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Chapter 1170 - Seeking the Immortal Golden Body

The moment Mu Chen stepped into the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, he was blinded by the light. When the light receded, it was an endless starry sky that appeared in his view.

There were countless flickering stars that looked extremely gorgeous as he walked on it.

“So this is the Hidden Scripture Pavilion…” Mu Chen looked at the massive starry sky and muttered. It was a little surprising for him, since the Hidden Scripture Pavilion was actually not a library, nor had he seen any Divine Abilities here.

While Mu Chen was puzzled, the starry sky trembled. Thereafter, buzzing noises resounded and streaks of light descended down.

When Mu Chen approached, he realised that those streaks of light were actually all colours of comets that looked extremely spectacular.

However, when Mu Chen looked at them, his eyes suddenly squinted. To his discovery, those comets weren’t meteorites but scrolls.

“So those Divine Abilities and Secret Arts are those comets?” Mu Chen was startled before he raised his head and looked at the boundless starry sky. A spiritual lustre was condensed in his eyes and he noticed that those stars were scrolls with vague and profound fluctuations emanating from them. Naturally, those stars contained extraordinary Divine Abilities and Secret Arts.

“With so many secret arts, I wonder where the Immortal Golden Body is located?” Mu Chen knitted his brows. This Hidden Scripture Pavilion was too vast and according to his estimations, this might be comparable to an Ancient Clan.

Without any guide, it wouldn’t be easy for him to find the Immortal Golden Body.

Although he was a little vexed, he naturally did not give up. After a brief ponder, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and turned into a streak of light that flew towards those comets.

As he travelled amongst the comets, he focused all his attention to his perception. After all, he had cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body, so he should sense a mysterious link with the Immortal Golden Body. If he’s near it, then he might be able to sense it.

In this process, Mu Chen wasn’t tempted by those powerful Divine Abilities or Secret Arts, since he couldn’t be sure how many choices he was given in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. So if he casually picked one and was sent back by the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, then he would definitely have his intestines turning green from regret. Thus, he kept to his objective.

He was akin to an interstellar traveller. He lost the concept of time and stubbornly searched for his objective.

He had seen many Divine Abilities and Secret Arts, all of which was within his reach, but he had given them up without any hesitation.

Mu Chen appeared before a massive fiery star that was akin to flames, distorting space from the high temperature.

Mu Chen looked at the scroll within it. There was a fire dragon engraved on it with ancient text that could be vaguely seen.

Annihilation Fire Dragon Art - Greater Divine Ability.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes, since he never thought that it was a Greater Divine Ability… One must know that even he had only cultivated the incomplete Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch.

If it was the completed one, it might be comparable to a Greater Divine Ability. So at this moment, the power of his incomplete version was merely akin to a Lesser Divine Ability.

A Greater Divine Ability was something that even a Greater Earth Sovereign could be drawn by.

Mu Chen looked at the star and sensed it. He had a high chance of success if he wanted to obtain it…

However, Mu Chen only briefly hesitated before he turned around and left. Although a Greater Divine Ability was precious, it’s still insufficient to shake his heart.

Losing the concept of time, it was a slow and dry process as he travelled. However, he wasn’t impatient nor anxious, he kept his heart composed.

However, the item that he had been looking for had still not appeared.

Mu Chen suddenly stopped and looked at the boundless starry sky. Perhaps the Great Solar Undying Body was amongst them, but he had a feeling that it’s impossible to find it.

He had some comprehension in his heart. The Immortal Golden Body was the second evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body and the third would be the legendary Primordial Immortal Body, one of the Five Primal Bodies in the world.

So it should be ranked as one of the tops in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. It might be impossible to find such treasures if he searched for it… Unless it was willing to appear.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes and sat down with a boundless spiritual lustre gushing out of his body before it condensed into a massive golden silhouette.

A blazing golden sun appeared behind the head of that silhouette, it was Mu Chen’s Great Solar Undying Body.

At this moment, this Great Solar Undying Body was also seated in the void in the same posture as Mu Chen with a boundless golden lustre gushing out of the sun behind its head.

Mu Chen gradually sank into silence, since he had given up taking the initiative to search for it. Instead, he had decided to release the Great Solar Undying Body to lure it out.

The entire area was silent and time flowed extremely slowly, as if time had frozen, which made Mu Chen feel as if he had gone through the countless passages of time, which could drive anyone insane.

As time passed, he was exhausting his Spiritual Energy, but he couldn’t replenish any. However, Mu Chen did not give up. He poured all of the Spiritual Energy in his body towards the Great Solar Undying Body…

After a long time, the spiritual lustre around him started to dim and the Great Solar Undying Body had also lost its lustre, as if it would soon disappear.

However, the Immortal Golden Body that Mu Chen had been waiting patiently for still did not appear.

“So it’s doesn’t work…?” Mu Chen muttered to himself. Facing this sort of situation, even someone as tenacious as him felt disappointed and started to doubt this method. But a brief moment later, he narrowed his eyes even more as he poured the last traces of Spiritual Energy into the Great Solar Undying Body.

The Great Solar Undying Body grew brighter again, but it was just temporarily. After the lustre, the Great Solar Undying Body started to swiftly dim.

As the Great Solar Undying Body turned even more illusory, it finally faded, since it had used up its last Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen also suffered from his Spiritual Energy exhaustion and his sight gradually turned dark.

When Mu Chen was about to fall into darkness, a peculiar fluctuation suddenly spread out in his heart and an unknown perception surged in his heart.

Mu Chen immediately opened his eyes with a faint smile on his face as he looked before him.

At this moment, a massive star had appeared before him without him knowing. It looked like it was forged with gold, looking desolate and ancient with an endless golden lustre gushing out.

In the star, Mu Chen saw a golden paper with ancient and primal runes on it. Every single rune looked like it was naturally formed by the heavens and earth with the bizarre power of summoning wind and rain.

Mu Chen’s gaze was fixed on the golden page and he could vaguely see ancient wordings slowly wandering on it - the Immortal Golden Body.

After a long while, Mu Chen gently smiled before he lowered his head and clenched his fists. At this moment, he had lost control from the joy and his fists were slightly trembling.

Mu Chen trembled with excitement. How long had he been waiting and worked hard for this day?

Looking at the golden paper, Mu Chen knew that he had actually grown up quite a bit…

He smiled and walked into the golden sun with one hand placed behind his back.

Immortal Golden Body, I have finally found you!

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