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Chapter 118 – Ye Qingling

A dense Spiritual Energy pressure engulfed the forest at an amazing speed. Ge Qing and the others, who had been originally planning to attack Mu Chen, suddenly changed their expressions. They hurriedly turned around and looked to their rear. Coming from that direction, a figure wrapped with Spiritual Energy was rushing over quickly.


The figure was extremely fast, and, in a couple of seconds, she appeared in the sky above the forest. Then, her body descended onto a large tree as she revealed her slender figure.

At this moment, everybody’s gazes were gathered at the location of that girl. She was a beautiful girl dressed in an apricot-colored dress. Her figure was quite tall, and she had a tender face. Moreover, her neck, which was slender and white as snow, gave off an exquisite allure all the way down to her collarbone. Beneath the collarbone was a curvy figure that extended down along with her clothes.

A girl like this could only be considered as outstanding. However, she was currently wearing a cold expression and exuding a sharp, dangerous atmosphere, which was so strong that it was able to stop others from approaching her.


When Sun’Er noticed the girl appear, her petite face revealed a hint of delight, and she hurriedly waved her hands.

The beautiful girl dressed in the apricot-colored dress looked at Sun’Er, and her cold expression quickly faded away. Her eyes immediately softened.

“Is she Sun’Er’s sister? How pretty.” Mo Ling whispered while he looked at the beautiful girl in surprise.

Mu Chen smiled. The girl in front of him was unfamiliar to him. It was evident that he had not met her in the Spiritual Road. However, the latter was certainly powerful. The aura she emitted was probably at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase level. With strength like this, she could not be considered weak in the Northern Heavens World.

“The final step in the Spiritual Road is truly impressive…”

Mu Chen sighed within his heart. In the Spiritual Road’s trial, if the earlier steps honed the mind, then the final step was the reward to the trial. That reward would be power distribution based on the honing of the mind. Thus, as long as one passed the final step, it would count as passing the Spiritual Road.

And since Mu Chen was kicked out halfway through the Spiritual Road, he had only been able to mentally hone himself. But he lacked the power of the final step.

Based on Mu Chen’s calculations, if he had successfully obtained the Spiritual Energy Empowerment during the final step, he was confident that he would have had the qualifications to enter the Three Heavens Stage.

Although he felt a bit of regret, Mu Chen wasn’t someone that was indecisive and wishy-washy. Even without the enormous leap of power, he believed that he would be able to catch up slowly and steadily.

On the tree, the girl dressed in the apricot-dress stared intensely at Mu Chen and Mo Ling, who were beside Sun’Er. She understood that her little sister was quite innocent. If someone wanted to trick her and sell her off, she would probably be happily counting the money for the transaction.

Even against the intense gaze, Mu Chen did not back down at all. His black eyes were calm as a lake. He  not only remained unaffected by her strength but also by her appearance.

After a while, the girl slowly retracted her gaze and turned to look at Ge Qing. She glanced at the red ribbon. Then, her beautiful eyes twitched as she asked: Are you from the Ge Clan?”

Ge Qing nodded hesitantly. He recognized the girl in front of him, who was clearly at the Spirit Stage. She was the leader of the Ye Clan, Ye Qingling. In this region, she was quite well-known.

“Scram.” The girl said faintly.

Ge Qing’s face changed slightly. He gritted his teeth and said unwillingly: “If you want to take the little girl away, we will not stop you. However, we have a grudge with that boy over there, so I hope that you will give some face to my big brother, Ge Hai, and not intervene with us.”

Ye Qingling looked at Ge Qing for a moment. Ge Hai was the leader of the Ge Clan. His strength had also reached the Spirit Stage Initial Phase.

However, Ye Qingling still shook her head and replied, “Since they are Sun’Er’s friends, I cannot sit here idly.”

Hearing that Ye Qingling insisted on intervening with the situation, Ge Qing’s face instantly turned ugly. It was evident that he had not expected Ye Qingling to not give any respect to his brother.


