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Chapter 1171: Sovereign Celestial Appearance

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Countless beams of bloody light surged out from above the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop like ribbons. Those bloody lights pierced through the space, emanating a terrifying fluctuation as they linked to one another.

Mu Chen’s expression was solemn as the seals constantly changed. Majestic ribbons of bloody light constantly condensed as they gradually formed a huge and unparalleled array above the great hall.

That was a battle array!

It was a battle array unique to the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop called the Spirit-Slaughtering Battle Array! Mu Chen was no stranger to this battle array, for the eight Earthly Sovereigns had fallen in this battle array, showing how terrifying it was.

Although the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop was no longer at its peak, it was clear that as an opponent, Elder Zuo was in no better shape than the eight Earthly Sovereigns who had been exterminated. Therefore, when the blood-red aura filled the great hall as countless beams of bloody light surged, Elder Zuo’s expression turned gloomy. His eyelids trembled slightly, and deep in his eyes, a thick haze of horror emerged.

The present situation had ended up far beyond his expectations. He had never thought that the rabbit he could easily kill would turn into a ferocious tiger that could devour him instead. The bloody battle array caused him to feel the aura of death. Today, if he was not careful, he would really fall there.

At the thought of this, Elder Zuo sensed that he had been driven to the brink of death by a brat who was a mere Complete Grade Nine. However, no matter how ridiculous he thought it was, he knew that if he did not deal with this carefully, he would really fall here under such ridiculous circumstances.

“You brat, you have gone overboard!” Elder Zuo barked loudly. At once, his foot stomped, and an earth-shattering force burst out of his body. The spiritual energy converged directly behind him, transforming into a spiritual energy silhouette that was massive enough to reach the heavens and touch the earth. The silhouette swallowed clouds and fog as it suppressed everything.

Mu Chen’s expression changed as he looked at the massive silhouette. He could sense that the silhouette should be the Sovereign Celestial Body practiced by Elder Zuo.

When the Sovereign Celestial Body appeared, Elder Zuo suddenly roared and opened his mouth. An incredible scene followed as he swallowed the massive silhouette.

This Elder Zuo actually swallowed his Sovereign Celestial Body?!


In the midst of Mu Chen’s incredulous wonder, Elder Zuo’s body expanded in the wind, and in a few short moments, it turned into a 1,000-foot-tall giant. His huge body was actually covered with spiritual energy light runes. Each rune was transformed and compressed by extremely strong spiritual energy.


Elder Zuo stood between heaven and earth. With a puff, there was the birth of clouds, and within the clouds, there was a strong wind. Thunder and lightning roared and reverberated continuously. It was as if Elder Zuo controlled the world. He could create everything, and a sense of mystery emanated from him.

Is this the rumored Sovereign Celestial Appearance that only an Earthly Sovereign can cultivate? Mu Chen looked at Elder Zuo’s gigantic body and could not help but take a deep breath.

It was said that after becoming an Earthly Sovereign, the Sovereign Celestial Body would gradually change, too. When the time came, the flesh body and the Celestial Body would merge, and the product of the fusion would no longer be the pure Celestial Body, but would be called the Celestial Appearance. The Sovereign Celestial Appearance would appear under command.

Elder Zuo pointed his finger at Mu Chen and roared violently, “Spiritual Energy Deprivation!”

Between heaven and earth, there seemed to be a mysterious wave fluctuating and spreading. Mu Chen could suddenly feel that the spiritual power between heaven and earth seemed to have some sense of resistance to him, which made him unable to absorb the slightest amount of spiritual energy from outside.

Is this the Celestial Command of Earthly Sovereigns? Mu Chen’s face was grave. If he were only an ordinary Complete Grade Nine, he would have fallen into despair after Elder Zuo’s Celestial Command. There was an insurmountable gap between an Earthly Sovereign and a Complete Grade Nine, indeed.

Fortunately, however, he had no intention of relying on his own spiritual energy in this battle. What he relied on was the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop’s fighting intent, and it was obvious that it could not be stripped away by Elder Zuo’s capability.

“Thunder!” Elder Zuo roared fiercely again as numerous thunder-like dragons roared in the world, appearing out of nowhere. They charged towards Mu Chen ferociously with a destructive force.

