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Chapter 1161: The Strange Hidden Scripture Pavilion

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A few light streams burst out from the Heavenly River and landed on a lonely mountain peak. Appearing there were Mu Chen, Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether. The place where they landed was located behind the Heavenly River. A hazy world was in front of them, and deep inside the thick haze, Mu Chen could feel a hidden pressure suppressing the surroundings.

The pressure was not coming from a single source but from various sources, which brought a great load of stress on Mu Chen.

“If we proceed further, we will be stepping into the five hall masters’ area,” Mu Chen told Xiao Xiao and the rest while pointing forward. The Ancient Celestial Palace, apart from the Heavenly Emperor, was divided into five halls and nine houses. They had surpassed the nine houses, and their next objective was to move closer towards the five hall masters who ranked below the powerful Heavenly Emperor in this Ancient Celestial Palace.

The three ladies looked nervous, because rumor had it that the five hall masters were the loyal assistants of the Heavenly Emperor, and they were as powerful as a Complete Earthly Sovereign. It was said that all five of them were qualified to fight for Heavenly Sovereign status. If these individuals were to be placed in the Great Thousand World, they would definitely be the conquerors of various forces.

“The Fourth Hall Master, unfortunately, has fallen defending the threat by the extraterritorial clans at the North Territory,” said Mu Chen.

Nine Nether nodded and said, “With that being said, it would be easier for us to go to the Fourth Hall if we were to hunt for treasure.”

Although all of the hall masters had fallen, with their past intelligence, they would have placed some traps to protect their mansions before they passed away. Mu Chen felt that these traps would be extremely complicated.

“Where exactly is the pavilion?” The sudden question from Lin Jing showed that she already knew about the existence of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion in this Ancient Celestial Palace, and she understood the importance of it. After all, if the Heavenly River was the foundation of the Ancient Celestial Palace, then this pavilion would be the root. Even their Martial Border would not dare to ignore this particular root.

Mu Chen shrugged and said, “The map we acquired before is no longer helpful now. It showed nothing regarding the direction to the pavilion.”

None of them were able to do anything about it. There were broken spiritual arrays everywhere deep inside the Ancient Celestial Palace. Some of them were completely destroyed, but some still remained effective with support from the spiritual energy in the Ancient Celestial Palace. Almost all of the spiritual arrays placed there were at the Grandmaster level. Although some of them were broken, they would be punished if they were to run into them. It would be tough for them to search for the pavilion under such dangerous circumstances.

Lin Jing shook her head as she heard what Mu Chen said.

Xiao Xiao suddenly spoke as Mu Chen and the rest were struggling to find a solution. “I do know something about the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.”

“Oh?” Mu Chen and the rest quickly turned around.

Xiao Xiao smiled with a charming face. “This is what I’ve heard from my father. People said that the Hidden Scripture Pavilion is strange. Even among the people of the Ancient Celestial Palace, only a few were able to enter.”

Mu Chen and the rest were shocked, and their eyes widened. That entire pavilion was a sacred item? This was insane because Mu Chen had never seen a highly ranked sacred item before.

Even the Starry Suppression Tower in the fourth hall master’s hands was only a medium ranked sacred item. As for the highly ranked sacred item, even a Complete Earthly Sovereign would be dying to obtain it.

“Then what are we supposed to do? If such a highly ranked sacred item were to hide itself, it would be nearly impossible for us to find it. Even if we succeed, it won’t be easy to enter,” said Nine Nether.

Their current strength was not meant to face such a highly ranked sacred item.

Xiao Xiao smiled and said, “That pavilion is not aggressive at all, but its hidden ability is phenomenal. If it intends to hide from us, even a Heavenly Sovereign would not be able to find it.”

The corner of Mu Chen’s eye twitched a bit. This pavilion was indeed strange. Its hidden ability, however, had outperformed some Heavenly Sovereigns. If it was aggressive, then its ranking would be way higher.

“If its hidden ability is mind-boggling, I’m afraid that we will not be able to find it.” Mu Chen heaved a sigh. It was indeed way more difficult to obtain the evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body.

Xiao Xiao shook her head. “Although it is extremely difficult to search for this pavilion, there is still a way to get to it. After all, the Heavenly Emperor did not just place it inside the Ancient Celestial Palace as a decoration.”

Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness there were still ways to get it, because he had come all the way from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy to Tianluo Territory just to obtain the evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body. All his hard work was dedicated to that day, so he would never give up, no matter what.

“How are we going to find for it?” Nine Nether asked as she looked at Mu Chen.