Just as Ge Qing’s expression changed, sounds of winds breaking suddenly rang out from behind. Then, numerous figures charged over and appeared at the surrounding space. They completely surrounded all of them.

“It’s the people from the Ye Clan…” Ge Qing and the others were slightly afraid when they noticed the numerous figures.

“Ge Qing, Sister Ye is speaking to you respectfully. You better know what’s good for you. Otherwise, we will directly snatch away your symbols and see if your Ge Clan is able to respond in turn!” A boy shouted out in a cold voice in front of the dozens of figures.

The boy had a lanky body and stared at Ge Qing with a smile. However, once his gaze swept over to the figure in the apricot-colored dress, a hint of passion and love emerged within the depths of his eyes.

“Wang Sheng, do you think that our Ge Clan is afraid of you?” Ge Qing grunted as he stared at the boy. The latter was considered to be the number 2 figure within the Ye Clan. His strength was only slightly weaker than Ye Qingling. It was said that he was half a step from entering the Spirit Stage and was considerably powerful.

“Then why don’t we test it out?!” Wang Sheng curled his lips and replied.


Ge Qing gnashed his teeth. How could they dare to attack when Ye Qingling was here? A single Spirit Stage powerhouse was enough to deal with all of them. After all, a Spiritual Rotation Stage and a Spirit Stage was far too different.

Ge Qing’s expression changed for a while. Then, he finally turned and looked at Mu Chen: “Consider yourself lucky this time. Don’t ever let me find an opportunity to deal with you. Otherwise, I will not let you go this easily.”

After he said this, he turned and spoke to Ye Qingling and Wang Sheng: “Since you won’t give the Ge Clan any face, I will have a good talk with my brother about it. Don’t think that we are afraid of you!”

“Let’s go!”

Ge Qing grunted and waves his hands. Then, he led the thirty men back into the forest behind disappearing from this location.

With the departure of Ge Qing and the others, the atmosphere in the area calmed down. Wang Sheng also let out a sigh of relief. The Ge Clan had numbers similar to them. Moreover, Ge Hai was also at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. If they were to fight, they wouldn’t have much of an advantage.

Ye Qingling only moved from the branch after she noticed that Ge Qing and others were leaving. She appeared on the tree where Mu Chen and the others were standing on. Then, her tender face revealed a touching smile as she pulled Sun’Er’s hands and asked gently: “Little rascal, did anything happen to you during our separation?”

Sun’Er pouted with a hurt expression: “I starved for a few days. It was lucky that I met Brother Mu Chen. Otherwise, I would have starved to death.”

“Glutton.” Ye Qingling smiled. Her slender fingers could not help but poke Sun’Er’s nose. Then, she lifted her head to the boy in front of her. The boy had a smile on his face as he stared quietly at them. Throughout the entire exchange, nothing had broken the calmness within his eyes..

“You’re Mu Chen, right? I’m Sun’Er’s sister, Ye Qingling. Thank you for taking care of her during the past few days.” Ye Qingling directed a smile at Mu Chen and extended her exquisite hand over.

Mu Chen also extended his hand and held onto her hand. As their hands touched, Mu Chen could feel a delicate chill, which was as comfortable as holding a beautiful jade stone. However, he did not long for this feeling and gently retracted his hand: “I only took a liking to this girl. That’s why I brought her along the way.”

Behind Ye Qingling, Wang Sheng and the others arrived and smiled friendly at Mu Chen.

“Sister. Brother Mu Chen is amazing. He is also like us and obtained a seeded entry. Moreover, he’s also a Spiritual Array Master.” Sun’Er pulled Ye Qingling’s hands and grinned.


A hint of surprise filled Ye Qingling and Wang Sheng’s eyes. Their gaze swept across Mu Chen’s body. A person, who was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, was commonly seen within the Northern Heavens World. However, he was truly capable since he obtained a seeded entry. As for being Spiritual Array Master like Sun’Er mentioned, it was neglected since they thought Mu Chen only knew how to use Spiritual Arrays and wasn’t extremely skilled in it.

