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Chapter 1172 - The Intense Battle

The black current was akin to a python coiling around Garuda. He roared and shock waves endlessly spread out, causing space to shake. Just the strength of his physique alone had reached the level of a Perfected Ninth grade Sovereign.

Mu Chen looked at Garuda and his gaze turned grave. Garuda’s physical body was probably the strongest amongst those he had seen within their age.

If it wasn’t for his Dragon-Phoenix Physique being improved by the Heavenly Lake’s Baptism, he might not have the confidence to win against Garuda.

Mu Chen’s body tensed up as killing intent surged in Garuda’s eyes. Garuda stomped his feet and disappeared as if he had teleported.

A golden lustre erupted from Mu Chen’s body. He wasn’t startled by Garuda’s movements. He clenched his hand into a fist and jabbed forth.

The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits coiled on his arm. With a brilliant draconic roar and phoenix cry, he unleashed a power that could even destroy mountains.

When Mu Chen jabbed forth, he saw a black flash before him that also threw a punch at him.

The two fists collided as if they were meteorites clashing together and a visible shock wave spread out. Space had emitted a buzzing noise as it distorted around the two fists before cracks had spread out in the manner of a cobweb.

A terrifying power roared as Mu Chen, and Garuda were blown a few thousand meters back from the shock wave.

However, both of them pounced forth the moment they stabilised themselves.

Two silhouettes constantly flashed around the plaza with fists clashing together. They did not use much of their Spiritual Energy, but had purely relied on their physical bodies.

But even if they did not use much Spiritual Energy, the shock waves from their clashes could cause any Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign’s face to turn pale.

In the view of many Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns, the two of them were practically monsters.

In just barely a hundred breaths, the two of them had clashed a few hundred times. Their attacks were extremely ferocious and their attacks were extremely crafty, targeting at each other’s fatal points.

Once again, the two of them were blown back and they drew long marks on the plaza.

At this moment, their sleeves were torn into pieces with blood marks on their arms, which was caused by the terrifying shock waves from their clashes. However, both of them were fine thanks to the power of their physiques.

The two’s breathing had also deepened a little. The intense confrontation from before required them to maintain their mentality at the peak.

Facing this sort of opponent, neither of them dared to relax.

Garuda’s eyes were fixed onto Mu Chen as he wiped the blood off his arm, and his wound had already recovered. He spoke in an eerie tone, “It’s no wonder why Xia Yu died in your hands, so it turns out that you have some ability after all.”

Through the previous confrontation, he had recalled all the contempt in his heart. Mu Chen was qualified to be his greatest enemy, just like he felt when he faced Zhu Yan.

Mu Chen’s gaze was indifferent as a golden lustre emanated from his body. The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits resided on his body, staring at Garuda.

Garuda sneered at this scene, “I don’t care how outstanding you are. There is only one of us that can leave here alive, and it will not be you!”

He suddenly threw a jab forth that had a torrential Spiritual Energy gathering under his fist, turning his fist into a myriad-foot wide projection that was akin to a dangerous beast before it pounced at Mu Chen.

At this moment, Garuda had finally utilised his Spiritual Energy, since he did not want to drag this battle out any further.

A black lustre covered Mu Chen’s sight as he squinted his eyes. The space at his rear fluctuated before his Sovereign Sea appeared with a boundless Spiritual Energy sweeping out.

Mu Chen gently pushed both of his hands forth. Instantly, boundless Spiritual Energy roared, turning into a massive barrier with the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits on the barrier.

The violent fist clashed against the barrier, but it only caused the barrier to tremble. The power wasn’t sufficient to destroy the barrier; but even so, Mu Chen did not relax, since he knew that it was just the beginning.

Endless roars of thunder rang out in this area before Mu Chen saw countless black meteorites falling from the sky. All those meteorites were fists, destroying any obstructions before them.

Violent ripples also increasingly spread out from the massive barrier as the fists descended.

However, with the enhancement of the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits, the defensive abilities of the barrier were extremely powerful. Although the barrier was filled with cracks when the last meteorite fell, the barrier still stood before Mu Chen nevertheless.

Suddenly, Mu Chen’s heart jolted. He sensed an immense danger. He suddenly raised his head and saw Garuda standing on a pillar with both of his hands forming a bizarre seal.

The boundless Spiritual Energy around him roared akin to a black ocean and Garuda was looking at Mu Chen with ridicule in his eyes. Instantly, the black ocean surged with something terrifying brewing within it as a terrifying fluctuation spread out.

At this moment, Mu Chen’s face had turned extremely grave.

“I know that you’re tough to deal with, so I did not expect that attack to pose any threat to you. It was only meant to buy time for me.” Garuda smiled before he stretched out his finger and tapped on the black ocean.

“Saint Demonic Divine Ability - Saint Demonic Hand!”

The black ocean suddenly split apart with geysers of black aura soaring into the sky before it formed into a black hand that seemed like it came from hell, enveloping towards him.

The black hand had enveloped all the space in this area, which made escape impossible.

Mu Chen’s heart uncontrollably trembled after he judged from the might that it must have been a genuine Divine Ability!

He expected Garuda to have also succeeded in learning a Divine Ability!

Mu Chen’s expression was extremely grave before he took a deep breath and his eyes, which were narrowed, abruptly opened. Both of his eyes turned red as a horrifying killing intent erupted from his heart.

Mu Chen stood still as he looked at the massive hand. At this moment, there was a terrifying surge of aura that exploded from his body.

Sensing Mu Chen’s sudden change in bearing, Garuda slightly narrowed his eyes as he watched Mu Chen take half a step back, arcing his body backwards. He then threw a punch forth as a deep voice resounded throughout the plaza. 

“Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch!”

Mu Chen soared into the sky. Compared to the massive hand, he was as tiny as an ant but even so, he flew fearlessly, and his fist clashed with that gigantic hand.

The entire area had turned quiet before cracks started to spread out in the air, looking like a colossal dragon brandishing its claw, which emanated palpitating ripples.

Space trembled, and in the next moment, the massive hand trembled before it shattered.

When the massive hand shattered, Mu Chen was also blown back and crash against a pillar, shattering that pillar into golden clouds of dust that drifted in the air.

Although Garuda did not take a step back, the pillar beneath his feet had also been turned to dust and his face was solemn.

Mu Chen stabilised his body as he looked at Garuda. At this moment, both of them had a trace of blood on the corner of their mouths.

Naturally, they had suffered repercussions from the clash of Divine Abilities.

Garuda’s expression was solemn, since this was the first time that his Divine Ability had failed him.

Mu Chen also furrowed his brows together, since his Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch had also failed for the first time…

The two of them had the same thought in their mind. A tough enemy!

Thus, a black seal appeared in Garuda’s hand in the next moment, while an azure-coloured feathered fan appeared in Mu Chen’s hand.

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