Xiao Xiao smiled, and her red lips opened. “It is simple. We will have to pass through a test in the pavilion.”

“Test?” Mu Chen and the rest were shocked. “What test?”

Xiao Xiao shook her head and said, “I do not know what the test will be, but I’m afraid that it has already begun from the moment we first entered the Ancient Celestial Palace.”

Mu Chen and the rest lost their minds once again.

“The pavilion has its own ingenuity, and it has already noticed our presence ever since we stepped into the Ancient Celestial Palace. All of our actions are being watched,” said Xiao Xiao as she looked up into the void.

Mu Chen and the rest were in fear. They scanned across the void, and though they did not feel that they were being watched, after listening to Xiao Xiao’s words, they somehow felt that there was an eye staring at them in the dark, making them uncomfortable.

“In the Ancient Celestial Palace, there were times when some young disciples got recognized by the pavilion for their excellent performances. They were then granted an opportunity to enter the pavilion,” said Xiao Xiao while smiling.

“With that being said, are we going to showcase our capabilities? But what are we going to show them?” Lin Jing asked curiously as she was getting more excited.

“I’m not sure what exactly we have to show. The disciples in the Ancient Celestial Palace who got recognized, well, some of them obtained specific sudden insight during their cultivation, while some of them obtained insight from specific supernatural power, and some showed extraordinary performance through swapping skills with another disciple… All these cases were different and weird. However, it seemed like the higher the rank of the disciple, the greater the showcase needed. Of course, the power obtained upon entering the pavilion would be greater, too.”

Mu Chen and the rest looked at each other. None of them would ever have thought that this pavilion would be so strange.

“Basically, it was all about fate. If you were fated, you could enter the pavilion no matter what. If not, I’m afraid that we might need the help of a Heavenly Sovereign to find out for us,” said Xiao Xiao as she waved her hands.

Mu Chen gave a helpless smile. It was out of his range to bring down the great Heavenly Sovereign who was proficient in space passageways. They could only figure the way out themselves.

“If this is the case, let’s not care about the pavilion first. Let’s try to go directly to the fifth hall and see if there are other opportunities.” Mu Chen was decisive after realizing the difficulty of entering the pavilion. After all, they could not just wait there for nothing if the pavilion were to test their capabilities.

There were no objections from Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, or Nine Nether. Anyway, it would be impossible to gain the pavilion’s recognition without doing anything.

“Let’s go.”

There was no more delaying from Mu Chen. He quickly hopped out and charged towards the deeper site of the Ancient Celestial Palace, followed by Xiao Xiao, Lin Jing, and Nine Nether.

The four of them charged ahead at high speed. Under Mu Chen’s guidance, they successfully dodged some broken spiritual arrays along the way. After a few moments, Mu Chen started to feel that the foggy atmosphere in the surroundings had become worse. Under the foggy atmosphere, even the spreading spiritual energy sense was greatly hindered.

“There is a spiritual array in front of us, but it is not dangerous. If I’m correct, it is likely the entrance of the fifth hall,” said Mu Chen to the three ladies. Although their spiritual energy senses were hindered, Mu Chen could still feel the weird movement in front of them.

The three ladies nodded as they heard Mu Chen’s words.


They passed without a decrease in speed, and the next second, they felt like they had passed through a watery membrane. The space around them was disorienting, as if it had been transmitted in space.

Mu Chen was calm as they were going through the fluctuation of the disoriented space. He took a glance behind and realized that Xiao Xiao and the rest were gone, separated by the disoriented space.

As Mu Chen was calming himself down, the fluctuation in the surroundings became more intense. Suddenly, there was a radiance of light forming innumerous shadows in front of his eyes. They were shadows of some magnificent halls, and a sense of arrogance radiated from those halls.

Mu Chen suddenly realized that these great halls should be indicating the location of the five halls. Mu Chen calmed himself down as he stared at the flashing pictures, marking them down deep in his mind. These pictures came from the five halls, and if he could find something from them, it would be extremely helpful.

The pictures constantly flashed in his eyes, but at a certain point, a bright light flashed past, and his eyes suddenly narrowed. It was a picture of the deep site of the great hall. It was broken but still magnificent. Inside the hall, there were many terrifying skeletons.

However, Mu Chen did not stop his sight at this picture. He stared at the deepest place of the hall and found out that there was a beautiful flower a few feet tall on the lotus throne made of dark red jade.

Mu Chen was excited as he saw the black flower, because he had already realized something when he first saw the flower…

That flower was Mandela’s true form, the Ancient Mandala Flower!

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