Mu Chen smiled helplessly. This little girl is truly innocent since  she just announced his secret out loud. He cupped his hands towards Ye Qingling and said: “Since Sun’Er has found you, I have no business here anymore. Thank you for rescuing me earlier. I’ll have to say goodbye together with my friend.”

Although Ye Qingling’s strength wasn’t weak and she had built a considerable force, Mu Chen did not plan on being welcomed by them. Thus, he wasn’t thinking of deepening their friendship.

“Brother Mu Chen, NO!” But just when he muttered these words, Sun’Er hurriedly pulled his hand. She pleaded: “Since we’re all going to the Northern Heavens Hall, let’s go together.”

She had already developed some feelings of camaraderie with Mu Chen and Mo Ling after the past few days. Therefore, she didn’t want Mu Chen to leave.

“Brother Mu, since Sun’Er likes you, why don’t you follow us temporarily? You don’t have many people with you, so you must not have gathered a lot of information about the Northern Heavens World. We can inform you about it.” Ye Qingling smiled as she sent out an invitation. She had thought about if for a while. Mu Chen had helped Sun’Er out, so it was as if he had done them a favor. And from the looks of things, he seemed to have offended Ge Qing. If it was just Ge Qing, it would be simple to deal with. However, he had a big brother, who stepped into the Spirit Stage, behind him. Ge Hai had also participated in the Spiritual Road, so she knew that he was not easy to deal with. Mu Chen and Mo Ling would probably suffer if they crossed paths with him.

Mu Chen glanced at Ye Qingling. He understood what the latter was thinking just from her twinkling eyes and smiled. He had never care about Ge Qing. As for his brother, who cares if he had entered the Spirit Stage? Would he, Mu Chen, really be afraid of him?

Even a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse had been killed by him. Just how much pressure could a mere Spirit Stage give him?

But if Mu Chen refused Ye Qingling’s invitation as well, he could be perceived as being considerably uncompromising. Moreover, the final sentence Ye Qingling had said had grabbed his interest.

He was quite unfamiliar with the Northern Heavens World and Ye Qingling had quite the amount of men. Thus, she probably understood it better than him. He could take advantage of this and obtain a lot more information.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you for the next few days.” Mu Chen smiled and no longer refused. Then, he brought Mo Ling as he descended down from the tree. From the side, a few Ye Clan youths welcomed them enthusiastically.

“Sister Ye, wouldn’t we make Ge Hai unhappy by letting them stay with us?” Wang Sheng whispered.

“Let’s not mention about the fact whether Ge Hai would attack us because of Ge Qing. Even if it was true, I’m not afraid of Ge Hai.” Ye Qingling smiled gently.

“You shouldn’t underestimate Brother Mu Chen. He is quite powerful. It seemed that he also entered the Spiritual Road…” Sun’Er touched her face as if she recalled the words that Mo Ling had mentioned before.


Hearing this, Wang Shen was completely speechless. Even Ye Qingling was stunned. Mu Chen had also participated in the Spiritual Road?

“Shouldn’t a person, who participated in the Spiritual Road, be at the Spirit Stage at the very least? He seemed to be weaker than me.” Wang Sheng was filled with doubt.

Ye Qingling frowned lightly. She seemed to have vaguely heard of Mu Chen’s name before, but she could not recall where…

“You probably misheard them.”

Ye Qingling smiled slightly. If he had participated in the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen’s strength was indeed quite low. Moreover, the latter didn’t have the smell of someone who came out of the Spiritual Road. Thinking about this, she came to the conclusion that Sun’Er had probably misheard them.

“Let’s go. Little rascal, your sister will prepare a delicious feast for you.”

Ye Qingling pulled Sun’Er as she walked forward. Sun’Er, who had originally planned on refuting the matter regarding Mu Chen, instantly had her eyes light up when she heard these words. Then, she hurriedly followed.

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