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Chapter 1160 - Restoring the Spirit-Slaughtering Army

The ancient and desolate palace was enveloped in a Spiritual Array with violent Spiritual Energy. Nine dragons stood in the sky with terrifying fluctuations emanating from them, causing even space to tremble from their power.

Su Qingyin’s body trembled under the nine dragons as she raised her head and looked at Mu Chen, who was outside the Spiritual Array. At this moment, the latter was standing with his hands behind his back and a faint smile hung on his face. However, when that smile entered Su Qingyin’s eyes, it was extremely sarcastic.

“I never thought that… you could achieve this!” Su Qingyin bit on her lips as she forced the words out.

Mu Chen had truly shocked her. Although Su Qingyin had preparations done for Mu Chen, she never imagined that Mu Chen would have this Spiritual Array as a precaution.

Even until now, she couldn’t accept that fact. After all, this was a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array comparable to a Greater Earth Sovereign. With Mu Chen’s insight in the path of Spiritual Arrays, how could he achieve this? Could he be a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array Master?

However, Mu Chen couldn’t be bothered about Su Qingyin’s emotions. He just looked at the latter and smiled once again. “Miss Su, I wonder if you can help me restore the Spirit-Slaughtering Army?”

Su Qingyin cast a deep glance at Mu Chen before she smiled and nodded her head. “What is Brother Mu saying? I naturally have no intentions to go back on my words. Since I have promised you, I will definitely keep my promise.”

Hearing her words, Mu Chen stretched his hand out in a requesting posture.

Su Qingyin turned around and stretched her hand out, revealing the sleeping Phoenix Insect in her palm with a flash of heartache in the depths of her eyes when she looked at it.

Initially, that energy would be able to assist the Phoenix Insect in its growth and evolution. But forcing it out, it would cause great harm to the Phoenix Insect.

But facing the terrifying Spiritual Array, Su Qingyin didn’t have a choice. Mu Chen was too cunning.

Su Qingyin inwardly sighed in her heart and she no longer hesitated. She formed seals and the tip of her fingertip broke with a drop of blood flying out onto the Phoenix Insect, forming into a talisman rune on the body of the Phoenix Insect.

The slumbering Phoenix Insect issued a sharp cry, as if it was in pain. Its body trembled as a blood lustre gushed out and enveloped a portion of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

The blood lustre entered the bodies of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army and, thereafter, Mu Chen could sense the energy fluctuations in their bodies.

Su Qingyin felt relieved as she wiped the sweat on her forehead before she turned to Mu Chen. “Brother Mu, as you wished.”

However, Mu Chen remained emotionless as he stared at her. Seeing his expression, Su Qingyin’s smile gradually retracted.

“Miss Su, you have not returned the energy of the 5,000 Spirit-Slaughtering Army. You only restored 200 of them. Even if their energies were damaged, it wouldn’t be damaged to this degree, right?” Mu Chen faintly said.

Through his previous perception, he realised that only 200 soldiers of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army had their strength restored. This number was too little and even under his control, there wasn’t anything he could do with them.

Su Qingyin’s expression slightly changed. She had truly held back. After all, that energy was precious to the Phoenix Insect, aiding its future evolution.

Mu Chen stared at Su Qingyin and stretched out two of his fingers. “Miss Su, my bottom line is 2,000 soldiers of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. As long as you can restore this amount, I’ll let you leave.”

“You’re insane!” Su Qingyin’s expression changed as she became furious. “2,000 soldiers of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army isn’t what you can control, nor is this fortune what you can bear!”

If she really extracted the energy of 2,000 soldiers of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, then the energy in the Phoenix Insect would be greatly exhausted. Thus, Su Qingyin naturally felt heartache about it.

“That’s my problem to worry about.” Mu Chen said calmly as he stared at Su Qingyin. “Miss Su, I believe you should know the worth of the Phoenix Insect. I believe that you came to the Ancient Haven Palace for it, right? The energy in its body doesn’t belong to it, to begin with, so why not? And this is my bottom line, I will not budge.”

