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Chapter 1161 - Battle Runes

Mu Chen walked into the ancient hall. As he walked through the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, the nine dragons quietly dissipated from the hall, posing no obstruction to Mu Chen.

A few minutes later, Mu Chen finally arrived before the throne but when he was about to ascend the throne, he could see a lustre flickering on the troop that had restored their strength. All of them had actually taken a step forth, trembling the hall with a terrifying pressure that swept out towards Mu Chen.

Sensing that pressure, Mu Chen’s expression slightly changed as he took a step back from the stairs. Immediately, the pressure disappeared and the Spirit-Slaughtering Army also took a step back.

“Even without any intellect, they still protected the Second Hall Master?” Mu Chen’s gaze slightly flickered. When the Spirit-Slaughtering Army had lost their power, they pose no obstruction to Su Qingyin. But now that they had restored their power, they instinctually protected the Second Hall Master.

If it was this situation, then Su Qingyin would have suffered the destructive attack of the 2,000 Spirit-Slaughtering Army by now.

“What a fortunate woman.” Mu Chen sighed. Thereafter, he took a firm step forth.

A lustre gathered in the eyes of the 2,000 Spirit-Slaughtering Army and a terrifying pressure swept out. This time, there was even a blood lustre gushing out of their bodies with terrifying energy condensing above their heads, the power of Battle Will!

Mu Chen immediately took out the Army Seal and raised it up.

The mottled and ancient Army Seal quietly laid in Mu Chen’s hand, as if it had been triggered. The seal slightly floated up with an ancient horn sound vaguely coming from it. It was as if it had come from ancient times.

When the horn sound rang out in the hall, the 2,000 Spirit-Slaughtering Army, who were making preparations to attack, suddenly froze and the terrifying Battle Will above their heads dissipated. Thereafter, they took a step forth and kneeled on one knee before Mu Chen in an orderly fashion.

Being undead without any intellect, they couldn’t make a sound but at that moment when they kneeled, the entire space fluctuated.

Mu Chen looked at this scene and finally revealed a grin. It looked like even after tens of thousands of years, this Army Seal could still be used against the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

However, the joy did not last for long. He swiftly retracted his emotions. He knew that with the Army Seal, he had gained the commanding authority of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. However, it didn’t mean that he could bring out all the power of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

If he couldn’t unleash the full power of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, then it’s useless even if he had gotten it.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he ascended the stairs and walked to the side of the throne. He then looked down at the Spirit-Slaughtering Army before sitting down with his legs crossed.

It had been some time since he commanded an army, but that didn’t mean that his attainments in the path of a Battle Formation Master had stopped. In fact, his strength had been rising, deepening his insight towards the way of a Battle Formation Master.

However, Mu Chen had not revealed this. But now, it’s time to test his attainments in the path of a Battle Formation Master after a year.

Mu Chen gradually closed his eyes. Then, in the next moment, he abruptly opened them. But this time, his eyes were glittering with a peculiar and powerful fluctuation that swept out.

The fluctuation didn’t possess any lethality, but when it appeared, the kneeled Spirit-Slaughtering Army had triggered their power with a crimson lustre flashing in their eyes, which condensed above their heads, turning into a dense crimson cloud that spread throughout the hall.

A terrifying fluctuation emanated from the crimson cloud, which made Mu Chen’s heart turn cold. This crimson cloud was the Battle Will of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army and the power of it could only be described as terrifying. This was the most powerful Battle Will that Mu Chen had seen amongst the troops in the past years.

Furthermore, it was under the state that their number wasn’t full. So it’s hard to imagine how powerful the Spirit-Slaughtering Army was when they were at their pinnacle.

However, Mu Chen did not retreat. On the contrary, his eyes blazed with greed. Any Battle Formation Master wouldn’t easily give up such an elite troop.

