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Chapter 1171 - Fighting Garuda

When Mu Chen stepped into that star, he could sense that his surroundings had started to change. Space distorted and when his sight recovered, he noticed that he had been brought to a golden plaza that looked like it was forged with gold.

There were golden pillars that stood towering on the plaza that even reached the clouds. The entire region was filled with an unbelievably desolate aura.

Mu Chen stood in the plaza and saw a golden altar at the centre with a golden halo on it. There was a thin golden page that quietly floated in the golden light.

Mu Chen looked at the golden page and felt his temples trembling with a stinging pain in his mind. All of his emotions had been brewed to the limits at this moment.

After all, the objective that he was after had finally appeared before him after so many years…

However, Mu Chen did not lose his rationale to believe that it belonged to him. He would be dreaming if he could obtain such a treasure so easily.

According to his estimations, he might need to undergo a test in order to obtain it. He had no information about that test, but no matter what, Mu Chen wouldn’t give up today.

Mu Chen calmed his heart and sat on the golden plaza with his eyes closed, waiting for the test to arrive.

He did not wait for a long time. He opened his eyes and look at another direction. Space distorted and a golden light condensed into a silhouette.

It was a familiar silhouette, but Mu Chen did not have any shock on his face when he saw that arriving person. It was Garuda, who had also cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body.

As an elite nurtured by the Saint Demonic Emperor, and also a cultivator of the Great Solar Undying Body, Mu Chen didn’t believe that Garuda didn’t have the means to reach here.

While Mu Chen indifferently looked at Garuda, the latter had also opened his eyes and noticed Mu Chen’s presence. When Garuda saw that Mu Chen had arrived here, his composed face uncontrollably changed.

“You’re not dead?” Garuda squinted his eyes as he knitted his brows.

It was Elder Zuo of their Saint Demonic Palace that stopped Mu Chen. Even if Elder Zuo paid a heavy price to enter the Ancient Haven Palace, he should have been able to instantly kill any Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign.

Garuda had originally thought that Mu Chen was doomed to death. After all, he couldn’t think of any means that Mu Chen could use to escape from a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

He naturally thought it was impossible, but Mu Chen actually appeared before him and looking at Mu Chen’s smirk, it was clear that he had managed to live from the hands of Elder Zuo from the Saint Demonic Palace.

“I haven’t obtained the Immortal Golden Body yet, so how can I die?” Mu Chen smiled.

Garuda’s face turned dark, but he swiftly composed his expression and indifferently said, “Although I have no idea what method you used to escape from Elder Zuo, it doesn’t matter, since the result will be the same, even if I personally take action.”

Mu Chen smiled at Garuda. “Don’t you think that it might be him that was escaping from me instead?”

If that old fellow did not run so quickly, he would definitely be the first Earth Sovereign that Mu Chen had killed.

Garuda tugged his hands together as he sneered, “If you have that sort of ability, then would you allow me to stand before you?”

Mu Chen clenched his fist and the Army Seal appeared. He poured his Spiritual Energy in and just when he was about to trigger it, he squinted his eyes and helplessly shook his head. He realised that he had failed to summon the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

Evidently, this place had isolated his connection to the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. It should be the work of the mysterious Hidden Scripture Pavilion…

“So you want us to have a fair battle to the death…?” Mu Chen muttered. However, he wasn’t unhappy, he only felt pity about it. After all, only the stronger Great Solar Undying Body could obtain the qualifications to evolve.

It was akin to nurturing Insects. The strongest would devour the weaker ones. If he had used the Spirit-Slaughtering Army to kill Garuda, then it would go against the rules of the Immortal Golden Body.

“If I knew about this, I would have killed him earlier.” Mu Chen felt pity while shaking his head.

At that time, it was still his virgin experience with the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. Even he wasn’t sure if he could defeat Elder Zuo and, for safety reasons, he could only allow Garuda to leave.

If Garuda and Elder Zuo joined hands, who knows if anything might occur. That’s why he chose to let Garuda leave. After all, even if he couldn’t use the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, Mu Chen also wasn’t afraid of Garuda.

Garuda looked at Mu Chen sighing and even felt more assured that Mu Chen was fortunate to escape from Elder Zuo. Immediately, he coldly sneered while pointing towards the altar. “Do you know what that is?”


“That is a Sacrificial Altar… Do you know what needs to be sacrificed?” Garuda licked his lips as he coldly looked at Mu Chen. “The sacrifice needs to be a Great Solar Undying Body!”

Mu Chen’s eyes squinted at Garuda’s words.

“Only by sacrificing a Great Solar Undying Body, can the Divine Flame be ignited to refine the other Great Solar Undying Body into evolution.” Garuda eerily smiled as he continued, “So it’s fortunate for me that you can make it here. Otherwise, I would still have to suffer to ignite the altar.”

“So that’s how it is.” Mu Chen understood from Garuda’s explanation. However, he never expected that this altar actually required a sacrifice.

It looked like this piece of news should have been from the Saint Demonic Emperor. After all, that fellow was the ride of the Heavenly Emperor, so he must have known some secrets of the Ancient Haven Palace.

“Your words have made me feel better.” Mu Chen sighed. So he needed a sacrifice in order for it to evolve into the Immortal Golden Body. So it was fortunate that he did not kill that fellow outside.

“What a fool!” Garuda initially wanted to disrupt Mu Chen’s mentality. However, Garuda’s face turned darker, since he had failed. He couldn’t be bothered to speak anymore, so he stomped his feet.

A torrential Spiritual Energy surged akin to a storm, sweep out from Garuda’s body and space trembled.

After the Heavenly Lake’s Baptism, Garuda’s cultivation had reached the limit of Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign!

In terms of talent, if he could come out of the Ancient Haven Palace alive, there’s a high chance of him breaking through to the Earth Sovereign Realm.

Sensing the Spiritual Energy coming from Garuda, Mu Chen’s expression turned a little more grave. Without the use of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, Garuda was an enemy that he couldn’t underestimate.

He took a deep breath and his face turned solemn. This battle concerned the final victor, since only one of their Great Solar Undying Bodies could undergo the evolution.

Thus, this battle would definitely be extremely intense.

At this moment, the Spiritual Energy of a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign gushed out of Mu Chen’s body in the manner of a volcano with a golden lustre surging on the surface of his body and the roar of a dragon and cry of a phoenix echoing out.

The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits resided on Mu Chen’s skin, bringing along powerful defensive abilities and strength.

Mu Chen quietly stood, looking like a Primordial Ominous Beast that emanated a terrifying pressure.

“Haha, I never thought that you could actually reach this far!” Garuda looked at the vaguely appearing True Dragon and Phoenix behind Mu Chen. Seeing the powerful bearing that Mu Chen was emitting, he felt regret in his heart. He didn’t think that as an Initial Ninth Grade Sovereign, Mu Chen could threaten him.

However, who could have expected that Mu Chen would grow towards the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm in such a short amount of time and even escape from Elder Zuo?

If he knew about this, he would have forcefully made a move when Mu Chen and Xia Yu fought, and swiftly kill Mu Chen to avoid future trouble.

But right now… although it might be a little troublesome, it’s not too late.

“Did you think that only you have such a powerful physical body?” Garuda sinisterly smiled before he clenched his fists together. A pitch-black Spiritual Energy exploded from his body as he swelled up. His entire body looked like it was forged from a black metal that had an indescribable power contained within. There were also ancient black runes spreading out on the surface of his body, emanating a terrifying power.

Garuda’s roar was filled with dense killing intent the erupted in the golden plaza!

Saint Demonic Physique!

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