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Chapter 1173: One Blow

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Mu Chen broke out into a smile when he heard the roaring sound continue to linger in the rundown square. With the help of the power ripples, he had achieved amazing results as he had anticipated.

The corpse sitting cross-legged under the stone pillar had started to move slightly under the power of the ripples. Although the movement was small, it had given Mu Chen hope that he could destroy the spiritual array.

Mu Chen knew very well that what he had done was just a small trick. If the corpses still had their mind power, his method would not work on them. The power ripples would not have any effect on the corpses if they made an effort to fight against them.

However, it was apparent that Mu Chen was in luck. After thousands of years had passed, the corpses’ power had dwindled. They no longer possessed their mind power, and what was left behind was only enough for them to support the spiritual array. This had helped Mu Chen find the loophole.

Mu Chen was able to achieve this because of the time he had spent studying and practicing setting up the spiritual arrays. After all, one would not be able to do it simply by blasting the spiritual arrays without proper procedures.

Mu Chen had to take note of the areas where the power ripples were unable to penetrate into the spiritual arrays and avoid them, as well as identify the exact spots to blast. If he could put those together, he would be able to transfer the remaining power ripples to the corpses.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, and without any hesitation, he triggered his thoughts to activate the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop. The fighting spirit swirled out and turned into fierce attacks. They blasted hard on the previous spot.

Boom! Boom!

The entire square started to quake vigorously. Violent shockwaves raged out one after another continuously and tore the ground apart, creating large cracks everywhere. However, although the cracks continued to spread out, they were unable to penetrate into the region of the spiritual array. They could only surround it. They moved around outside the spiritual array like a ferocious dragon.

As the shockwaves continued to blast one after another, Mu Chen saw a corpse shaking continuously under a stone pillar to the northwest. It then started to move slowly away from the stone pillar.

The blast continued for one whole hour.

After that, Mu Chen started to breathe heavily. It was a burden to him to activate the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop in such a manner. At this moment, the outer range of the square was already filled with holes and was a mess. Mu Chen fixed his gaze on the corpse that was moving and estimated the distance. He then squinted.

“Just a bit more, and the corpse will not be connected to the stone pillar,” Mu Chen muttered to himself as his body started to tense up. He triggered his thoughts, and the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop let out a cry as a strong fighting spirit swirled out. The fighting spirit was like a huge dragon, and it blasted hard on the ground.


The ground quaked, and the corpse shook again and moved forward a little.


Mu Chen was elated. He looked up and saw that the spiritual array had suddenly started to shake. The even-keeled powerful spiritual energy started to become chaotic, and the flawless spiritual array started to waver. The eighth stone pillar instantly broke down, and cracks started to spread out. The stone pillar showed signs of falling apart after it had lost the corpse’s protection and support.

The spiritual array had depended on the eight stone pillars to act as a device to transmit its power. Now that the eighth stone pillar had lost its support, there was a defect in the flawless spiritual array. Savage spiritual light swirled out continuously from the spiritual array and flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes as he looked at it. He had sensed that the spiritual array that had put him at his wit’s end was now vulnerable.

Mu Chen waved his sleeve and stowed the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop in his Commander’s Seal. He walked to the border of the spiritual array, and after chanting for a while, he flicked his fingers. Red armor appeared on his body and covered him up. This was the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor that Mu Chen had obtained from Xia Hong. It had good defensive power and would protect Mu Chen when he went into the spiritual array.

After he was done with all the necessary preparations, Mu Chen took a deep breath. Without any hesitation, he stepped into the range of the spiritual array.

Hoof! Hoof!

The moment Mu Chen stepped into the spiritual array, a horrifying spiritual energy windstorm swirled out. The oppression was so strong that it weighed him down, and he felt as though a mountain was over him. Mu Chen moved slowly, taking one step at a time.

He moved so slowly that he seemed to be under great pressure with every step that he took. Red rays of light burst out from the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor that he had put on, but they seemed to have been suppressed. They were trapped within and could not be diffused. There were faint creaking sounds coming from the armor as well.

As the spiritual array was in chaos, Mu Chen was safe from the attacks of the eight corpses. However, the horrifying spiritual energy in the spiritual array made it difficult for him to move on. He had to keep changing his position to find the spots where the spiritual energy was less forceful. If he did not do so and made a wrong move, he would get into the powerful spots of the Spiritual Energy Windstorm and get himself badly hurt.