This was akin to a chef seeing the best ingredients, a craftsman seeing the best material. It was the same for a Battle Formation Master and only in their hands, could such an elite troop reveal their lustre.

Without a troop, a Battle Formation Master would be akin to a joke. Mu Chen took a deep breath to suppress his emotions and a peculiar fluctuation swept out from his body with his hand forming seals. The space distorted, turning into countless runes as they flew out.

Looking from afar, they looked like layers of dragon scales. However, Mu Chen closely stared at those runes. They were the Battle Runes and even without commanding any Battle Will, Mu Chen could test how many Battle Runes he could create.

A year ago, Mu Chen was only an ordinary Ten Thousand Rune Battle Formation Master, but he had progressed far from then.

The runes swiftly spread out and in just a few breaths’ time, it had reached 100,000.

A Hundred Thousand Rune Battle Formation Master was comparable to a Ninth Grade Sovereign.

But even so, Mu Chen still wasn’t satisfied, even if a Hundred Thousand Rune Battle Formation Master was beyond his reach in the past.

Furthermore, if he could only create 100,000 Battle Runes, then there’s no need to give it a try to command this Spirit-Slaughtering Army because that was impossible.

According to Mu Chen’s estimation, it would require a Million Rune Battle Formation Master to command such a troop. Although the Spirit-Slaughtering Army had been greatly decreased, he would still need 600,000-700,000 Battle Runes to command them.

“600,000-700,000 Battle Runes…” Mu Chen murmured as his gaze sparkled even more with intent gushing from the centre of his brows, akin to an erupting volcano.

Battle Runes appeared in the sky, before they swiftly spread out. In just ten-odd breaths, the runes in the sky had grown to a terrifying amount of 400,000.

However, Mu Chen knitted his brows, it was still insufficient.

“More!” Mu Chen roared in his heart and a vortex vaguely appeared in the centre of his brows as all the intent in his body was completely drawn out.

The amount of Battle Runes increased.

430,000… 460,000… 500,000… 530,000…

When it reached 530,000, Mu Chen’s face turned a little pale with a head-splitting pain in his head.

It was the sign of his limit.

“More!” However, Mu Chen did not give up. He clenched his teeth and forcefully endured the intense pain, bitterly bearing the dizzy sensation.

A glittering lustre constantly surged in his eyes. Thus, the Battle Runes that had stopped continued to increase… 580,000… 590,000… 600,000…!

When the amount reached 600,000 Battle Runes, Mu Chen instantly felt his head spinning and his ears buzzing. However, he couldn’t be bothered about that. He took a deep breath and the 600,000 Battle Runes turned into a current that swept into the crimson cloud of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

Only after experiencing the impact of the Battle Will from the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, could he obtain their acknowledgement and truly unleash the power of their Battle Will.

When Mu Chen’s intent charged into the crimson clouds, he immediately sensed the scenery around him change. It was like an ancient battlefield with the fires of war spreading out.

Shortly after, he immediately felt a terrifying fluctuation of Spiritual Energy sweep past.

Mu Chen raised his head and was blown away. He realised that he had been surrounded by an army of thousands around him, donned in heavy armour with crimson aura.

A boundless crimson Battle Will swept out, causing space to shake under the intense pressure.

Mu Chen looked at this terrifying army and squinted his eyes. That’s because he realised that this army was the Spirit-Slaughtering Army at their peak state.

Furthermore, Mu Chen was shocked to discover that his appearance had changed. It was no longer a youthful silhouette, but an elderly man with terrifying Spiritual Energy emanating from him, reaching the Earth Sovereign Realm level!

Mu Chen was stunned as he soon realised that this Earth Sovereign must be one of the many Earth Sovereigns that the Spirit-Slaughtering Army had annihilated!

The Spirit-Slaughtering Army around him launched their attacks with crimson lustre dominating forth with an annihilating bearing and engulfed him.

Sensing the terrifying attack, Mu Chen’s scalp had also been blown away.

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