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Chapter 117 – Three-Man Journey

With Sun’Er joining them on the road, it brought a lot more joy to them. Both Mu Chen and Mo Ling had a favorable impression of the cute and innocent, little girl. Although this little girl was sometimes careless, her antics  would often bring delight.

Because of Mu Chen and Mo Ling’s protection, Sun’Er was finally able to display her abilities as a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master during the trip. Even Mu Chen was sometimes surprised when he saw the powerful Spiritual Arrays that were formed so skillfully. The explosive energy from the arrays could directly kill a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase Spiritual Beast.

Although that the little girl was quite amazing, she lacked combat experience. Upon being disturbed, the speed of arranging Spiritual Arrays would slow down significantly and become quite unstable.

If it was a life and death battle, it was unlikely that her opponent would give her the chance to perfectly form the array. In conclusion, Sun’Er’s potential was quite high, but she still needed to hone herself before she could fully use that potential.

But no matter what, a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master was still a considerable threat. If Sun’Er was given the room to go all out, she could even fight against a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse. Of course, there was still the issue of of her needing time to prepare…

During their three-man journey, they attracted a lot of attention. After all, among the three of them, Mu Chen possessed a Rank 4 Symbol, Sun’Er possessed a Rank 3 Symbol and even Mo Ling had a Rank 2 Symbol. To many individuals, this kind of target was quite tempting. Thus, there were many sneak attacks along the road. However, every single one of them was resolved by Mu Chen.

With Mu Chen’s current strength, unless it was a Spirit Stage powerhouse, they would not be able to produce any threat to him. Therefore, the many trouble-makers had been unable to disrupt their pace.


In the forested area, the roars of beasts sounded out. Mu Chen stood on top of a tree branch and saw what was ahead. At that location, there were three pitch black rhinoceros. These three Steel Rhinos had the strength comparable to a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. Their blood-red eyes were locked onto Mo Ling, who was directly above them. Not too far behind Mo Ling, Sun’Er looked around hesitantly.

“Sun’Er. I’ll leave these three fellows to the two of you. If you can’t resolve this situation, we will have to temporarily cancel tonight’s dinner.” Mu Chen stared at Sun’Er and smiled.

Sun’Er’s strength was decent. If she could mature, she would then be able to perform decently. Thus, Mu Chen was trying to help her out as much as possible. Although Mu Chen had a favorable impression to her, due to her lovely and innocent appearance, her personality was not suitable for this place. Therefore, Sun’Er had to develop her own strength. This was something that would benefit her.

“Please be considerate: it isn’t only for you, it is also for your Brother Mo Ling’s dinner. You must perform steadily, otherwise, both of you will starve together.”

As she heard Mu Chen use this terrible threat on her, Sun’Er’s nose twitched. Although it was a bit frustrating, the little girl felt guilty because her own performance would affect Mo Ling as well. Brother Mu Chen is the worst; he is even more vicious than these Spiritual beasts. Although his smiling appearance looks very handsome…

This time, she had to work hard.

After making up her mind, Sun’Er clenched her fists softly. Light swiftly emerged and condensed into numerous Spiritual Seals. She closed her eyes and did not look at the vicious Spiritual Beasts. Then, her hands changed between seals, and a Spiritual Array Diagram was quickly arranged.

In front of her, Mo Ling was forced into an awkward position by the three Steel Rhinos. He was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase, so he wasn’t able to defeat even one of the Steel Rhinos. If it wasn’t for the fact that these Spiritual Beasts weren’t intelligent, he would have probably been stomped to death already. But even so, he was still in danger and could only barely hold on.

“Brother Mo Ling, move aside!”

Just when Mo Ling couldn’t endure anymore, an angelic voice came from the rear. Mo Ling instantly rolled away and slammed his hands onto the ground. Then, his body quickly flew back.

At this moment, Sun’Er had already opened her eyes. A blue light array was formed in front of her and a violent fluctuation spread out.

By the time the Spiritual Array had been formed by Sun’Er, her petite face had also turned solemn. She waved her hands and the blue light array released a rich blue light.

“Wind Spirits Array!”


The blue light gushed out and turned into blades of wind within the light array. The wind blades tore through the air and descended with overwhelming power. The ground was heavily damaged as a result.


These wind blades directly enshrouded the three Steel Rhinos. As the wind blades surged over, they instantly cut the three Steel Rhinos and wounded them all over their bodies. In the end, they roared and struggled as they fell to the ground. Fresh blood flowed out from their wounds.

Mu Chen nodded slightly as he watched from the side. The Spiritual Array that Sun’Er displayed should be considered a top existence among the Rank 1 Spiritual Arrays. It had an extraordinary power. Even the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase Steel Rhinos weren’t able to endure it.


Mo Ling looked at the three Steel Rhinos that had been quickly killed by Sun’Er and could not help but direct a thumbs up to Sun’Er. Surprise filled his eyes. A Spiritual Array Master was indeed powerful.

Mu Chen smiled and walked next to Sun’Er. He rubbed her head and said, “Well done.”