In the face of such a violent offensive attack, Mu Chen dared not have the slightest neglect. He immediately urged the formation of layers of fighting intent as protection, like a tortoise shell, protecting the Spirit-Slaughtering Battle Array, which had not yet been completely formed.

Boom boom boom!

The fierce bombardment continued as the layers of fighting intent blood clouds retreated under its impact. However, the blood clouds continued to surge, displaying an unusual tenacity.

“Wind! Fire! Mountains!” Elder Zuo also launched an increasingly violent attack, mobilizing the spiritual power of the whole world. It created a terrifying wind and fire attack as it raged with a destructive force, charging towards Mu Chen.

Facing such an offensive attack, the bloody red fighting intent was finally losing ground. However, when the fighting intent was defeated, there was not much panic in Mu Chen’s eyes, for the Spirit-Slaughtering Battle Array had begun to take shape. With Elder Zuo’s present state, even with the help of the Sovereign Celestial Appearance, it would fail to break through the protection of the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop’s fighting intent.

Elder Zuo was obviously aware of this, and so his face became increasingly grave. His eyes were filled both with unwillingness to back down and fury. He did not think that he would fail to crush Mu Chen after summoning the Sovereign Celestial Appearance. The destructive attack between heaven and earth finally gradually weakened.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at Elder Zuo nonchalantly, then with a wave of his sleeves, the layers of blood clouds outside retreated and dispersed. The ferocious blood-red battle array that had formed completely emerged.

“One should give as good as one receives. Elder Zuo, please receive the power of my battle array.” Mu Chen smiled, but there was not much warmth in his eyes. He clenched his fist as unparalleled blood-red light erupted from the battle array. The blood-red light soared towards the sky, shrouding the world in a sheen of crimson. The light continued to spread, enveloping Elder Zuo within.

Once Elder Zuo entered the battle array’s range, Mu Chen planned to launch the battle array thoroughly and let its power erupt at full force.

The light was rapidly magnified in Elder Zuo’s eyes. His face twisted dramatically, and after inhaling deeply, his original huge body shrank in an instant and became normal. He then stomped on the soles of his feet, and the space around him twisted. His body became a flash of light soaring towards the sky.


Above the hall, the space shattered, and Mu Chen stared at the stream of light that disappeared from view at a startling speed.

Elder Zuo has escaped?!

Mu Chen stared dumbfounded at the scene before him. That was an Earthly Sovereign? He just escaped like that?

Mu Chen was shocked for a long time before he came back to his senses. A depressed and gloomy feeling surged within. He had put his best efforts forth to show his trump card of the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop. He was prepared to show their prowess, but Elder Zuo had just chosen to swiftly escape. Mu Chen felt as if he had gathered up his force but ended up punching cotton instead. How unsatisfying.

“How decisive.” Mu Chen sighed and could only give such an assessment. These Earthly Sovereigns were quick to make up their minds, and when they saw the situation go wrong, they chose the most rational way out.

After all, Elder Zuo was in very poor condition. If he had really wanted to fight, maybe Mu Chen would have paid a price, but Elder Zuo would have ended up paying the heaviest price, possibly even falling there. So, after weighing his options, between his task and his life, he chose the latter without hesitation.

Even if Lu Heng punished him, it would not kill him. However, Mu Chen had dared to really kill him.

“What a pity though.” Mu Chen shook his head regretfully. Originally, when the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop launched the Spirit-Slaughtering Battle Array, he wanted to see for himself how strong it could be.

However, the emotion just flashed by for a moment, and then he was relieved. After all, to clash with an Earthly Sovereign was no easy matter. Elder Zuo was able to walk away rationally, and as far as Mu Chen was concerned, this was also a very good result.

If the fact that Mu Chen had intimidated a Lower Earthly Sovereign in one battle spread back to Tianluo Continent, Mu Chen’s reputation would grow increasingly renowned.

Mu Chen sighed, then with a wave of his sleeves, the blood-red fighting intent dissipated. He raised the Commander’s Seal to retrieve the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop and moved, appearing before the stone door. Behind this stone door should be the place where Mandela’s original form was.

Mu Chen pondered before his body tensed. Without hesitation, he reached out his hands to push the stone door, which had been closed for tens of thousands of years, open bit by bit.

As the stone door opened, an ancient aura surged towards him. The light spread out of the open stone door, and Mu Chen immediately glanced into it. At the end of the dilapidated square, he caught sight of the primordial ink-dark flower!

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