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Chapter 1168 - One Palm

The hall still resounded with the clash while a smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face. His prediction had given him a pleasant outcome.

The corpse under the pillar slightly moved under the shock wave. Although it was barely noticeable, Mu Chen still saw hope to breaking the Spiritual Array.

Naturally, he knew that if those corpses still had remnant wills in them, then his efforts would have all been futile.

If they had resisted, then Mu Chen would definitely not be able to shake them with the shock wave that he created.

Evidently, Mu Chen was pretty lucky. After tens of thousands of years, those corpses were practically on their edge. So their remnant wills had all dissipated with only this Spiritual Array remaining behind.

It was all due to his previous efforts for looking at the Spiritual Array. After all, it wasn’t something that he could achieve so easily.

Not only did Mu Chen need to figure out the areas, he even needed to accurately hit them so that the shock waves would be sent to the corpses.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and no longer hesitated. He immediately controlled the Spirit-Slaughtering Army with Battle Will sweeping out and violently attacked another location.

The entire hall violently trembled with shock waves constantly fluctuating out, akin to a ferocious dragon.

Under that ferocious attacks, the corpse beneath the pillar constantly trembled and finally moved a little, gradually moving out of the pillar’s range.

The attacks lasted a full half an hour, and even Mu Chen’s breathing had turned heavy since controlling the Spirit-Slaughtering Army was a great burden for him.

The ground was already riddled with holes, but Mu Chen’s gaze was moved onto the corpse. He roughly calculated the distance and squinted his eyes.

“A little more and I will be able to move the corpse away from the stone pillar.” Mu Chen muttered and tensed his body. With a thought, the Spirit-Slaughtering Army roared with Battle Will slamming against the ground again.

The entire ground trembled and the corpse shifted a little more.

Success! Mu Chen rejoiced as he raised his head and saw the Spiritual Array trembling. The balanced and powerful Spiritual Energy appeared chaotic at this moment.

The eight pillars instantly corroded and cracks started to spread out. Evidently, the pillar started to show signs of crumbling without the support of the corpse.

The Spiritual Array, which relied on the eight pillars had revealed flaws with the eight pillars weakening.

Mu Chen looked at the spiritual lustre gushing out with light flickering in his eyes. In his perception, the Spiritual Array that made him feel helpless was no longer as invulnerable as before.

Mu Chen waved his hand and recalled the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, along with the Army Seal. he walked to the edge of the Spiritual Array and flicked his finger. A crimson armour appeared on his body, encasing his entire silhouette.

This was the Crimson Dragon Armour that he obtained from Xia Hong, which had decent defensive abilities. So if he wanted to enter the Spiritual Array, then he would have to make preparations for it.

Finishing these preparations, Mu Chen took a deep breath and stepped into the Spiritual Array without hesitation.

When Mu Chen stepped in, he could sense the terrifying Spiritual Energy storm sweeping in his direction and felt a heavy blow against his body.

With slow steps, Mu Chen stepped forth. Although he was moving slowly, he would have to bear extremely great pressure with every step. The Crimson Dragon Armour also emanated a crimson lustre. However, the lustre was suppressed by the Spiritual Array, so it couldn’t spread out and creaking sounds came from his armour.

That’s because the Spiritual Array was in disorder, he didn’t have to suffer the attacks from the eight corpses. However, the terrifying Spiritual Energy in the Spiritual Array still made it tough for him to press forth.

Furthermore, he had to constantly shift his location to search for the weak point in the Spiritual Energy storm. If he made the wrong move, then he would have to suffer a heavy blow.

Thus, Mu Chen had walked across the thousand feet Spiritual Array for nearly an hour with sweat covering his body.

The bewitching Mandala Flower was already within reach. But not only did Mu Chen not relax, his body also tightened up as he looked at the corpse that was before the final pillar.

As long as he could get through the range of the stone pillars, then he would be able to get past the Spiritual Array.

However, Mu Chen knitted his brows. He had discovered that this corpse had blocked the only path, since the two sides were filled with violent Spiritual Energy. If he was enveloped within them, then Mu Chen would definitely be killed.

Under this situation, it was impossible for him to summon the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. That’s because the powerful Spiritual Energy would definitely trigger the entire Spiritual Array. At that time, all attacks would be concentrated towards him.

The moment that happened, even with the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, he would gradually be exhausted to his death.

Right now, the only option was for him to get past by himself.

Mu Chen pulsed his lips and his face turned solemn. This Spiritual Array wasn’t ordinary, but the corpse had undergone the passage of time. He refused to believe that he could be hindered by a mere corpse!

Mu Chen stomped his foot and bolted out without any hesitation, charging towards that corpse.

He moved at an extremely swift speed, akin to teleportation, and appeared before the corpse before brushing past it.

It was also at that moment, the corpse opened its eyes and a spiritual lustre gushed from them. It stretched out its hand and gently patted, pushing towards his right.

Cracks appeared in the atmosphere and a terrifying Spiritual Energy had spread out.

Sensing the astonishing Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen’s face couldn’t help changing and he triggered the Dragon-Phoenix Physique without any hesitation. The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits resided on his skin, dying his entire body gold.

The corpse’s dried up hands gently patted Mu Chen’s Crimson Dragon Armour. As if it was a volcanic eruption that broke out on Mu Chen’s back. Mu Chen was blown away and had instantly flown to the edge of the Spiritual Array.

There’s a palm print that could be seen on the Crimson Dragon Armour; but, thereafter, there were crimson flickers on the armour and it shattered!

A mournful cry rang out from the Crimson Dragon Armour as it shattered into pieces!

Such a powerful Quasi-Saint Artifact was completely destroyed.

When the Crimson Dragon Armour was destroyed, Mu Chen couldn’t help spatting a mouthful of blood from his mouth. His body swiftly dimmed and the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits that resided on his skin had also dimmed down before disappearing.

Mu Chen’s face was drained of colour before he turned his head back in fear and looked at the corpse. The latter had returned to a calm state, but the palm from before had still left a deep impression in Mu Chen’s mind.

If he hadn’t worn the Crimson Dragon Armour and triggered his physical body to its strongest state, he would have probably been killed by now.

“How terrifying. Those eight corpses must have been Earth Sovereigns when they were still alive.” Mu Chen sighed as he had, once again, sensed the shocking strength of the Ancient Haven Palace. In the Greatlaw Continent, any Lesser Earth Sovereign could establish a top-tiered force and be proclaimed an Overlord. But in the Ancient Haven Palace, they could only be considered as one of the top hierarchy.

But even the powerful Ancient Haven Palace couldn’t avoid destruction when the Fiend Clans invaded. Thus, one could see how terrifying the Fiend Clans were.

They truly were the sworn enemies of all beings in the Great Thousand World!

Mu Chen pulsed his lips with a stern expression. But a brief moment later, he had reorganized his emotions and raised his head, looking at the bewitching flower.

Mu Chen finally felt heavily relieved as he took in a deep breath. “Finally found you…”

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