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Chapter 115 – The Third Limitless Death Seal

Within the ink-like dark of night, only a couple of stars could be seen in the entire Northern Heavens World. It was quite a lonely sight.

Inside the ancient forest, various roars resounded out from time to time. These roars were laced with rage. Apparently, since the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination began, a few Spiritual Beasts had been disturbed by the students. The vast region that had previously been calm and quiet was suddenly being occupied by numerous students that rushed in like a flood.

The Spiritual Beast inhabitants were clearly unhappy being disturbed by them. Therefore, battles would continue to break out even when it was late at night.

In the depths of the forest, a bonfire rose. Mu Chen was sitting cross-legged underneath a large tree. He stared at the rising bonfire and entered a trance. This was quite a familiar scene to him.

In the Spiritual Road, he had spent many nights like this. However, during that time, he had a beautiful girl, who possessed clear glass-like eyes, beside him. When he glanced at her, it was as if the troubles within his heart were being suppressed, and he would calm down.

“Brother Mu, here.”

A discordant voice suddenly caused Mu Chen wake from the trance. He stared at a piece of dark, roasted meat that was being handed over by Mo Ling, who had a foolish smile on his face. At this moment, he could not help but let out a sigh. In his eyes, a hint of depression appeared. Luo Li was definitely better. Not only was she a feast to his eyes, the roasted meat that she made was many times better than Mo Ling’s roughly made one.

Mo Ling also knew that his cooking skills were quite miserable. However, his smiling appearance still made Mu Chen shake his head helplessly.

“Brother Mu, the Northern Heavens World is truly large. We’ve already walked for two days and we still haven’t escape the forest…” Mo Ling said.

“How could the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination location be a small location?” Mu Chen smiled: “There are probably tens of thousands of students. Moreover, all of them are individuals who stood out within their own Spiritual Academy. If the place isn’t large, how could they throw them all in here?”

“During the past two days, there have been less people provoking us.” Mo Ling nodded. Then, he smiled and said: “It seems Brother Mu’s threat earlier was quite effective.”

“The effects will soon disappear.” Mu Chen shook his head. He stared into the depths of the forest underneath the dark sky as he said: “The Northern Heavens World is a vast, circular region. We were all at the edges, but everybody is heading towards the center. Therefore, it will become increasingly more difficult to approach the center area. Not only will the Spiritual Beasts become more powerful, the enemies will also become tougher.”

“I’ve heard some news earlier. It seems that many people are grouping up and forming small and large forces. When groups like that fight, it will be a grand sight.” Mo Ling said.

Mu Chen nodded and smiled: “That’s normal. In fact, you are quite amazing if you can gather a large amount of men by your side during the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s examination.”

“Moreover, the Spiritual Beasts will become more powerful as time passes. Aside from a few monsters, the others would have to rely on teams.”

“With Brother Mu’s abilities, you can definitely do better if you tried.” Mo Ling replied. Towards Mu Chen, Mo Ling had quite a bit of confidence in him.

Mu Chen let out a noncommittal smile. He wasn’t interested in doing such a thing.

“Hehe. However, Brother Mu’s symbol has already ranked up to Rank 4 within two days. You’ve already reached the bottom line for not being eliminated. As for me, I’m still at Rank 2. I really need to work harder.” Mo Ling stared enviously at Mu Chen’s forehead. The latter had a fiery red symbol. This was the sign for a Rank 4 Symbol. During the past two days, Mu Chen had hunted down many powerful Spiritual Beasts. Thus, his speed of ranking up was quite fast. As for himself, he had worked hard, yet he only reached Rank 2. It was still quite far away from reaching Rank 4.

“There’s no need to be impatient. It’s still early. This examination will not end this quickly.” Mu Chen smiled as he comforted him. Then he smiled: “You can guard first tonight. I need to cultivate for a while. If there are any issues, wake me up immediately.”

“Okay!” Mo Ling nodded.

Seeing that the situation was like this , Mu Chen no longer spoke and closed both his eyes. The Spiritual Energy within his body slowly circulated. In the past two days, he had always attempted to condense the third Limitless Death Seal. When he had just started, he had still been quite rusty; but he gradually began to form it. Based on his feelings, he felt that he would truly succeed in condensing it tonight.

Mo Ling watched as Mu Chen closed his eyes and started cultivating. Then, he stood up and extinguished the bonfire without leaving any sparks. His strength in the Northern Heavens World was only considered ordinary. Thus, he could not give much protection to Mu Chen. It was best for him to be cautious.

Mu Chen quietly gathered his thoughts and waited for his heart to completely calm down. Once he was calm, he started to rapidly circulate the Spiritual Energy within his body.

The Limitless Death Seal was a rather peculiar Spiritual Art. It wasn’t extremely powerful in the beginning. But as the number of seals increased, it would eventually possess extraordinary power.

On the day Mu Chen borrowed the Nine Nether Bird’s power, he had temporarily condensed four Limitless Death Seals. With those four seals, he destroyed Liu Jingshan’s Mountain God Tactics attack, which was at the mastery stage. According to his own speculations, the Mountain God Tactics that Liu Jingshan had trained in was close to a Spiritual Tier High Rank Spiritual Art.

However, it was evident that it was impossible for Mu Chen to condense four Limitless Death Seals in his current state. But since his strength had increased, he could attempt to condense the third seal.

Dense Spiritual Energy circulated within Mu Chen’s body. Shortly after, Mu Chen was finally able to control his thoughts and allowed the Spiritual Energy to flow through his meridians to his palms.