Although it was not a huge spiritual array, Mu Chen spent almost two hours moving to the last section of the spiritual array. By the time he reached it, he was sweating all over. When he was at the last section, he was coming close to the beautiful mandala flower. However, Mu Chen did not let down his guard. Instead, he became more tensed up. He looked at the last stone pillar of the spiritual array and saw a corpse sitting cross-legged under the pillar. If he could get through the range of this stone pillar, he would be out of this spiritual array.

However, Mu Chen furrowed his brows when he saw the corpse. It had intercepted the only route to the mandala flower. Savage spiritual energy raged on the two sides, and if Mu Chen was swirled into it, he would be killed. Under such conditions, Mu Chen could not summon the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop. The spiritual energy was too forceful, and he would trigger the spiritual array. If that happened, the area would be under attack. His Spirit-Slaughtering Troop would gradually be worn out and destroyed, and he would lose the troop. He had no choice but to barge in based on his own strength!

Mu Chen pursed his lips and started to look serious. Although the spiritual array was powerful, the corpses had been dead for thousands of years. He believed that he would not be stopped by a corpse that was unable to make drastic movements.

As he thought of this, Mu Chen immediately stomped his feet. He shot out at lightning speed toward the corpse. Mu Chen was quick, and in an instant, he was standing in front of the corpse. He did not linger around but quickly went past it. The corpse had had its eyes shut but opened them at that instant. Spiritual light burst out from its eyes. It stretched forth its shriveled hand and gently hit Mu Chen on his right side.


The space cracked when the corpse hit Mu Chen. A horrifying spiritual energy burst out. When Mu Chen noticed the astounding spiritual energy, his face turned pale. Without further delay, he activated his Dragon-Phoenix Body, and the spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix lingered outside his body. Their golden lights turned his body a golden color.


The shriveled palm hit the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor on Mu Chen’s body, and Mu Chen felt as though there was a volcano eruption on his back. His body shot out straight to the front toward the end of the square, and he was out of the realm of the spiritual array.

When Mu Chen landed on the steps, his body froze. A shriveled palm print could be clearly seen on the back of the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor, and blood rays quickly formed on it. Soon after, the armor exploded!


When the blood rays whooshed out, wailing sounds seemed to be heard coming from the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor. It then broke into pieces and flew all over the place! A powerful Quasi-Divine Artifact had been utterly destroyed.

Pfft. Pfft.

Mu Chen could not hold it any longer, and he spewed out a mouthful of fresh blood when the Battle Armor exploded. His body rapidly dimmed down. The spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix lingering on his body also dimmed down tremendously at this moment. They disappeared a little at a time before ultimately dying down.

Mu Chen’s face turned pale. He was still fluttering with fear when he turned to look at the corpse that was sitting cross-legged under the stone pillar. It was still once again, but the powerful blow that it had thrown still lingered in Mu Chen’s mind. If he had not been cautious, putting on the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor and activating the defense on his body to the optimum, he would have been killed by the blow.

This is so frightening. When these eight corpses were still alive, they must have been powerful people who had reached the Earthly Sovereign-level, Mu Chen exclaimed. He was, once again, amazed by the power of the Ancient Celestial Palace. Currently in the Tianluo Continent, a Lower Earthly Sovereign could set up his power and become an overlord. However, in the Ancient Celestial Palace, a Lower Earthly Sovereign was simply a high level Sovereign.

Although the Ancient Celestial Palace was powerful, it had been wiped out when the Extraterritorial Race invaded it. One could tell that the Extraterritorial Race was of great might. The Extraterritorial Race was the arch-enemy of all the living creatures of the Great Thousand World!

Mu Chen pursed his lips and had a solemn look on his face. After a while, he pushed away the thoughts and calmed himself down. He then lifted up his head and saw that at the end of the stone steps where the blood-jade lotus platform stood, the dark, ancient, captivating flower sat quietly on it, exuding a dark light.

When Mu Chen looked at it, his tensed body began to loosen up. He took a deep breath and heaved a sigh of relief as though a burden was being lifted off of him.

“I have finally found you.”

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