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Chapter 1162 - Subduing the Spirit-Slaughtering Army

An indescribable Battle Will swept out along with millions of crimson lustres. The power contained in every single lustre made Mu Chen’s heart tremble. If he was present here, then he would probably be annihilated to the point that there wouldn’t be ash of him left.

So this was the power of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army at its peak…

Space shattered and in the midst of shock, the crimson Battle Will swept over and crashed into ‘him’.

In that instant of impact, an intense pain surged from the depths of his spirit, which made Mu Chen shriek in pain. The terrifying attack had made him feel like he was going to be truly annihilated.

The horizon that was a few hundred thousand feet had practically collapsed with countless cracks spreading out. Mu Chen could see his aged body crumbling under this attack…

This was how that Earth Sovereign being was killed under the Spirit-Slaughtering Army!

The sight before his eyes gradually blackened and Mu Chen’s intent suffered an impact, the intense pain nearly drove Mu Chen insane.

However, when Mu Chen was on the verge of collapsing, the intense pain faded and he realised his surroundings changed once again…

He was still surrounded by the army in heavy armour, but his body had changed into a middle-aged man.

However, the middle-aged man also possessed a powerful energy and evidently, he was also an Earth Sovereign.

Watching this scene, Mu Chen realised again that these illusions might be those Earth Sovereigns that were suppressed by the Spirit-Slaughtering Army… Could it be that he had to experience the fall of all the Earth Sovereigns?

Mu Chen bitterly smiled. That intense pain was unforgettable for him and if he wasn’t resolute enough, he would have been driven insane…

But Mu Chen could sense that after the first time, there was a trace of affinity between him and the Spirit-Slaughtering Army’s Battle Will.

So this should be the test of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army and as long as he could bear it, then he would be able to command them with the help of the Army Seal.

“Since that’s the case… come!” Mu Chen clenched his teeth and tightened his body. At this moment, any defences were futile. Since that’s the case, then let him experience the destructive blow of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army’s Battle Will!

A crimson lustre gathered into a blazing crimson sun that suddenly descended and struck against Mu Chen. The intense pain had, once again, engulfed Mu Chen’s mind.

Over the next period of time, Mu Chen had experienced constant ‘death’ and in the end, the pain had entered the depths of his bones and he felt numb from it. He had experienced eight ‘deaths’.

That also meant that eight Earth Sovereigns were annihilated by the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

This made Mu Chen inwardly shocked, since he knew how tough it was to even kill an Earth Sovereign. Even if that sort of existence couldn’t rival an elite army, they should have the means to escape.

But none of those eight Earth Sovereigns managed to escape, since all of them completely died.

Thus, one could see how terrifying the Spirit-Slaughtering Army was.

Mu Chen sighed in his heart. He was relieved to discover that space had started to crumble while Mu Chen’s intent swiftly recovered.

In the hall, Mu Chen’s shut eyes abruptly opened. Thereafter, a mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth with veins twitching on his forehead, making him look a little savage.

Even after returning, the intense pain was still in the depth of his bones and could be felt.

Mu Chen’s breathing increased and a good while later, his clenched fist slowly loosen up and he wiped his forehead with his shaking hand and bitterly smiled.

The ‘deaths’ had made him feel fearful, but it was precisely this that he could sense how terrifying and overbearing the Battle Will of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army was.

They slaughtered a total of eight Earth Sovereigns!

If they are in the Greatlaw Continent right now, any top-tiered forces would be terrified of them.

But what made Mu Chen rejoice was the fact that he had finally endured the deaths. Right now, he could vaguely sense the affinity between him and the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

Furthermore… Mu Chen’s hand, which was wiping his forehead, paused as disbelief flashed in his eyes.

That’s because, at this moment, he realised that his intent was swiftly growing stronger.

Mu Chen’s eyes glittered with a peculiar light sweeping out and his intent formed into Battle Runes, reaching an amount of 750,000!

750,000 Battle Runes?!

Mu Chen widened his mouth a little. Ten-odd minutes had caused such changes to him?

“Is it because of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army’s Battle Will?!” Mu Chen swiftly figured out what was causing it. It must have been from when he was enduring the Battle Will, which brought him intense pain and unimaginable benefit at the same time.

A total increment of 150,000!

If he was cultivating, he would probably need nearly half a year and that was with his talent. But right now, he had increased it in just ten-odd minutes?

Mu Chen’s heart flushed with joy as he grinned. With the power of his intent and the help of the Army Seal, this Spirit-Slaughtering Army would be able to shine in his hands.

When he thought about it, his heart surged with excitement. With this troop, even if he’s not in the Earth Sovereign Realm, he would still be able to fight with Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

To confront a Lesser Earth Sovereign!

Mu Chen pulsed his lips. Even he couldn’t help sighing with the emotions in his heart. In the past, Earth Sovereigns were towering presences in his eyes and he had been working towards this goal.

But right now… he finally possessed the power of that realm!

Although he still needed to borrow the power of the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop, everyone knew that a Battle Formation Master was of one entity with their troops and their strength could only be unleashed with the two combined and neither of them could be missing in the equation.

Mu Chen stood up and looked at the heavily-armoured troop. He raised the Army Seal and a light flickered on it, intending to bring the Spirit-Slaughtering Army away with him.

There was a small space in the Army Seal that he could use to store the Spirit-Slaughtering Army. However, the requirement was for them to be dead and not alive.

The Army Seal engulfed the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop and just when it was about to call them in, Mu Chen felt a little resistance.

“Mhm?” Mu Chen was stunned, since that resistance should be left by their will. This Spirit-Slaughtering Army didn’t seem to be willing to leave, since they wished to guard this place, even in death.

Mu Chen was caught by surprise, before he knitted his brows. If he couldn’t bring the Spirit-Slaughtering Army away, then he would be returning empty-handed in this trip, which he couldn’t allow that to happen.

“Will…” Mu Chen muttered. He briefly pondered, then turned towards the Second Hall Master. He came to the Second Hall Master and bowed, then gave a salute for the Seniors.

“Senior, the glory of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army shouldn’t be buried here. I am willing to lead them to fight with the Fiend Clans in the future. Therefore… I hope that Senior can fulfil my wish!” Mu Chen’s voice resounded in the hall.

When he raised his head and look at the Second Hall Master, he noticed the majestic figure gently nod his chin.

It seemed to be an illusion, but at the same time, it didn’t. Speaking from a certain degree, it should be a remnant will left behind by the Second Hall Master.

The Spirit-Slaughtering Troop all knelt down as their instincts instructed them to. But this time, they knelt before the Second Hall Master and not the Army Seal.

Mu Chen could sense that at this moment, the will that enveloped the Spirit-Slaughtering Army was fading, which made him feel relieved. Indeed, if he wanted to bring the Spirit-Slaughtering Army away, not only did he require the Army Seal, he also needed the acknowledgement of the Second Hall Master.

Mu Chen bowed once again at the Second Hall Master and a lustre emanated from the Army Seal in his hand. Instantly, the 2,000 Spirit-Slaughtering Army turned into streaks of light and flew into the Army Seal.

When the last lustre entered the Army Seal, Mu Chen carefully stored it. He no longer had a purpose here, so he turned around and left the hall.

With the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, now he just needed to take Mandala’s main body out.

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