Mu Chen closed his eyes after speaking. Evidently, he had no intention to negotiate, since according to his estimations, if he couldn’t command this number, then it would be impossible for him to bring Mandala’s main body out.

Su Qingyin looked at Mu Chen as he closed his eyes and she gritted her teeth, since she knew that there was no room for negotiation from his attitude. Thus, she shorted and formed seals. A sharp cry came from the Phoenix Insect once again as more blood lustre gushed from it.

The lustre on the Phoenix Insect swiftly dimmed down, which made Su Qingyin feel heartache for it. The blood lustre gushed into the bodies of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, gradually restoring their power.

“Done.” Su Qingyin declared.

Mu Chen opened his eyes with a smile on his face, before nodding towards Su Qingyin. “Thanks.”

Su Qingyin immediately stopped the gushing crimson lustre and stored the Phoenix Insect before she coldly looked at Mu Chen with a trace of ridicule. “Why don’t you want to continue? I should be able to restore a little more of them.”

Mu Chen lightly smiled. “Then I wouldn’t be able to bear it.”

2,000 soldiers of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army was already his limit.

“You’re speaking as if he could do it now.” Su Qingyin snorted. She clearly did not think that Mu Chen could command 2,000 soldiers of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. After all, this was an army forged by the Second Hall Master, which had killed over two digits of Earth Sovereigns.

Even without their intellect, a great amount of the energy in their bodies was damaged so their fighting strength in total would greatly decrease. If Mu Chen could really command them, he wouldn’t have to fear anyone, even when facing a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

Mu Chen smiled but paid no attention to her. He waved his hand and the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array fluctuated. A passage appeared and Su Qingyin came out.

Coming out of the Spiritual Array, Su Qingyin’s tensed body relaxed before looking at Mu Chen with an ill gaze, a grudge in her eyes.

But facing her gaze, Mu Chen wasn’t afraid as he stared back at her with a smile. The two gazes intersected with vague terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations emanating from them.

Su Qingyin held onto the Phoenix Insect and spoke with a cold expression, “Without the Spiritual Array, how are you going to fight with me?”

Mu Chen smiled. “I don’t think I can defeat you.”

If Su Qingyin really paid the price of the Phoenix Insect, then he would definitely suffer a great deal.

Hearing Mu Chen’s reply, Su Qingyin was stunned before her expression softened. She naturally wouldn’t believe Mu Chen’s words, since he was too cunning. If they really fought with their lives on the line, even with the Phoenix Insect, she wasn’t confident that she could kill Mu Chen.

Facing such a person, if she couldn’t kill him, then it’s best not to have him as an enemy. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to have any peace.

Taking Xia Yu as an example, whom Mu Chen had decisively killed, even Su Qingyin was slightly startled. So her institution told her that it was best for her to not be an enemy of Mu Chen’s.

“I have helped Xia Yu earlier after gaining some benefits from him. Consider us even.” Su Qingyin retracted her Spiritual Energy in the end before she coldly snorted.

After a surging wave in her heart, Su Qingyin had decisively made her decision.

“Thanks, then.” Mu Chen smiled. He actually wasn’t bothered with Su Qingyin obstructing Nine Nether. After all, if the latter wanted to join forces with Xia Yu to kill him, then he wouldn’t be able to kill Xia Yu in the end.

Therefore, there’s no need for him to fight Su Qingyin for just this small matter.

Su Qingyin decided to no longer stay there and glanced at the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. “Seeing that we have cooperated, I’ll give you another advice. Don’t take more than you can chew, the Spirit-Slaughtering Army isn’t so easy to control.”

Finishing her words, she immediately turned around and left the hall. Looking at her departing silhouette, Mu Chen did not stop her and turned to the Spirit-Slaughtering Army a brief moment later with a fire blazing in the depths of his eyes.

If he could command this troop, then he would be able to face a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

It would undoubtedly be a great power for him and at that time, he would truly step into the upper hierarchy of the Greatlaw Continent.

Mu Chen took a deep breath to suppress the emotions in his heart. He took a step forth, stepping into the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, before moving towards the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

After Su Qingyin obtained her treasure, it’s time for him to get his.

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