After receiving these praises, Sun’Er’s eyes revealed a hint of delight. It was truly easy to make this little girl happy.

“Take out your Spirit Board. You should check how far away we are from your sister.”

Hearing this, Sun’Er’s hands instantly flashed. A light board the size of two palms emerged on top of her hands. On the board, there was a light barrier, and a few lights could be seen within the barrier.

This was a position supporting Spiritual Artifact. Although it required being set up in advance, it would be quite convenient for them to find the other within a certain range.

However, Mu Chen would rarely see Spiritual Artifacts within the Northern Spiritual Realm. This is because Spiritual Artifacts could only be made by Spiritual Blacksmiths, and the Spiritual Blacksmiths in Northern Spiritual Realm were even rarer than Spiritual Array Masters. Even Mu Feng didn’t possess any decent Spiritual Artifacts. Overall, this could only be the case as the Northern Spiritual Realm was too small…

Sun’Er stared at the Spirit Board for a while and pointed to the north with a finger. “We’re close. If we continue to head in this direction, we will be able to find my sister within half a day,” she said

Mu Chen nodded slightly.

“Brother Mu Chen.” Sun’Er placed away the Spirit Board and stared at Mu Chen. Her twintails danced as she asked: “Are you going to leave once you send me back to my sister?”

Sun’Er was reluctant to part with him. After their interactions with each other during the past two days, the little girl felt Mu Chen’s kindness and had became quite close to him; this was all despite him being uncompromising in order to force her to train.

“Both of us would have to head to the whatever Northern Heavens Hall at some point. We could go together along with my sister…” Sun’Er said with expectations.

Hearing this, Mu Chen smiled. He tugged the little girl’s twintails that were filled with vigor and replied: “We’ll see when that happens. Come, let’s prepare dinner first.”

Sun’Er’s eyes, which looked depressed due to Mu Chen’s vague reply, instantly lit up when she heard the end of the sentence. She hurriedly followed him in excitement.

As Mu Chen and the two others departed, a few gazes hidden within the darkness of the forest flashed and faded away.

On the next day, Mu Chen and the others were able to set off again. Based on the trajectory of Sun’Er’s Spirit Board, her sister must have been heading over to this direction swiftly.

The three figures pushed off gently from a tree branch and rushed out from within the forest. They flew off, accompanied by the sounds of winds breaking.

However, Mu Chen stopped all of a sudden. He extended both arms and stopped both Mo Ling and Sun’Er behind him.

“What is it?” Mo Ling asked in confusion.

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed. His eyes stared calmly at the forest in front of them as he said: “Come out. Don’t you feel uncomfortable hiding in such a cramp space?”

After Mu Chen’s voice rang out, a commotion began in the forest in front of them. In an instant, Mo Ling was surprised to see numerous figures slowly emerging from the forest. There were at least thirty people hiding there.

And in the forefront of the group, he noticed three familiar figures. The one that was leading the group was Ge Qing, who had attempted to rob them previously but instead had suffered a loss.

Right now, Ge Qing had a red symbol flashing on his forehead. In a few short days, he had actually increased his symbol to Rank 3. It seemed that he had robbed numerous individuals.

“Ohoho, what a coincidence. We actually meet again.” Ge Qing smiled as he stared at Mu Chen. His eyes were filled with ill intent.

Mu Chen glanced at him and noticed that there were actually 8 individuals, who had reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, within the group. As for the rest, their auras were not weak either. It seemed that Ge Qing had come prepared. Moreover, these people had a red ribbon wrapped around their arms. It looked like they belonged to the same team.

Currently within this Northern Heavens World, there were already numerous small and large forces. It was evident that Ge Qing had joined one.

“It seemed that the punishment I’ve handed out to you before wasn’t enough.” Mu Chen said slowly. A hint of coldness flashed through his eyes. He did not like this sort of incessant trouble.

“Hmph. You still dare act arrogant now? Aren’t you quite capable of fighting? Then, why don’t you try fighting against all 30 of us?!” Ge Qing shouted as he gnashed his teeth. Although he knew that Mu Chen was powerful, he didn’t believe that they would fail to get rid of Mu Chen with thirty men. After all, the latter was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase and had not broken through to the Spirit Stage.

“Mo Ling, take Sun’Er and leave.”

Mu Chen’s black eyes slowly turned cold. A black light flashed out from his palms.

“Brother Mu Chen.”

Just when Mu Chen was about to attack, Sun’Er suddenly pulled on his arm. Then, she quietly held out the Spirit Board on her palm. A hint of delight had filled her dark-black eyes.

“My sister is coming.”

Mu Chen was stunned. He glanced at the Spirit Board and noticed a light approaching them at an extremely fast speed.


The light quickly approached this area and fluctuating Spiritual Energy instantly burst outwards. A powerful Spiritual Energy pressure then emitted throughout the area.

Mu Chen felt the Spiritual Energy pressure and frowned, “Spirit Stage?”

Mu Chen looked towards the distance. At that location, a figure made of light was charging over at a lightning speed.

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