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Chapter 116 – Sun’Er

Within the forest, meat was roasting over a bonfire as aromatic oil dripped down. The oil droplets dribbled into the bonfire causing the flames to rise higher from within the bonfire.

Next to the bonfire, a little girl dressed in white was currently widening her bright, black eyes. She stared at meat roasting on the spit as drool was slowly leaking out of her mouth; she was endlessly swallowing her saliva. Currently, her attention was completely captured by the roasted meat. As for the two individuals beside her, she had temporarily forgotten about them.


Mu Chen could not help but cough lightly while he stared at the oblivious girl. He had saved her from the Flame Panthers earlier, yet she still remained silent. Only after a while, she hesitantly muttered to Mu Chen: “I’m hungry.”

When Mu Chen heard this, he was dumbfounded. He could only make the best of the ingredients available, so he roasted a Flame Panther. Although his skill was incomparable to Luo Li, it was still many times better than Mo Ling.

The little girl, who was completely focused on the roasted meat, heard Mu Chen’s coughing sounds and lifted her petite face.

“Little girl, what’s your name?” Mu Chen directed a smile at the little girl and asked her.

“You’re all bad people. My sister told me not to casually tell other people my name.” The little girl pouted. She still remembered Mu Chen and Mo Ling standing aside, watching her while she had been helplessly chased by the Flame Panthers. They had not wanted to help her. Thus, from her perspective, they were as close as possible to being assessed as being bad individuals. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was so hungry, she would have ignored them.

Mu Chen frowned and lifted the roast meat as if he wanted to throw it away. At that moment, the little girl suddenly became anxious. Her eyes instantly turned watery as if she  wanted to cry in protest against the unpardonable crime Mu Chen was committing by denying her something to eat.

But Mu Chen remained unmoved. He only smiled at her slightly.

“I’m Sun’Er.” The little girl finally couldn’t hold out any longer, and her nose twitched as she replied in dismay.

“How old are you?”

“14 years old.”  With the roasted meat being held hostage, the little girl could only answer the questions honestly.

A hint of surprise filled Mu Chen’s eyes. 14 years old? She has been able to obtain the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s qualification at such an age? Isn’t this too amazing? Moreover, when Mu Chen looked at the little girl’s snow-like forehead, a dark-red symbol was there. It was a Rank 3 Symbol.

That is to say this little girl didn’t just obtain an ordinary entry. Rather, she obtained a seeded entry exactly like him.

“You obtained a seeded entry for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy even though  you’re only 14? Could it be that your family is related with someone high up in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? Your strength is similar to mine. You’re only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase, so how could you obtain a seeded entry?” Mo Ling could not help but ask. He was disturbed. This was because he felt ashamed when he compared himself to the little girl.

“Nonsense!” The little girl was instantly unhappy when she heard these words. She immediately replied: “You’re not my opponent.”

“Then why would someone who obtained a seeded entry be hunted by Flame Panthers?” Mo Ling asked suspiciously.

“That’s because I’m hungry.” This reason instantly made the little girl’s face flush. She immediately grabbed onto her long pigtails and said embarrassedly: “Furthermore, I’m a Spiritual Array Master. They came too fast and scared me. Once I was afraid, I could not arrange a Spiritual Array.”

“A Spiritual Array Master?”

Mu Chen and Mo Ling were surprised. The latter stared doubtfully at the little girl named Sun’Er as though he did not believe her.

“I didn’t lie to you!” Sun’Er noticed the suspicion on Mu Chen and Mo Ling’s faces and was suddenly impatient. She extended her petite hands and her slender fingers twinkled. As the air fluctuated, a blue Spiritual Array formed in front of her. Then, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted from the array.


Mo Ling was stunned. He felt an immense pressure coming from the Spiritual Array. From the Spiritual Energy fluctuation, he could tell that it was definitely enough to defeat someone at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. Moreover, this Spiritual Array was formed easily by the little girl.

“A Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master.” Mu Chen’s eyes focused at this moment. The power of this Spiritual Array was in no way inferior to his “Devouring Tigerblaze Spiritual Array”. It was already considered to be outstanding among the Rank 1 Spiritual Arrays. Moreover, Sun’Er was able to arrange it this easily. It meant that she had already surpassed a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master. Furthermore, Mu Chen perceived a familiar feeling as she arranged the Spiritual Array. It was the…

Heart Array State.

At this moment, shock filled Mu Chen’s heart. The little girl in front of him was actually a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master. In addition, she was like him and possessed the Heart Array State.

This meant that she also possessed an extraordinary talent in Spiritual Array Cultivation.

Moreover, Mu Chen could feel that Sun’Er had received relatively complete Spiritual Array Cultivation Training. It was many times better than his own half-baked training. At the very least, even though he was a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master, there were only a few Spiritual Arrays he could use.

At that instant, Mu Chen finally understood why she was able to obtain a seeded entry and had been recruited by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy at such a young age.

Thinking about this, Mu Chen sighed. There were too many concealed talents within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Furthermore, this was only an examination for newcomers and there were already so many powerful individuals.

