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Chapter 1169 - Emergence of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion

The crimson lotus stage emanated a crimson lustre at the end of the stairs, where the bewitching flower was laid upon, emitting a dark lustre that looked extremely peculiar.

“This is the legendary rare divine flower of the Great Thousand World, the Mandala Flower?” Mu Chen stopped before the Mandala Flower and examined it with curiosity. The Immortal Page in his body, which contained the cultivation technique of the Great Solar Undying Body, was engraved with the divine runes of the Mandala Flower, but this was the first time he had seen a real one.

Legend had it that when a Mandala Flower evolved to its limits, it would possess a power that rivalled the True Dragon and Phoenix, an existence comparable to a Heavenly Sovereign.

However, such a flower possessed intellect the moment it was born and was proficient in dark energy. So even when it was born, as long as it hid, not even an Earth Sovereign could find it.

Mu Chen looked at the Mandala Flower. Although it had sealed itself, Mu Chen could still sense the surging energies in that bewitching flower that even lightly trembled the surrounding space.

Mu Chen sighed at the massive energy before a smear of dark light condensed in his hand and formed into a black leaf.

Although Mandala’s main body had sealed itself, it would still have its instincts to protect itself. If Mu Chen attempted to forcefully seize it, then it would cause it to attack him and the attack of a Greater Earth Sovereign wasn’t something that Mu Chen could bear.

Fortunately, he came prepared. This leaf was what Mandala had given him earlier. It could be used to retrieve her main body.

Mu Chen infused the black leaf with his Spiritual Energy, causing the leaf to emit a black lustre, and it swiftly expanded. In just a few breaths’ time, it had turned into a few dozen feet in size and wrapped the bewitching flower.

The bewitching flower slightly trembled, but it did not resist. It allowed the leaf to wrap itself up, akin to a cocoon.

Mu Chen waved his hand and retrieved the black cocoon. Thereafter, he looked at the crimson jade lotus stage with curiosity.

He swiped his hand on the lotus stage. The touch was cold and, thereafter, a cold energy entered his body.

The sudden energy startled Mu Chen and just when he was about to force it out, he froze when he realised that the energy was swiftly healing the injuries that he suffered from the corpse.

The palm print on his back was also slowly dissipating and in just a few minutes, his injuries had been mostly healed. It was so much so that even the exhaustion from when he controlled the Spirit-Slaughtering Army lessened.

“This…” Shock flashed on Mu Chen’s face. This lotus stage actually has a powerful recovering ability?

One must know that if Mu Chen had to recover his own injuries, he would require at least half a day. But now, he had recovered in just ten-odd minutes under the effects of the crimson lotus. This efficiency was at least a hundred times faster.

Thus, he could tell that this lotus stage was a treasure!

With this, even if he had suffered heavy injuries in the future, he only needed some time to recover from them. Furthermore, it was even useful to an Earth Sovereign. Otherwise, Mandala wouldn’t have used it to treat her wounds.

“I’m afraid that the price of this is comparable to a Middle Rank Saint Artifact!” Mu Chen’s gaze beamed as he looked at the crimson lotus with greed in his eyes. Even the worth of the Wind God’s Fan was inferior to this.

Mu Chen grinned, since he never thought that not only would he manage to find Mandala’s main body, he even had an unexpected harvest.

Thus, Mu Chen took the lotus away with him without any hesitation. Such a treasure couldn’t be wasted here.

Mu Chen dusted his hands in satisfaction. However, he wasn’t in a hurry to leave, so he sat down and waited. He was waiting for the appearance of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

Ever since he entered the Ancient Haven Palace, he could feel a pair of eyes staring at him.  Previously, he was still wondering whether he had sensed this incorrectly but at this moment, he could affirm that it should be the Hidden Scripture Pavilion of the Ancient Haven Palace.

Just as Xiao Xiao had said, only those with outstanding performances could enter the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

Right now, not only did Mu Chen manage to enter the Second Hall and obtain the elite army under the Second Hall Master, he even defeated a Lesser Earth Sovereign in the First Hall and even passed through a terrifying Spiritual Array that could even leave a Greater Earth Sovereign with a headache…

If such achievements couldn’t grant him entry to the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, then the heavens would be blind.

Thus, Mu Chen didn’t have to do anything. All he had to do now was wait and see if the mysterious Hidden Scripture Pavilion would react.

Thus, a waiting game started, but as time gradually passed, there wasn’t anything unusual occurring. It’s as if the Hidden Scripture Pavilion didn’t approve of Mu Chen’s performance.

Mu Chen’s gaze slightly flickered before his eyes turned resolute with self-confidence.

As long as the Hidden Scripture Pavilion possessed intellect, then Mu Chen would be confident that his achievements could grant him the qualifications to enter.

He believed that even amongst the Ancient Haven Palace, his performance would be ranked one of the tops.

Mu Chen’s gaze calmly looked at the space before him, as if he was looking at the invisible Hidden Scripture Pavilion. As if he was speaking to it with his gaze that he was qualified to enter.

As if something had sensed his gaze, the silence lasted a brief longer before Mu Chen squinted his eyes to realise that the space before him had started to ripple.

It’s as if there was an ancient sutra being chanted, causing the space to distort before an azure and mysterious pavilion appeared.

Mu Chen looked at the mysterious pavilion and his heart throbbed.

He could sense that this mysterious pavilion had been watching him, but he wasn’t afraid. He continued to firmly stare at it.

The two looked at each other in the hall and a few minutes, before the mysterious pavilion fluctuated and Mu Chen could hear an aged voice resounding. “Firm heart and unwavering confidence. You’re qualified to enter the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.”

Mu Chen abruptly squinted his eyes at that voice. It was actually from the Hidden Scripture Pavilion?

The intellect of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion was this advance? This was not something that an ordinary Saint Artifact could be compared to!

While Mu Chen was astonished, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion slightly rippled with an azure lustre that condensed into stairs that stretched towards Mu Chen.

Evidently, he would be able to enter the Hidden Scripture Pavilion if he walked up these stairs!

Looking at the stairs before him, Mu Chen’s heart roared with waves, even with his composure, and he felt dizzy in his mind.

He really succeeded? As long as he entered the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, he would be granted an opportunity to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body. How long as he been waiting for this?

From the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the Greatlaw Continent, the Great Havenlaw Domain and rising from a Commander to an Emperor. He had done so much just for this chance to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body!

Right now, his target, which he had been pursuing for years, was finally going to be his, which lifted waves in Mu Chen’s heart.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and slowly suppressed the emotions in his heart. He respectfully bowed at the Hidden Scripture Pavilion before he stepped onto the azure stairs without hesitation.

When he walked to the last step, the surrounding space distorted and the next time he appeared, the area he was in was shrouded in mist, akin to a celestial realm with an ancient and mysterious Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

At this moment, the gate of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion slowly opened and countless rays of ancient and powerful beams shot out.

Mu Chen stepped in without any hesitation, stepping into this treasure land that many had yearned for in their dreams in the Ancient Haven Palace!

The moment he stepped in, Mu Chen suddenly clenched his hand with excitement flashing in his eyes.

Immortal Golden Body, here I come!

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