At the same time, Mu Chen’s hands clasped together and formed a few unusual hand seals. As these hand seals faded like an illusion, dark-black Spiritual Energy began to gather underneath his palm. By the end of the process, it had formed into a clump of black light 3 meters in size.

Spiritual Energy was twisting around within the light clump. It seemed that something was being formed within it. As this occurred, overbearing and powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitted and caused the leaves beside Mu Chen to crumble into dust.

Next to Mu Chen, Mo Ling secretly clicked his tongue. He did not know what Spiritual Art Mu Chen was training in. It actually had such an impressive power.

Over time, the black light clump became increasingly small. As the light clump shrank, a black light seal began to become increasingly clear.


The black light clump had completely vanished, and a black light seal floated on top of Mu Chen’s palm. The Limitless Death Seal had finally been condensed successfully by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen exhaled a stream of white vapor. He immediately changed his hand seal and the Limitless Death Seal entered his palm.


The instant the Limitless Death Seal entered his palm, Mu Chen’s body shook. An extremely powerful backlash surged out from his palm and charged fiercely through his meridians, wreaking chaos along the way.

However, Mu Chen was already prepared for this. He concentrated and dark-black Spiritual Energy that had been on standby within his meridians swept out. It collided fiercely with the backlash.

Buzz Buzz.

A deep sound echoed within Mu Chen’s body. Inside his aura sea, the Spiritual Energy light wheel circulated and waves of Spiritual Energy were pouring out constantly. It defended against the Limitless Death Seal’s backlash.

The Limitless Death Seal was truly domineering. However, the Great Pagoda Art that Mu Chen had trained in was even more domineering. It did not retreat against the fierce impact, and instead there were signs of the backlash being resolved.

This confrontation within Mu Chen’s body lasted for approximately half an hour. Just when Mu Chen started to feel a slight pain within his meridians, the backlash in his body was finally completely resolved.


Just when the backlash was resolved, Mu Chen felt the third Limitless Death Seal slowly integrating into the center of his palm.

It was this way, that Mu Chen had truly succeeded in condensing the third Limitless Death Seal.

In the dim night, Mu Chen opened his eyes. He clenched his hands and felt three Limitless Death Seals twinkling at his fingertips. An overbearing fluctuation emitted.

As he felt the power of the three Limitless Death Seals, Mu Chen revealed a satisfied smile. By layering the three Limitless Death Seals on top of each other, even a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse would have to avoid its might.

“Brother Mu, did you succeed in your cultivation?” Mo Ling, who was watching the surroundings nervously, suddenly asked in surprise.

Mu Chen nodded and smiled as he stood up. But just when he was about to let Mo Ling rest, his expression changed. His eyes immediately turned towards the forest in front. A tremor came from that direction.

Spiritual Beasts’ roars also seemed to start at the same time as the tremor.

“Spiritual Beasts.”

Mu Chen frowned. He immediately gestured to Mo Ling and the two of them headed to the top of a tree. Their gazes were focused in the direction of the tremor. The vibrations rapidly came closer and they noticed a red light after a while.

It was a group of red panthers. Looking at them from afar, it seemed that their bodies were covered with flames and looked extremely mighty. They were all Flame Panthers, Spiritual Beasts that possess the strength of a Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase. With a dozen of them grouping together, even a person at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase would have to hide.

Mu Chen stared at the group of Flame Panthers before turning his gaze toward the front of the flock. At that location, a slender figure was awkwardly avoiding the Flame Panthers’ attack.

“Someone’s being hunted.” Mo Ling whispered.

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed. Through the moonlight, he noticed a little girl dressed in white. She seemed to be even younger than them. Her petite face was extremely beautiful and adorable. At this moment, her lake-like eyes were rippling with panic.

“How could she obtain the qualifications to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy at such a young age?” Although the girl was quite cute, Mu Chen was more surprised at her age. He immediately whispered this in shock.

“Brother Mu, should we help her?” Mo Ling asked. It was indeed quite cruel for them to stand back and do nothing, while watching a cute girl being ripped into pieces by Flame Panthers.

Mu Chen stared at the scene, but he did not show any signs of helping out.

While she was being watched at by Mu Chen and Mo Ling, the little girl also seemed to detect something. She lifted her face and her lake-like eyes stared at Mu Chen and Mo Ling. Delight instantly filled her face.

However, her delighted expression quickly faded away. This is because it seemed that the two men on the trees did not want to help her.


The little girl pouted. Water soon gathered in her eyes, but she bit her lips stubbornly so that tears didn’t flow. She was quite innocent, so she did not know why they didn’t help her out in her time of need. However, once she thought about it, the other side wasn’t obligated to help her. Thus, she immediately rubbed her eyes. Her previous Spiritual Academy was better. Everybody would help her, but the people here were all bad individuals. She truly didn’t know why her parents and the principal wanted her to come here. Right now, she was separated from her sister and nobody wanted to help her.

As they noticed the pitiful appearance of the girl, Mu Chen and Mo Ling’s faces twitched. If there were females here, they would probably have charged down and held the little girl in their arms with sympathy…


The little girl suddenly issued a scream. While she was desperately trying to escape, her steps were quite disorderly; and she actually fell forward. When that happened, she immediately turned around in panic and watched in terror as the dozen hideous Flame Panthers came lunging at her.


On the tree, Mu Chen finally let out a helpless sigh. His body swooped down like a hawk over to the girl.

Since it was impossible to ignore, why not help her out?

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