“Here.” Mu Chen smiled as he handed the roasted meat in his hand to the little girl, who was already salivating.

“Thank you, brother.”

Sun’Er’s dark eyes instantly brightened up. However, the little girl still thanked him politely before accepting it. Then, she stopped caring about her image as she gobbled it up.

Mu Chen could not help but smile as he stared at the innocent little girl, with her long twintails and filled with vitality.

The little girl’s body was quite petite, yet her appetite was unexpectedly large. She quickly ate all the meat and blinked as she said to Mu Chen with an embarrassed expression: “I’m still hungry.”

Mu Chen was speechless. He asked with a wry smile: “How long since you last ate?”

“Two days.” The little girl was particularly distressed as she mentioned it. She said: “I originally brought a lot of food. However, I met a little Spiritual Beast two days ago and fed a lot of food to it. Since I don’t know how to cook, I did not have a chance to eat until now.”

Mu Chen and Mo Ling exchanged gazes with each other. Both of them wanted to laugh. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination was an extremely serious place. How could such an unusual creature appear here?

Mu Chen shook his head, picked up some wood and stacked it up.

“Brother, you’re really kind. What’s your name?” Seeing Mu Chen preparing food for her again, Sun’Er’s opinion of him was increasing significantly. Thus, she asked with a clear and innocent voice.

“I’m Mu Chen and he’s Mo Ling. We came from the same Spiritual Academy.” Mu Chen smiled and asked: “Based on what you’ve said earlier, your sister is also in this Northern Heavens World?”

“Yes.” Sun’Er hurriedly nodded. She rubbed her stomach and said: “However, we were separated. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been hungry. Moreover, if my sister was here with me, I wouldn’t have been bullied by these hateful beasts.”

As she talked about her sister, the little girl seemed to be filled with pride. Her twintails would bounce up and down.

“Is your sister powerful?” Mo Ling asked due to his curiosity.

“My sister is someone who participated in the Spiritual Road.” Sun’Er replied proudly.

Mo Ling was surprised. Participated in the Spiritual Road? Then she was definitely not someone simple.

“Brother Mu, maybe you know her.” Mo Ling smiled as he asked Mu Chen.

“That’s not necessarily the case. The Spiritual Road is quite large. Moreover, I came out a year earlier than the rest of them. How could I know everyone?” Mu Chen shook his head and replied.

“Brother Mu Chen, you also participated in the Spiritual Road? Aren’t you quite powerful? I also received the Spiritual Road’s qualification, but my mother didn’t let me go because I was too young.” Sun’Er said regretfully.

“You also obtained the qualifications?” Mo Ling was speechless. He stared at Sun’Er as if she was a monster. Just what sort of background did this little girl have? Within their Northern Spiritual Realm, Mu Chen was the only one that had obtained the qualification to enter the Spiritual Road.

Mu Chen was not surprised. It seemed that Sun’Er was quite talented in Spiritual Arrays. If they had to discuss her combat ability, she could probably fight against a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse. However, she definitely lacked experience and was quite immature.

“It’s good that you did not go. Otherwise, you might not have been here right now.” Mu Chen smiled. He knew how ruthless the Spiritual Road was. It was truly an outstanding place to hone others. To an innocent girl like Sun’Er, it was not a good place to go. If she had participated, she might have lost that innocent and pure personality. But whether or not it was a loss for her was difficult for one to tell.


Mu Chen handed the roasted meat in his hand to Sun’Er. Since the girl was quite innocent, he was quite fond of her.

Sun’Er excitedly accepted the roasted meat. Then, she immediately buried herself in the meat.

The little girl had a truly big appetite, which had only been satisfied after Mu Chen had roasted an entire Flame Panther for her. This scene made Mu Chen and Mo Ling glance at her tiny body. They wondered where all that food had disappeared to within her body…

“Brother Mu Chen…”

After she was satisfied, Sun’Er’s black eyes suddenly stared at Mu Chen and she asked hesitantly: “Can I ask you a favor?”

“Eh?” Mu Chen stared at her.

“Can you take me to my sister? She’s probably in this region, I have a Spirit Board so I can find her…” Sun’Er touched the red symbol flashing on her forehead and whispered: “Other people have been trying to steal this from me…So I could only hide whenever I met anyone over the past two days…If I get lost while looking for my sister, I will probably starve again…”

Mu Chen gave her a soft smile. Sun’Er possessed a Rank 3 Symbol. It was indeed quite attractive to others. Coupled with her age and pure personality, she would probably be tricked and have her symbol stolen shortly after separating from them.

“Brother Mu Chen, you’re a good person. Please help me. I will definitely repay you once I find my sister.” Sun’Er pleaded. Mu Chen was the first person that didn’t try to steal her symbol and had even given her food.

As he stared at the little girl’s pleading expression, Mu Chen smiled. Most of the people within the Northern Heavens World would have the same goal as them. Therefore, their routes would be the same. He believed it wouldn’t cause too much trouble for them to help her out, so he nodded his head at Sun’Er.

It would definitely be interesting to have such an unusual creature following them.

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