured out and rushed into the fan.

As the Spiritual Energy rushed in, the fan emitted a buzzing noise as it started to expand and turn into a palm-leaf fan that was covered in ancient and profound runes. Every single one of those runes contained potent Spiritual Energy.

“Wind God’s Fan!” Mu Chen suddenly fanned, sweeping up an azure gale in this area before it split into innumerable tornados that surrounded Mu Chen.

The tornados had caused space to be distorted and anyone that entered the range would suffer a ferocious series of attacks that could instantly grind a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign into minced meat.

A tornado appeared beneath Mu Chen’s feet and stood on it, before rising to Garuda’s height. He then smiled while waving the fan in his hand. “What a coincidence, I also have a Saint Artifact as well.”

Garuda’s face had also turned solemn as his gaze was fixed on Mu Chen’s fan. He never expected Mu Chen to possess a Low Rank Saint Artifact as well.

The number of Mu Chen’s trump cards had exceeded Garuda’s expectations.

“Then, let us see whose Saint Artifact is more powerful!” Garuda snorted, since there’s no other choice for him at this moment. One of them must die, since neither of them would give up a chance for the Immortal Golden Body!

Since that’s the case, then he would use Mu Chen’s corpse as a stepping stone to forge his Immortal Golden Body!”

“God-Slaughtering Tide!” The seal in Garuda’s hand burst with light as he roared. The black ocean violently rolled with a massive wave that enveloped towards Mu Chen. It covered the sun and cast a myriad-foot long shadow, looking terrifying.

Borrowing the power of his Saint Artifact, Garuda’s attack had already exceeded the range of a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign.

Black waves suppressed over, but Mu Chen wasn’t panicking. He waved the fan in his hand. “Wind God’s Tornado!”

A gale dominated this region and condensed into an azure tornado, akin to an enormous azure dragon, and clashed with the black wave.

The colossal wave collapsed into raindrops, and the azure tornado had also dispersed. The raindrops enveloped Mu Chen’s region while the gale covered Garuda’s.

The black rain had quickly created craters on the firm ground. The corrosive ability was something that not even a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign could withstand, while the azure gale was extremely sharp, leaving marks in the surrounding space…

The destructive power of an attack unleashed by a Saint Artifact had exceeded their expectations, so neither of them dared to underestimate one another.

Mu Chen used the violent gale to encase him, while Garuda had the black ocean forming into a barrier.

They exchanged a look from afar with dense killing intent brewing in their eyes. The both of them knew that their opponent wasn’t easy and since they’re mortal enemies, they had to get rid of their enemy so that they wouldn’t grow into a disaster.

Thus, both of them had immediately triggered their Saint Artifacts, pouring their Spiritual Energy in and the entire region was turned into a territory of the azure gale and black water.

The black water had pounced forth in the manner of a water dragon before being torn apart by the azure gale…

The clash between the two of them started again, and the scale of their attacks was something that even a Lesser Earth Sovereign had to face seriously.

Another round of powerful shock waves dominated forth with the entire region being filled with black raindrops and violent gales. Mu Chen and Garuda had also suffered from the shock waves; they were pushed back some distance as well.

Their faces were somewhat pale. After all, it was extremely taxing on Spiritual Energy, so both of them had practically resorted to using Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

In just ten-odd minutes, the two of them had burnt out millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid each.

They had no choice, since they weren’t Earth Sovereigns. Since they couldn’t use the Spiritual Energy around them to support the usage of the Saint Artifacts, they could only rely on Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Naturally, they could also rely on their Spiritual Energy, but in this scale of a battle, their Spiritual Energy was extremely precious, since they knew that the first one to show any sign of exhaustion would be in a disadvantageous position.

The might of a Saint Artifact was truly terrifying, but at this moment, the exhaustion was even more frightening to them. If this continued, both of them would be sucked dry.

They exchanged a glance and both of their eyes flickered. Garuda felt a little unresigned, since he initially brought out the seal with the intention to instantly kill Mu Chen. However, he never expected that Mu Chen would also possess a Saint Artifact that’s on the same level, which turned this battle into a stalemate.

This couldn’t go on, what would happen if his Spiritual Energy was exhausted?

Although Mu Chen also had the possibility of falling into that situation, Garuda wasn’t willing to gamble this battle on luck.

Thus, he had to end this battle. Garuda was indeed a decisive person. The moment he made his decision, he waved his hand and the stone seal had disappeared.

At the same time, Mu Chen had also stored his Wind God’s Fan, allowing the raging rain and gale to slowly calm down…

The two of them stood on a golden pillar each with killing intent sparkling between their eyes.

Suddenly, the two of them closed their eyes at the same time. A torrential black lustre was unleashed from Garuda that gradually formed into a massive silhouette with a blazing sun revolving behind its head.

When the black silhouette appeared, a golden lustre had also gushed out from the opposing direction and a golden silhouette was formed behind Mu Chen.

Two similar silhouettes but different colours. The black silhouette was akin to a black hole, while the golden silhouette looked like a blazing sun.

The two of them had abruptly opened their eyes and had formed similar seals with their roars resounding throughout this region. ““Great Solar Undying Body!””

Two Great Solar Undying Bodies faced off with murderous intent!

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